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Hi all, I am simulating the system and I got stuck due to the RAM overload. My laptop has 16 GB RAM, and hfss always reach maximum 16GB. There are some objects whose material is water. So, could you please tell me how to solve this problem if RAM is limited? Thank you very much, N
Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to design microstrip patch antenna for supportin 2g,3g,4g standards. For that I choose hfss software, but I don't know the concepts of that software. So I need a clear tutorial with many examples with free download..... Can any one help me?:sad:
hi all i want to draw a coplanar microstrip patch antenna can u tell how to convert polylines to a closed patch shape then how this closed polyline will be considered as patch of a defined height which will radiate actually physically if we see then a cosed polyline structure without any height will it radiate can someone solve my proble
hi..... pls help me for designing QFH antenna in hfss ... act i dont getting any idea how to start so pls provide some material regarding on designing QFH antenna in ansoft hfss..... THANKS.... RPY ME SOON
Hi From where can I free download a hfss Simulator software
heyyy can any1 tell me whr can i download hfss for free and wats the size of it..plz i am doin my mtech proj in ie3d and my results r not xact as on the paper..and the author has done it in hfss ..plz tell me the link and size..
free version of hfss does not exist, at least not an official one. You can download free version of Ansoft Designer, which is a plane structures simulator, but you can still simulate patch antenna or similar. As far as learning hfss is concerned, go through the examples in the tutorial book as (...)
hai i think you can use ansoft hfss which will be very useful for all 3D drawings and eleectromagnetic simulations.
best software for Er 45 subst MS ant (cst,hfss) , TD or FD? i am trying to build a miniature microstrip GPS antenna with Er 45,90 . which simulation will be best for Er 45 or 90 substrate microstrip antenna ? time domaine or frequency domaine (for the best accurate result and minimum time simulation ).
I am doing some simulations with Ansoft hfss on IFA. The 2.4GHz dimension fits good both on simulation and measurment with the reference dimension. I want to simulate the 5.2GHz IFA, but I have no reference to compare. Does anyone have the design dimesion of IFA? Can U give it to me to compare with the simulation ? Thank U verymuch
i would be thankful if anyone can tell me where to download the software FEKO for free. and is there anybody know how to research 3G mobile communication antenna base station in "ADS" (or hfss) my email is welcome to write email to me or follow my this subject Thanks once more
You can download IE3D from . Unfortunately there aren't any legal & free versions of hfss or Momentum ADS. Best wishes, megi