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You want to draw it using CST or hfss? As you have not mentioned the intended software to be used
hello, i would like to copy my antenna in hfss : i have an antenna in hfss and i would like to contruct another one with the saame features but in distanceof 10cm of my antenna; so i choose the duplicate along linne and i m suced to construct this antenna but my problem in the exitation ; wen i run he siplay me tis error (...)
I have a version 13 of hfss. i am afraid if you dont have 13 or higher i wont be able to help you coz hfss isnt backward comaptible.
hi guys i used to work on printed monopole antenna with microstrip line fed. in such antenna the radiation box dimentions is lamda/4 from each surface of the antenna except the one that port is there. i want to know if it is the same in CPW fed antenna or not?
Hi everyone, I'm trying to use the mirror function to duplicate the elements. As it writes in the Help: 'Mirror an object about a plane. The plane is selected by defining a point on the plane and a normal point. ' But I'm not quite clear with the Base Position and Normal Position. How they work? I tried different value of the Normal Position
Here (at the bottom) is a cool and simple structure. You can use hfss-MATLAB-API to automate the drawing. Or else just copy and paste, or duplicate along line in hfss.
Hi to all! I'm drawing a structure I want to simulate with hfss and I don't know how to rotate it (for example a rotation of 45 degrees respect to the global coordinate system). Can someone of you help me? Thank you very much! Added after 9 minutes: Just found the Rotate command.. Thank you anyway
I am trying to duplicate the results in "Absorbing Frequency-Selective-Surface for the mm-Wave Range" by Sakran et al. for the coupling between two FSS antennas. I have recreated the structure in the attached hfss file. But my results are incorrect. I get exactly zero coupling between antennas (it should be -30dB, low but not zero). Looking at the
hi all I am new on hfss. I have a project about wideband wireless antenna. I found that printed dipole and printed monopole are more simple ones. please help me. thanks
Hi, In hfss, I want to make a linear array of 20 elements, How can I easily copy or duplicate the first element while able to alter the copied one independent from mother? Irfan
Hi everyone..., please help...!!! I'm so desperate how to make my ground (for Bow-tie mirror draw object) in the other side of substrate?, i'm using hfss, can anyone tell me one by one step to make it in the other side? Thanks
Hi I'm doing a simulation in hfss and i need to repeat a cilinder along a line with a rate , as if i had an array of cylinders. Is possible to do this with hfss?? thanks