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There is a difference between energy transfer via: (a) magnetic coupling of inductors versus (b) one inductor emits photons, the other receives. hfss is a frequent topic here. I can only suggest you try a forum search on keywords, or, click on related threads listed at the bottom of this column.
I am trying to simulate an SIW resonator structure in hfss,but I am not able to get the expected published results as shown in the figure. I need help ,and request hfss experts on this forum to look into this hfss file and point out my mistake. 131932 131933
Pls, forum members i recently came across a paper online on how to optimize rectangular microstrip antenna using air gap technique. I have tried for more than two weeks without ant success, the design is in two phases. the first one is without air gap which i have uploaded the hfss design here while i have no idea on how to design the second phase
Dear All, At the risk of annoying some of you here for posting, most probably, trivial questions on the hfss simulation I am trying to carry out. I've scourged through the hfss documentation and the two posts in the forum related to CPW+hfss. I came out even more confused than before. Here I go: I'm trying to calculate (...)
According to forum rules, the hfss file should be uploaded to Edaboard
Hi MEGHA_UNNI, In the future, such questions may be more appropriately asked in the Electromagnetic Design and Simulation forum, as this one is more oriented towards theory. On to your question: Since you're working with a metamaterial absorber, I assume you are simulating just a single unit cell. In this case, you would want to use a Floquet po
I am currently working to develop pcb for my circular array of dielectric resonator antenna which i have simulated in hfss. I have been reviewing previos posts of this forum and also from internet for post few days. But i am not satisfied bcz material on antenna pcb is very rare. I am using Altium Designer for this Purpose. Also want to know how to
Hello, I want to thank you in advance for taking the time to help me. I am new to hfss and I am trying to find a tutorial how to design and simulate Split ring resonators in hfss. I don't know anything about excitation's or boundaries either. Can you please point me to some material I can read which can guide me as a beginner.
how to get gerber file from hfss software ?
Hi, Even I am interested in knowing what should be the typical size of boundary box in CST. I have used hfss a lot but I am new to CST & just started learning it. hfss has lot of tricks. For CST, we have experts in this forum. hope they will help.
Hello! Does anyone have hfss project files of fractal antennas that is willing to share? Thx!!
Firstly, thanks for asking a good question. I like this forum but I am so fed up with people asking things such as "teach me how to build the best antenna in the world! NOW!". As for the answer: I don't really know. I use hfss on a daily basis but never needed the layered impedance boundary. From what I see, it is just an impedance boundary but i
I have gone through many threads in the forum about finding the input impedance of patch antenna, however all the replies can't catch my mind. some thread say used Z parameter, but i failed to get it (the zin suppose should be hundreds ohm but i get 20 ohm only) some thread say used de-embedded way, but how to de-embedded? So, can anybody
You are bound to find an example in the very large thread (emadi) featured near the top of this forum. You may well find more examples in the hfss supplied set while working some of the "Getting Started" help.
In another thread, the guy has indicated that his problem was actually to break hfss licensing in that Windows 7-64 environment. Hopefully, he will remove that post asap, because illegal software use is not tolerated in this forum.
First of all hello to all of you and I wish you a happy new year I am quite, quite new in this forum and also in the topic. I need to design a cylindrical cavity in hfss. In order to start understanding hfss I decided to create some referential structures and compare the results for a case where I can analytically obtain results the sam
You might find Moreno or Southworth helpful references for circular waveguide modes. The mode numbers in hfss do not often match the numbering conventions in the literature. That adds fun to the effort.
hfss not an easy program to learn. There is no easy way to learn it. But you can search this forum for some hfss examples, and there might be and Dipole example. But in general if you want to lean hfss you have to read, and do a lot of examples. Good luck
Hello, I am trying to implement a periodic cell for antenna design and I want to produce a diagram Frequency Vs Wavenumber in eigenmode. How can I import wavenumber to my design? As I know, hfss use ko, wavenumber in free space of each mode to calculate resonation frequency. Thank you.
I suggest you ask an admin to move your post moved to the Electromagnetic Design and Simulation forum. There are some people with a lot of experience there. I use hfss, but don't have any idea about what you are doing.
hello all i'm newbie in this forum.... I'm working on final project on microstrip antennas. I ask for help to design microstrip line antenna with a frequency of 144,28 MHz with the dimention 20cm or less than that.vswr 1,5 polarization linear radiation pattern unidirectional. I simulate this task using hfss 11 or CST. is there anything that can h
ads is more accurate than hfss. ads design will work for you?
Dear all, I've previously started (and closed) a thread in this forum (06-04-11) about the characteristic impedance calculation of rectangular waveguide in hfss. The conclusion at that time was that the results given by hfss were not in accordance with the classical electromagnetic boo
Any one is having the tutorial helix antenna design using hfss
Hi Everybody, My question may be too easy for few people in this forum but it would be of great help to me if you can show me way forward. I modeled pillbox cavity(cylinder) in hfss to calculate eigen frequencies at first five modes. Now I would like to export location of nodes as well as corresponding coefficients of ansatz function in
Hi ayerokk, You may use "hfss Antenna Design Kit" to get the dimensions of Bowtie antenna. hfss Antenna Design kit - Making our life easy! - Blogs - forum for Electronics Hope this helps...
please do a search in the forum before posting your questions.... these are already addressed many times... em: talk - hfss Tutorial 1: Microstrip Patch Antenna
Hi, Can anyone share with me, any available free software/opensource that can be use as alternative for ADS, CST, hfss. Cheers.
