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Hello I want to bend my helix to have a intersect between rod and my helix can I do it without any discontinuity appear. 126291 - - - Updated - - - I draw a bend but It has some problems 126293 as you see it doesn't have a flat surface to connect he
hello I am new in hfss.I want to extract s parameters of single step rectangular discontinuity and to compare these results with mode matching results.How i can achieve this with hfss?
Hi I am simulating a filter with hfss 13 driven modal When I mesh at different frequency I have a very big difference in the response Attached is a picture for meshing at 77 and 75GHz Thanks79209
But the standard method in hfss to analyse an antenna is to put it in a box which is lambda/4 away from the antenna - they call it an airbox. Outside the airbox is a perfect electrical conductor. PEC for sure? Does that make sense? All 3D solvers that I have worked with use absorbing boundaries for
I know it is for high order modes to die out before they reach ports. If they are real, why not include them in sim? Thanks.
:?: It's said port characteristic impedance can be defined only on cross section parameters, isn't it? But, my practice says no. Any one can help me? :arrow: hfss 10.0 microstrip: PP thickness 4.2mil, Er=4.1; Trace width 5mil. discontinuaty: trace with 20mil-width. distance from discontinuity: 200mil~500mil. A