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Hi, I have calculated E field and stored energy in a cavity using hfss eigen mode. So maximum delta (resonant) frequency is used as convergence criteria in this mode. Now there is a question: How E field or stored energy can be used as convergence criteria in eigen mode?
The equation for SAR = (σ/2ρ) |E|? (W/kg) Basically SAR is the amount of energy absorbed by a dielectric body mass. There are bunch of solvers that simulate SAR. Could you shed some light on how they do it, meaning how do they calculate the density and mass of the object? How do they calculate the E field? Is it the S11 reflected
Hallo, in fullwave simulation, waveguide ports are used to excite the structure with energy. I am talking about driven problems only. A 2D Eigenmode solver determines the excitation field in preprocessing, and considers it as time varying boundary condition in the solution process. The characteristic impendance and gamma are also known from th
Dear all, it is the first time i use this site and i hope to find some help. i have simulated a dielectric antenna with hfss. Everything looks fine: input impedance looks great (real part 50 ohm, imaginary part is zero at resonance). S-parameters also look great 20dB return loss the antenna is feed with a 50ohm coaxial cable.
Dear all, When using eigenmode solver to simulate a resonator, I can get a field distribution. I want to know, what is the energy storage of the resonator regarding the simulated field distribution. I want to know how much is the E field distributed when energy storage is given. amicloud