S parameteres have to be in re +i*imag form of course?! How do you export files in s2p format from hfss? I do not have this option, although it is not a problem, I can perfectly well export in txt. I'm running and older version (12.1) (don't have 13 unfortunately). What I use there is : (menu tabs) hfss -> Results
Hi elenafuentes, You should install the Antenna Design Kit from Ansoft Website. This is a good starting point. You can find answers in this forum regarding the difference between lumped and waveports or in the hfss help ... but here again: Lumped ports: Lumped ports are similar to traditional wave ports, but can be located internally and have a com
Probably the best for all such errors would be the hfss support.
Hi! I am new to RFIC design. I wanna do a simulation for a whole RF transceiver including the antenna and the wave propagation. If I design an antenna in CST or hfss. How can I import their result inot Cadence spectre? If without the sepecific character data of antenna, I think I cannot make sure that my transceiver can work well.
Hi friends. Need some help about resistors in hfss. i want to use Flange type resistors in my power divider so how should go with that & how the connection between resistors & impedance lines built up in hfss??? Thank You.
i have already posted a lot of material .. could you do a search in the forum... if you dont get i would re-post it.... ---------- Post added at 16:49 ---------- Previous post was at 16:23 ---------- check these Ansoft Corporation - University Tra
See the following link in the forum there are lots of hfss project there. you can get some idea to design your own project. Regards
Hi all, I read some similar topics in our forum about current distribution of an antenna in hfss, but none of them is clear for me. Here, I upload a simple printed dipole. I also examined J_surf of the dipole but I believe it is not current distribution (as my understanding, J_surf is only current density). So, please, anyone, help me to show
I can suggest you also to see here: uWaveRF - View topic - cpw design hfss- defining port &assigning boundary??? where is posted a tutorial...about cpw in hfss
Hello all. This is my first post in this forum. In advance , many thanks to everyone here , since I have found many posts really helpful , concerning hfss and its issues that come across when designing. After doing some research in the forum posts , I did not find something matching my situation. So , I have the following "problem" : I (...)
First off all, sorry about my bad english :oops: I am a new here on this forum, and have a problem with projects in hfss v10. I am making a cirkular patch antenass on a pipe, and half sfere ground. this antenass what i am make is making by the real antennas dimensions and averything. Simulation goas whell, but the results are not good, the radio
Hi I couldn't find terminal line in hfss 12! Is there anybody who has defined terminal line on hfss 12? I am designing edge-coupled 3dB quadrature coupler. In each side of this coupler I have 2 close transmission lines. From the topics on the forum I found that I should use driven terminal since I have coupled lines. (am I (...)
hello. first of all i wanna thank the forum for your help, its been inconditional for my proyect. i got a big problem, i tried to find the resonating frecuency of a patch designed in Balanys, acording to the book the resonance of the design occurs at 10Ghz with a TM dominant mode, mi question is, the resonance frecuency has to be inside the
Hi, I am a newbie to this forum and also to using hfss for antenna design. I have simulated a design using hfss and still unsure whether the antenna can be used within the UWB range. So far, I have the VSWR, s11 and Gain radiation patterns in DB from 2-11 GHz(attached). I need advices/suggestions on how to improve on my design, how to (...)
Start with the Tutorials. You can download them from the Ansoft homepage (need your login) or find them here in the forum (use the search function). It will take you a few days but them you will be able to handle hfss.
help on hfss 11 coaxial feed and result Is there any body to help me in this...........
Hi everybody ! I'm trying to learn how to use hfss, so i've read a lot of topics on this forum in order to improve my (newbie) skills :) I have to simulate a HF antenna, in order to determine it inductance... but i've some problem with the wave port (i think) and i don't know what to i need your help ! I've found some information on air
Hi everyone, This is my first post on the forum, and as a student my knowledge is still not on top, but i hope i can get your help, and learn a little more. I must set a simulation for a coil antenna at 13,56 MHz in hfss. I had to import the design from SolidWorks, add it to the model and assign a material to it. In order to observe the S11
Hi, I am sorry to say that your understanding is wrong, hfss`s boundary is the compute area that sovler calculate, that is , NO computation is performed outside the boundary. I think the right way is setting the box`s face as radiating boundary and the lower face of the box you should set it as profect E
Hi every memeber of this fantastic forum, I've downloaded a hfss tutorial from this forum,it is a very very interseting one for all of us especially the beginners in hfss ,tutorial is in german and i don't think that all of us can read it ,so if any one who has an english copy can he/she uploaded to this (...)
Hi friends; I'm simulating a Zeroth Order Antenna with hfss excited by a coaxial probe feed (See article & project in the compressed file),my problem is the return loss diagram , 1-I can't find the same diagram as the author's one;even i've read a lot of comments about the coax fed design in this forum. 2-I can't determine the input impeda
I am a usual reader of this forum, due to the fact that I work on antenna design and i have to use simulation software (basically feko and hfss). I think that contact between users is extremly usefull. For these reason want to use Social networks to know new users. For this reason I have created some groups in facebook. Despite the fact that