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Could you share the hfss project ?
Hello, I'm not sure if I have a windows compatibility issue here. I used to work with ANSYS Designer and hfss importing board files (*.brd) from Allegro PCB Editor and the software recognized the board without problems. It's been a few months since I had done this for the last time and back then I had Windows 7. Now I'm using Windows 10 and when
hi, what is the error 'ACIS entity check failed for part ...' in hfss and how I can solve this problem in my 3d model?
Hello PlanarMetamaterials I have the same problem and indeed I am using Master/Slave BC in hfss with array tool. Do you know what the problem and how I could overcome it? Regards, Hussam
when I try push excitation option in ansys designer it is showing the following error failed to push excitation information - Unable to extract voltage from parent solution. You may need to analyze the circuit. any help is highly appreciated
hy all! After drawing my geometry and setting up the setup solution and run it I have got this error message : 106291 Please help me with suggestions. What is with this error??? Regards!
Hi. I installed hfss 13 and 12 and 11,but I receive this error: failed to check out license 'hfss_desktop'. Invalid (inconsistent) license key (FLEXlm Error -8) How solve this problem?I was installed and used from hfss 13,about one year ago,without any problem in installation. But now I will receive above error. (...)
Hi all, I am doing hfss simulation for combination of FR4 PCB and Metal PCB. My simulation failed after running several hours. There was a warning message-"Geometry Stitch failed. Falling back to backup process". I'm using hfss 15.0 (64 bit) for analysis. Can anyone give me idea what is this warning message and how to (...)
h i every one while i am working on my design in hfss especially in optimization, i get error after analyze said that Optimization Analysis failed - Initial value is infeasible what they mean with initial value....
I have gone through many threads in the forum about finding the input impedance of patch antenna, however all the replies can't catch my mind. some thread say used Z parameter, but i failed to get it (the zin suppose should be hundreds ohm but i get 20 ohm only) some thread say used de-embedded way, but how to de-embedded? So, can anybody
i m designing a patch antenna in hfss at 30 tetra hz but i m having a following error : hfssDesign1 (DrivenModal) 1. Port refinement, process hf3d error: failed to solve the problem due to lack of precision. The likely cause is that the frequency is too low. 2. Simulation completed with execution error on server: Local
Hello frnds any one can send me patch antenna hfss file for GPS patch antenna (1.576GHz)i tried very hard to design but failed for required gain of 6dBi.plz plz plz i urgently need it.:sad:email Did you get the GPS patch antenna design completed? I'm looking for the same thin
I am trying the pushing excitation function in designer into hfss, but I have tried many times. The designer always gives the following messages"failed to push excitaion information ,unable to extract vlotage from parent solution you may need to analyze the circuit ". Any body know what is the problem? please also see the attachment (one for hfs
I am trying to follow hfss tutorial on Floquet port but i am getting following error messagefailed to solve the problem due to lack of precision. The likely cause is that the frequency is too low..I have attached the tutorial and hfss file both.Any help will be greatly valuable to solve this error. Thanks
Hey guys, I need help on this. My hfss has just failed to start. I'm using hfss v11 on Windows 7 Ultimate, with compatibility mode to Win XP SP3. It crashes with these details: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: hfss.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: (...)
We are running a simulation to model transmission through an odd shaped object that we drew in hfss. We want to put a square wave port on a rounded side of it but can't figure out how do that. Since that failed we put a wave port on one end of the object. The port crosses over multiple objects but are contained inside of another larger cylinder. We
Hi, I am new beginner in hfss. I am trying out hfss simulation on this SAW packaging and got these errors: Mesh generation has failed. Specific details may be located in 3D Modeler> ..... Simulation completed with execution error on server: Local Machine..... I do not quite understand what's mesh generation, when i refer to the logs, (...)
dear friends, I have placed 3 posts and did not get a single reply...... I request you if anyone has a guide to model and simulate a circular waveguide in hfss. I failed to get correct polarization of e field on my S parameters are also not correct. I need help from you guys. Please give me a tutorial or respond atlea
Hi, since recently I am not able to run hfss (v11.2 running on RHEL 3) anymore. While starting hfss (either the GUI or the batch version) from the shell I get the following error message: /prog/ansoft/hfss11/mainwin511/mw/bin/tools/core_services.common: line 9: 13505 Terminated watchdog "$MWWATCHDOG_TERMINATION_FILE" Fail
Hi while simulation these 2 errors are coming " 1. Part EquationSurface1 has negative volume. 2. Acis error: "api_check_entity failed for part: EquationSurface1" i am not able to figure out these errors. it will be of great help if anybody can figure out those errors and how to remove them...