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Dear All I managed to draw a taper line using equation based curve in hfss. how to convert the cure to a surface thanks
Hello; to all: I want to design an equation based curve in hfss so help me. I want to use sine function. What should be the parameters to draw that curve.:wink::roll::roll:
Hi; Can any one guaid me that how to draw meander line in hfss usine equation based curve.:roll: Means, Square wave like meander line or simply sine wave like????????? As the image is shown below: but with out uniting the rectangles. Plz tell me as soon as possible :thinker:102784
You can use the 'equation based curve' or 'equation based surface' option. Both are available in hfss under the 'Draw' menu. You might need to recast your original equation into a parametric form though.
to draw an equation based curve in hfss, from the Draw menu choose equation based curve and in the opened dialog enter the equation you want. Here is an example of drawing the exponential curve y=A*exp(B*x)+C in the interval : X(_t) = _t (...)
HI to all, I need help regarding drawing of equation based curve in hfss, for dual ridge pyramidal horn antenna.
Hi, Any one who has used equation based curve/surface option to generate 2D structures in hfss would like to upload any document or example explaining that how to do it ? I am trying to use this option to draw exponential curve of vivaldi antenna but em not successful yet. Any help from anyone who is (...)
I know, its dual or quad ridged horn antenna. @ what frequency you are making broad band horn? Which application? Its not easy if you try to implement exponential taper with equation based curve. I will suggest following easy way: based on impedances fix the ridge thickness for regions of horn. Use graph paper to (...)
Hello all, I've drawn an equation based surface based on exponential functions (for an exponential taper), but the surface came out to be a rough approximation of line segments. Is there a way to tell hfss to use more points to allow for a smoother curve?
Hi All I am new to hfss and I want a curve kind of structure for my design. Someone suggested to go for : Draw>equation based curve. But I could not figured it out how to do. Is there any tutorial or example available?
Hi I think it is most easy if you look at this example: Hope this make things more clear.
I am new to Ansoft hfss and I have the need to design and simulate a helical spherical wire antenna. Basically, I have used the equation based curve function in hfss v11. I now have an equation based curve which correctly models my antenna. Now I am stuck (...)
Dear friends... please sort out my query. I want to generate a non linear circular waveguide ,having profile according to the curve equation i hav. I am feeling trouble in using equation based curves and surfaces function of hfss. can u properly guide me for same. thanks
HI upload an example in hfss, y=sin(x), hope it helpful! Regards Edmund
Can I do an sprial antenna array by hfss? I would like to know How can I do the feeding? Any idea plz. help