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Hi, I'm trying to plot the phase velocity of the propagating TM01 mode in hfss. I'm using single frequency, and according to numerical analysis, the structure should change the phase velocity along a line (for example, z-axis). Any ideas on how to do it? Thanks!
hello how could i evaluate S parameters (db S11 AND S21 ) Versus Frequency plots in hfss.. regards Bukero
filter design in hfss, which solution type will be best fitted driven modal or driven terminal and also which excitation should it follow please anybody can?
HI, i have designed an cavity backed antenna in driven terminal using two co-axial coaxial feed length is 40mm..if i assingned air as material to the cavity i can run the simulation without the error and my return loss value is less than -10db.if i am assigning copper as material to the cavity i am getting very low return loss.what mat
In hfss, I'm trying to create a simple cylindrical parallel plate capacitor, but I'm having issues assigning wave ports. I'm using a driven terminal solution type in hfss V17.1 I've created a dielectric of quartz as a cylinder with radius 25mm, depth 20mm. I've created two sheets, each with radius 17mm (half the area of the (...)
Hi abuzaid10, The structure you created does not represent a microstrip device. A microstrip is characterized by a solid conductor backing on one side of a dielectric, with traces on the other. See here for an example of setting up a microstrip device in hfss. Good Luck
Hi. I'm simulating a 2.4Ghz slot antenna. Everything is well but when I do the Analyse all on hfss v.13, this error pops up. hfssDesign1 (drivenTerminal) Port refinement, process hf3d error: Too few conductors were found on port p1. There should be one conductor for each terminal, with one additional reference conductor. Unintent
I am a brand new to EM simulation. I have started using hfss13 for a college project and I need to design a differential microstrip antenna. When I tried to run the simulation, I am getting the error "Port refinement, process hf3d error: Terminal T1 on port p1 contains a non-conducting edge. The terminal may need to be assigned manually" ev
i am very novice in hfss and this is my final year project so guys , please help me to sort this error when ignore the error and get rectangular plot it shows 0 db , here i use circular patch with circular slot ,coaxial feed, and partial ground plane .. to further improve bandwidth i want to create a airgap between substrate (rodger 5880
Folks, I'm using ansysedt on RHEL with an HPC pool license. I am simulating an hfss model (driven) across a parametric sweep. The analysis is utilizing the direct solver with an interpolating frequency sweep. The analysis configuration is utilizing 40 cores with 10 tasks on the local machine (48 cores on this machine). The Job Distribution is se
I have a cavity that has two separate microstrip input/output paths (2 in - 2 out) and I want to make sure there is enough isolation between the two RF paths. They are not connected physcially and are not supposed to be coupled to one another. Currently I'm using a driven Terminal, Network Analysis model with wave ports at the boundaries. Basica
Hi , Im simulating a yagi antenna with 6 elements with the haft-wavelength dipole driven element at 2.4Ghz using hfss v15. The radiation pattern, gain, directivity are as expected :grin: But the input impedance is somewhat i dont understand. As i know the input impedance of an dipole is about 73 +45j(ohm) but the Z parameter graph say about 200 +6
Hello Greetings of the day. I am trying to design Photoconductive antenna (PCA) to operate at THz range in hfss. I am facing a problem in providing excitation to the structure. PCA needs two sources like one for its transmission line voltage source is needed and secondly Gaussian pulse at the place of gap of dipoles for photo-excitation. I re
Salam, Hello I have a problem in defining the waveport in the driven terminal solution type in the hfss. I do not have the below steps (check the attached image) as those existing in the hfss V10 User Guide> I am using hfss v13. Once i go for hfss --> Excitations --> Assign --> WavePort, i get the (...)
Hello, I am using driven Terminal for my simulation with some 50Ohm CPW waveguide. On getting the results, I want to simulate for the given power in dBm, how much current I will end up running through some sections. However in driven Terminal the excitation is in terms of incident voltage. May I know if I should take this voltage as Vpp, Vr
Anybody aware of any issue with port normalization feature in hfss,the Override Solution Renormalization option while generating touchstone files for driven model?
Hi, I have a wire dipole antenna which i modeled as a driven element for a yagi at 2.45 GHz. When i was modelling in hfss i used a lumped a port between two wires. But when i built it on an SMA it seems like there is an extra resonance introduced to the dipole right after the main resonance. Does anybody has an idea about the source of the prob
Hello, I am currently trying to model the effect a balun has on a dipole. I have access to the s4p file of the balun. I modeled the dipole in hfss, exported the s-parameters to a file. I subsequently imported my hfss results & balun s4p file into Microwave office. The problem is that I used a lumped terminal port in hfss for my dipole. (...)
hi i m getting 2 errors working with hfss kindly help. 1) port refinement, process error. too few conductors were found on port 1. there should be one conductor for each terminal with one additional reference conductor. unintentional contact between conductors may cause this error. 2) simulation completed with execution error on server.
Hi all, Newbee, first post, and still learning the rules and etiquette of this place. Be easy, k. Here's the synopsis: I'm running an hfss driven terminal solution. The design is a spiral transformer--a single loop primary around a flat archemedean spiral of a few turns. I've read in various places that specifying port impedance does no