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112269 Please guide me, how to provide excitation to 'dual-polarized chipless RFID tag' using hfss tool.Thanks.
hi i am also working on FSS plz guide me how do extract equalant circuit form hfss
Please help me, how i can assign port to slot ring resonator (RFID based tag) to make it workable. I design 8-bit slot resonator on circular patch using circular substrate on hfss. Now i want to observe the resonances produce by the tag. so please guide me how can i assign port excitation to this design.
It is available in the hfss scripting guide. You could find it from the Help menu or just search the doc folder under the installation directory. Hey thanks, worked like a charm. If you don't mind me asking, where did you find that information? Or was it trial and error?
Hello! I'm working on a project: There is a titanium bar in the salt water, and an E field along the bar with 100 V/m at 64 MHz. It should be a wave guide. I set up the model and assigned the material, but I don't know how to assign the E field and plot it. Attached is my hfss doc. Could anyone help me on this or teach me how to assign the field?
Hi I have a simple rectangular wave guide filled by air. I want to apply PML for boundaries in x and y direction and electric wall for z direction boundaries. and then take the S21 of of the structure which should be 1 since wave guide filled by air. There are some tutorials on how assign PML in hfss but they are applying plane wave (...)
For assigning a PML boundary to any surface in hfss: select the face,right click and select assign boundaries: you should select PML setup wizard, in the PML setup : change the minimum frequency for your design. Make sure the Master/Slave boundaries include the PML. That's all. Generally, for designing FSSs is hfss, you can go with three options:
HI all I'm currently doing a project on wireless power transmission. I'm new to this area and have no idea how to simulate a magnetic resonance circuit. I heard that hfss can do the simulation but have no idea how to model and simulate magnetic resonance using hfss. Please guide me.
hello I'm looking for an example of a design of an internal CPW in a PCB with hfss, my problem is that I calculated the dimensions of my CPW using Appcad but after simulation I don't get my impedance of 50 Ohms knowing that there is no errors in dimensions calculations help plz, I noticed that when I add perfect E boundary to my metal condu
hi i am trying to simulate slotline to microstrip transition and for that i want to use waveport for microstrip line and for double slot line but i dont know why every time i got same error msg that port ids assigned to internal face.i am attaching my hfss model also paper from which i got idea of this balun plz if anyone can guide me about wave
i am making my FYP "design and analysis of Low profile UHF RFID tag antenna for liquid bottles"on hfss and i need to learn basic terms and system concepts involved in RFID, can anyone guide me which steps/note key concepts i have to follow during literature review?????
A guide to Floquet port in hfss v11
please send your hfss File and clarify your aim in design ??????????????????:!:
Specs: freq= 2.8Ghz wave guide dimension a=86mm b=43mm power = 15 dbm plz help me design it plzz I hav tried it like a 100 times but something always goes wrong like directivity, gain or freq. I m in real trouble my FYP submission is due next month and i m stuck with this. Please if someone has the design or someone is an expert in hfss pl
9579295801 Hi Guys, I am trying to replicate the antenna in the attached file to resonate at 2.45GHz but its is resonating at more than twice that frequency. The reflection coefficient and antenna input impedance are very bad. Can some one please guide me how to optimise the reflection coefficient to <= -12dB
hello, I have 2*2 patch antenna array. I want to implement EBG structure in the array and evaluate the advantages in the gain and other antenna paramters ? I am using hfss version 13. please guide me with the procedure, thanks in advance :)
Hi, Iam designing a mode selector using hfss. Actually i need to characterize three modes. TE01, TE02, TE03. In that i just have to select TE03 and give it to wave guides. So, can any one suggest how to design this. I have already some theoretical calculations by which i can achieve this by a circular wave guide consisting of array of (...)
please i want user guide hfss13 , i have user guide hfss^10 but my computer system win7 64bit , not install hfss^10, but installed in my computer hfss13 help me please
Hello all,I am new to hfss and I need to use it to design and simulate a single ring single split resonator operating between 6ghz and 14ghz;I have already done the geometry but how do I simulate it with hfss to test for different resonant frequencies of the resonator?Please I need a step by step guide,all help appreciated in advance.
hi all kidly guide me to get current distribution like this in hfss regards kartik