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hfss is great for this application :
Posting a schematic or drawing in addition will enable replies from Edaboard members who don't use hfss or can't load the project right now.
Hi all I am a new in hfss.I designed Hairpin filter in ADS and I want to simulate that into hfss for analyzing BOX effect on it's. I defined Hairpin structure as a "pec",BOX as an "air",and new material as a substraite with Er=2.2,...but result is awful! can you tell me what can i do? thanx
I don't think there is a calculator just for coupled wires. But there are EM simulators as hfss, CST, Sonnet, etc, that can do this project. On the other hand, to build and tune a filter like this, would be a challenge without using trim-caps.
Hi can you explain me how I can import,convert hfss project to CSTs
hi.. i wanna ask something about hfss i have design hairpin filter with center frequency 902.5 MHz for GSM application with BW = 25 MHz and i use ansoft hfss v.10 to design and simulate this filter.i have found result is very bad.i really need help from you,if you don't mind here i share my project and i (...)
hi I try to simulate a microstrip bandpass filter but I face this this is my hfss file and manual of this project: I'll be glad if someone help me. thanks.
hi guys.. i have to finish my final project about Bandpass filter with DGS at 1885-2200 MHz.. i am designing with AWR simulator.. can anyone help me to design it in AWR or hfss ??? 1. what is the relation between dimension and L, R, C ?? 2. what is the formula for calculating DGS ?? thanks for help...
hey,, i found a journal about design of mems filter for wimax. it uses hfss simulation. i am very interested in doing this design for my final project. It uses CPW and BAR technology. the BAR is composed of piezoelectric material. The problem is, I am a newbie in hfss and mems.. Can anyone help me how to simulate S (...)
hfss is better for high Q filter, but mesh seeding may be used, especially for the coupling section with evanscent waveguide.
Hi, I need to simulate a filter using hfss. What material should I assign to ground plane ? ( I think copper ) I tried to assign copper but Assign material menu is passive so I couldnt assign anything. If I did wrong plz warn me .I attaced the hfss file plz help me.
Hi I am a student of telecommunication and working on a project in university. I designed a Quasi-Elliptic filter with microstrip line. I want to simulate it now. I simulated my design with hfss, but it is very slow. EM simulator of AWR ( Microwave Office) is slow too for my structure and i cant optimize it. Schematic circuit of AWR is (...)
Hello guys, I haven't found any good examples of Microstrip filters (they were not exactly the same) designed in hfss to base my project in, so I'm having a couple of problems, principally with the ports. It's a very basic Chebyshev low-pass-filter, so It mustn't be very difficult. However, I'm having problems with the (...)
filter example hfss
Here is the Ansoft Seminar for hfss9xx. Very easy to follow, good for new user. xx.