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There is no tool which name is "CADENCE". Use correct terminology. My question is do I have to design layout in CADENCE then export gds file to E.M software such as hfss/ADS momentum for electromagnetic simulation and optimization? or can I design in hfss/
Export the hfss model to gdsII. Then you can use free online conversion tools to convert gds to Gerber
128747 I want to design a transmission line for my power amplifier match network. Firstly I draw a path in virtuoso ,then I export the gds file to hfss, but I need one end terminal of the MT line connected to GND . how can I do this in hfss .PLZ tell me ,thanks a lot
Also, the imported gds file looks 2D, and I'm not sure whether it's fine. Was I supposed to add a layer map or technology file or something to make it look 3D? Yes, you will need layer map file and also the technology data (thicknesses and materials). Don't forget the silicon substrate and its conductivity, thi
Hello I am trying to import a design from cadence to hfss for simulation. I figured that I have to define a layer-map file for the design to be imported in 3D and I did that. The problem I have is that dielectrics don't show up in the gds file nor in hfss. Do I have to define and draw them manually ?? is there a better way to do it ?? (...)
I want to do EM simulations on a single process inductance using hfss, and I've imported its .gds file from Cadence. But I don't know how to simulate it, I'm totally new to hfss and I've read somewhere that the .gds file is not enough for EM simulation and I've got to add some more information such as thickness and etc. (...)
Hi, Is .gds file sufficient to perform EM simulation in hfss? Does it need any other file for process related information? Normally yes..
look at the available filetypes available for export from auocad, the look at the types available for import in hfss v. 11 and see if there's any that match. for hfss v.15: sab, sat, sm2, sm3, anstgeom, xls, dxf, dwg, exp, model, CatPart, CatProduct, gds, iges, igs, nas, x_t, x_b, prt, asm, step, stp, stl, sld are the import options.
Hi, I am trying to import gds file exported from Cadence into hfss14. For this purpose, I have created a tech file to map thickness and elevation but hfss ignores elevation info and takes only thickness I think because when I try to overlap some layers and leave some space between layers, hfss ignores elevations and abuts (...)
Hi All I want to import .gds file from cadence 6.1 to hfss 10 and do some simulations. Just to make sure my gds file is ok I did import it back to cadence and I do see the same layout. But when I import the same gds file in hfss 10,I dont see anything. I am not sure what is the problem. When I look at my (...)
I've never personally done this, but I'm pretty sure one issue you need to look into is to define the layer mapping from .gds/.dxf to .hfss during import. Have you done this?
Hi All, I imported a design from Cadence into hfss using gds. Now my problem is I cannot see the coordinates of the geometric solid. Can anyone help me with this? I imported a transformer and I needed to add definitions for the silicon dioxide and substrate, which I plan to add in hfss since Cadence does not do this in layout. Thank (...)
Hi Guys, I am newbie with hfss and have to work on an octagonal inductor modelling. I already started with some tutorials available online for Spiral Inductor modelling. Any of you are aware of any basic tutorial on octagonal inductor design. Would anyone of you be interested in working with me on Modelling of the octagonal Inductor as a pr
I am trying to extract cadence inductor (UMC library) parasitics in hfss by importing gds file. After importing gds file, inductor layout is visible in hfss window with so many layers. Issue is that cadence generated 2D file and hfss want 3D file to simulate. I converted inductor 2D layout into 3D by drawing (...)
Hi all, I have a problem of conveting hfss layout to gds2. The pattern orginally was circle in hfss, and it became polygon in gds2 or dxf. Why and how to deal with this problem? Thanks a lot !! Puru Lin
Hi, The gds Import feature in hfss requires a "layermap" file to correctly construct 3D objects in the Modeler - as opposed to sheets which is what I get when I import without the layermap. However, the help file has no information about the layermap format. Can someone please tell me what the layermap format is, so that my gds import (...)
I've tried the .dwg and it imports correctly into hfss. But I still haven't done myself to export/import different layers