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Hello, i'll appreciate a hfss tutorial for loop antenna. thanks
hfss is great for this application :
Hello all, I was given a bachelors project by my professor to design antenna described in the document I attached and adjust it for GSM afterwards.. In the first step I should realise this antenna and match the S11 shown in Figure 3, page 3322(at least for 900 Mhz and 1900 Mhz). The problem I'm facing now is that I don't know how to adjust the a
Hi I also meet the same problem, suggest to download Ansoft Antenna Design Kit and read "help" document. Need to create a "virtual air box" for solve far field used, also can read hfss workshop Chapter3 will be helpful. Enzo
I have confused to assign wave port in side the radiation box. I have read hfss manual as sown in attached picture. but i haven't understood this concept. In the below mentioned link discussion also am getting same doubt to assign wave port inside the radiation box.
Hi, I am trying to model TSV in hfss. I have no idea about TSV sizing in different technologies. Do you know any reference or document including the size of the TSVs in different CMOS technologies(especially 180n and 65n)? Thank you in advance
I want to design Design Combline. I practised followed the A Practical Design of Lumped, Semi-Lumped and Microwave Cavity Filters (Dhanasekharan_Natarajan'book) with hfss Software but i don't know how to turning length of skew to achieve results? Please help me. I found the document :
how will i design microstrip antenna with slot using hfss software? pls i need help!
Any document/tutorial on how to run partial structure simulation for symmetric structures in hfss so that the long time taken for the entire structure simulation can be saved?
when i run hfss (after a good install of hfss 15) ### Warning: Unable to determine Red Hat Enterprise Linux version number. Currently-supported Linux versions include: - Red Hat Enterprise Linux 64-bit: Versions v5 and v6 - SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 64-bit: Version 11 * /users/cao/hfss15/hfs
How far exactly have you progressed in your hfss design ? The previous post is not very clear. If you upload your hfss file, I can take a look at it.
Hello, in google I found one document with some research of patch with notch antenna (document attached). This antenna should have two "resonances" - one at ~2.7GHz, second "resonance" depends from notch size and is ~4.4GHz with 6x6mm notch. I do simulation with Ansoft hfss of that antenna. First "resonance" is at ~3GHz, second (...)
If you go to hfss help, and hit search (hfss14). You will see a hyperlink for "Introduction to hfss" in the right window. This document is fantastic resource for all boundaries, excitations, solvers, etc. Have Fun
Hi everybody I´ve tried to download the cited document (and 2 more tutorials on ports) from ansoft´s ftp ots site but seems to be down. Does anyone have it?? Or any place where i can download from?? T.I.A. Iban
Hi I am facing problems with meshing in hfss for a waveguide filter design Can u suggest me any document of hfss inorder to setup the meshing and its convergence.. I can share my file with u ..if required. Thanks Venu
hello friends, my project title is "a microstrip line fed wide band circular patch antenna with tooth shape" so please give any idea and document for simulate on hfss
Hi, Any one who has used equation based curve/surface option to generate 2D structures in hfss would like to upload any document or example explaining that how to do it ? I am trying to use this option to draw exponential curve of vivaldi antenna but em not successful yet. Any help from anyone who is expert on this would
Hi Guys, I had made hfss design for square spiral structure. Please find the stackup attached in document. Now I want to model the same in ADS Momentum. I have defined the substrate information in ADS Momentum along with layer Stackup. Requesting you to please give a look at attached document on comment/suggest if my understanding of (...)
Hi friends I want to design an microstrip antenna and microstrip coupler in hfss and I need videos about the hfss to learn hfss. Anybody have videos that is to design something in hfss please send me help me frieends :-(:-(:-( my email
hi, just wondering why in the antenna design kit provided by Ansoft hfss have two box defined; the first one is virtual radiation box and the second one is air box. What does both of these doing actually?

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