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Can anyone help me to design a Reconfigurable Frequency Selective Reflector in is fed by the monopole antennaI already designed the monopole but i am not getting how to design FSR in there is any tutorial??
I have attached an image please somebody help me to design this in H131633fss
How to draw a Tripole or tripole like fss in hfss ? I would be most grateful, if anyone has an example of closely packed array of an fss.
Hi, Please do guide me in how to show electric field distribution of the an fss design using hfss. Thank you in advance for your help.
There's a tutorial about phased arrays using floquet ports which may be helpfull, thats a link to it
Hi to all; My question is that, Can we calculate the RCS of an fss design in hfss by using the Floquet port? I have been told by some one that you should use incident plan wave to excite the unit cell of fss and for that also change the solution setup in hfss. Is there any way to (...)
Hi all; I have designed an fss for band stop applications successfully using hfss version 15. Now i want to calculate RCS of the same fss. Is it possible to calculate? If it is possible then please tell me how we can calculate it in hfss. Is there any formula for RCS calculation (...)
hi I I want to simulat a fss on a Cylinder,but i dont know how to draw it...!!! Do you know how to draw it? do you have any example of curved structure in CST or hfss?
Hi, Anyone knows about how to check the angle variations in case of Frequency Selective Surface using the wave-port in hfss. Actually i want to verify the results of fss unit cell using Floquet port and wave-port in hfss. Please guide me how the task could be done. With Best Regards: Muhammad Idrees
Hi to all; I want to design conformal fss. so in this regard i need to know which tool is best for conformal design either hfss or CST:?: Actually i am use to with hfss, if Conformal fss could be designed in hfss then Please share some tatorials with me. (...)
Why cant you try CST or hfss.
Hi Every body, Dose anyone knows how to do skew angle for a fss unit cell in hfss? thank you.
Hello all... THis is my first post.... I am working on frequency selective surface in X band... I am easily getting RLC equivalent circuit of my fss model for patch but in apertured fss of the same dimensions, i am getting an equivalent circuit netlist from hfss which does not include Capacitor.... Please help (...)
A guide to Floquet port in hfss v11
Hi, I'm trying to simulate an fss in hfss using master/slave boundary conditions on sides of the unit cell box and PML on top and bottom. my incident field is a plane wave source. I get the magnitude of S parameters using the "reference for fss" on PMLs but phase is zero. I know that I can use for instance Floquet ports (...)
Dear all, I am planning to simulate, and in a single setup, an fss-Antenna system. I need to study the effect of different field patterns of a source antenna on the performance of an fss structure. The simulation scenario has the following givens: 1- An antenna, in both the radiative-near-field (Fresnel region) and far-field (Fraunhofer region),
In a infinite structure we know we can set BC as master & slave and floquet port to analysis, but when I want to analysis a 5*5 structure How should I set the BC and what port can we use? Because I need to create a TEM wave, and when we use radiation BC and wave port can't create a TEM wave. So hope someone can help with this question or sent m
hii all, i used the incident plane method for solving fss and at the end of simulation hfss is crashing and saying that hfss encountered a problem. please help me why this happening.
If your unit cell is either rectangular or square, then by solving for the first two modes (orthogonal polarizations), assuming you need no more than that, in the Floquet port you know all you need to know about the polarization dependence of a structure at a given angle of incidence. If your structure symmetry is aligned with the modal excitation
Some of my colleagues had done some designs of fss in hfss. I think the Theta and Phi are to define the angle of incidence wave. The response of fss would be different with different incidence angle.