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hfss is great for this application :
can anyone please provide me tutorial of how to design microstrip band pass filter in hfss
i need some tutorial to design coaxial dielectric resonator filter. What coupling technique should be used between resonators?? how to model coaxial dielectric resonators in hfss ?? i found some pictures of such filters on internet but coupling mechanism is not apparent. Picture is attached here for reference. Kindly help me (...)
GO to this post There are many hfss tutorials Also there is filter tutorial. For books search in Best of luck Abhishekabs
i have to design BP filter using PSB by hfss , but i have not used it before ,,, please i need you help, if you have vedio treaning or any thing will help me. cheers
Search hfss+ manual or these addresses:
Here is the Ansoft Seminar for hfss9xx. Very easy to follow, good for new user. xx.