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Hi all...This is Yugandhar. I am working with hfss.I have 2 doubts. Can anyone guide me my multi layered problem analysis; hfss results and closed form solution results are matching only at a particular height. If I try to change the dimensions of my model, results are invalidated(hfss and closed form solutions are not (...)
Can anybody help me by showing snapshots or procedure for giving TE11 mode in circular wave guide in hfss?
First of all hello to all of you and I wish you a happy new year I am quite, quite new in this forum and also in the topic. I need to design a cylindrical cavity in hfss. In order to start understanding hfss I decided to create some referential structures and compare the results for a case where I can analytically obtain results the sam
How to find out polarization and isolation in hfss?
Can somebody help me with DC thickness? I have version 14 of hfss and if I keep the DC thickness of metal to infinite results are fine and if the option is "assign the DC thickness automatically" then results are strange. Could can one guide me with the significance of DC thickness? regards, Usman
Hi, I am simulating a multilayer semiconductor wave guide structure with metal on top in hfss which is a straight wave guide as shown in picture 1. I have to do impedance measurement using TDR but I dont understand how does it work. I am doing the interpolating sweep and normalizing the ports too which are the requirements to do TDR (...)
Anyone is free to textedit that redirect.lic file for hfss v13 under Win32/64. We don't have any signatures in our hfss client-server setup in our lab. Sure. In the floating license case that redirects to the license server, you can edit the host name. However the Host ID in the license file can not b
here is the user guide. soppcb
Hi, I'm designing a coplanar waveguide spiral inductor in hfss. I draw the waveport with dimensions: Width = 3(2g + w), where g is the gap size between the ground and the conductor and w is the width of the conductor, and length of 4*g as said on the hfss guide. I drew rectangles of these dimensions and assigned waveport (...)
CPW is very hard to setup in hfss I would recommend going in using a coax or microstrip and transitioning. However, it looks like you don't have a large enough airbox around your system to show the correct radiation pattern. you need a minimum of 1/4 wavelength at your lowest frequency from the edge of your antenna in all directions. I usually
Hello all. How can i get the attenuation coefficient of a wave in a rectangular waveguide? Am using hfss Vs14? Kind rgds Manenef
hi , any one can please help me how can i built metallic via in hfss model............
Hi all i read hfss user guide 11 but not able to understand the significance of convergence, adaptive meshing, discrete meshin, when we should choose in analysis set up as fast, linearcount , discrete and what they all mean help in this respect katik
Hello, can anybody provide me the user guide or manual of any version of hfss. I have lost my manual due to formattig of my computer. i will be highly thankful if anbody provide me this Regards vishal
Hello all, may any one tell, how to calculate the aperture admittance on any rectangular plane consist of some building blocks (like one side rectangular wave guide and on another side lossy slab) on both sides of a design, using hfss. Plz help me regarding this.
hello I have attached the paper. i have worked on it this but as i am new to antenna and hfss i have so many doubts. My S(1,1) paramter almost matched with the paper but i am not able to plot the radiation patter and not able to compare the results with paper. i have tried to plot x-y, y-z, x-z pattern but i dont know that did i plot them correct
I am simulating a waveguide in hfss having 2 ports( rectangular dielectric waveguide) .I want to ask what is real meaning of S(1,2) because in one case i am getting S(1,2) plot showing 5db gain while the propagation constant (beta) is equal to 0. Field overlay also shows wave dying much before even reaching port 2 then how to interprete (...)
What size waveguide are you using? To my knowledge, nobody ever uses waveguide at frequencies in the range 100 Hz to 10 kHz. It would need to be absolutely huge. I forget the width/height/frequency relationships, but the width and height are of the order of λ/2. So for 1 kHz, you are looking at a waveguide with a hieght of around 75 km. (...)
hi your antenna polarization is linear and for checking it you can check by axial ratio and polarization in hfss
Hello all, I am trying to design a wave guide to coax adapter. Should I use two port one for the waveguide end and the other at the coax and look at S21? What parameter is critical in determining the accurate performance of the device? Thanks in advance