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hfss is great for this application :
Posting a schematic or drawing in addition will enable replies from Edaboard members who don't use hfss or can't load the project right now.
Hi all I am a new in hfss.I designed Hairpin filter in ADS and I want to simulate that into hfss for analyzing BOX effect on it's. I defined Hairpin structure as a "pec",BOX as an "air",and new material as a substraite with Er=2.2,...but result is awful! can you tell me what can i do? thanx
I don't think there is a calculator just for coupled wires. But there are EM simulators as hfss, CST, Sonnet, etc, that can do this project. On the other hand, to build and tune a filter like this, would be a challenge without using trim-caps.
Hi can you explain me how I can import,convert hfss project to CSTs
hi.. i wanna ask something about hfss i have design hairpin filter with center frequency 902.5 MHz for GSM application with BW = 25 MHz and i use ansoft hfss v.10 to design and simulate this filter.i have found result is very bad.i really need help from you,if you don't mind here i share my project and i (...)
hi I try to simulate a microstrip bandpass filter but I face this this is my hfss file and manual of this project: I'll be glad if someone help me. thanks.
hi guys.. i have to finish my final project about Bandpass filter with DGS at 1885-2200 MHz.. i am designing with AWR simulator.. can anyone help me to design it in AWR or hfss ??? 1. what is the relation between dimension and L, R, C ?? 2. what is the formula for calculating DGS ?? thanks for help...
hey,, i found a journal about design of mems filter for wimax. it uses hfss simulation. i am very interested in doing this design for my final project. It uses CPW and BAR technology. the BAR is composed of piezoelectric material. The problem is, I am a newbie in hfss and mems.. Can anyone help me how to simulate S (...)
We have analyzed, simulated and built an X-band waveguide filter. we performed a simple circuit analysis of the filter and an analysis using hfss and later with CST microwave studio. The discrepancy between measured and circuit analysis results is small however simulation results show significant frequency. I have double checked everything (...)
Hi, I need to simulate a filter using hfss. What material should I assign to ground plane ? ( I think copper ) I tried to assign copper but Assign material menu is passive so I couldnt assign anything. If I did wrong plz warn me .I attaced the hfss file plz help me.
Hi I am a student of telecommunication and working on a project in university. I designed a Quasi-Elliptic filter with microstrip line. I want to simulate it now. I simulated my design with hfss, but it is very slow. EM simulator of AWR ( Microwave Office) is slow too for my structure and i cant optimize it. Schematic circuit of AWR is (...)
Hello guys, I haven't found any good examples of Microstrip filters (they were not exactly the same) designed in hfss to base my project in, so I'm having a couple of problems, principally with the ports. It's a very basic Chebyshev low-pass-filter, so It mustn't be very difficult. However, I'm having problems with the (...)
filter example hfss
Does anybody have any tutorials for hfss or Designer? If not, maybe some experienced users would be willing to write a tutorial or more. Both of these packages are very nice and easy to use, but as with most EM simulators they have a lot of features that are not fully explained. Besides nothing is better than a couple step-by-step tutorials to