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Hi Folks, I will explain you my requirement and you pls guide me regarding it. 1. I have a RFID reader (Transmitting)antenna resonating at 865MHz. Whatever power that is being radiated, including the pathloss will be received by the Tag (Receiving) antenna resonating at 865MHz. This passive tag with the received power will in-turn power the c
Hello Everyone I have chosen this project :DESIGN OF A HIGH-GAIN CAVITY-BACKED SLOT ANTENNA WITH MUSHROOM CELLS AND BENT GROUND WALLS . . . I donot know hfss software i read the user guide manual v10 and designned slot patch antenna Can u please tell me how to design for our required parameters and how to design mushroom cells i need to see the m
Dear Aparna,i think Error is due to the fact that you might be using a lower version of hfss,what version of hfss are you using.if i check your file and save it in on me computer you wont be able to use it anymore because hfss files are not backward compatible unfortunately Best Regards Sajid Mohammed.
I've made the UHF probe example in hfss version 13, manual. But when I simulate it, I find the best return loss occurs at 610 MHz not 560 MHz as the example shows in the user guide. Has anyone else hit this problem? Dave
Hi all, I have some questions to ask you about Port Only solution in hfss. By setting this solution, the analysis is expected to be done at only one frequency (solution frequency, say 2.4 GHz), right. However, as shown in the microstrip example of hfss user's guide, there is a frequency sweep added to this Port Only solution (say 1 (...)
hello jacksontom i think before you start your project see the guide of hfss because i think their are some conflictions in boundary conditions
Hi, so first of all, take care of the RadiationBox dimensions...from the hfss guide we know that this should be at least at lambda/4 from the radiating surfaces..check you design to assure that. What is the frequency range ? best
hi i need some example about excitation of horn antenna with Coax i design horn with wave guide but i dont know how applying the coax feed pls send example about this
While designing a single step transition for WR ,the single step block should introduce a 90 degree phase shift(groupwavelength/4).How can ensure the length of guide is sufficient for 90 degree phaseshift
Hi, IN the attached document you will see step by step information about metamaterial lens simulation using hfss. Hope it help you. /SC
Dear all, I am facing the problem of evaluating the INPUT IMPEDANCE of a slot inserted into a circular waveguide, which, as you know, it is different from Z11. The guide is terminated in one side with a wave port. At the end I have a two-port dev. As I used to do in hfss, I wanted to define an output function: Zin=(1+S11)/(1-S11)*Z0 (...)
Hi! I am new to RFIC design. I wanna do a simulation for a whole RF transceiver including the antenna and the wave propagation. If I design an antenna in CST or hfss. How can I import their result inot Cadence spectre? If without the sepecific character data of antenna, I think I cannot make sure that my transceiver can work well.
Hi Carole, I personally use the solve ports only in hfss to find the right size of my waveports and prevent higher modes propagation. Often at microwaves you have to deal with these higher modes. I advise you to take a look at the hfss user's guide for this port analysis. Hope it helped a bit, JB
Hi, I am designing an antenna and assigning the lumped port on FR4 substrate. The attached image shows the port. Please take a look and guide me if the port is correctly assigned. thanks 54274
hi, I have simulated a silicon ( er=11.9 )dielectric slab at 300 Geg with slab thickness=0.1mm on hfss... I expected single mode transmission, however i found 90% of power radiated?? and the waveguidance s21 is veryyy low like -60dB or so?? I used lumped port excitation ... please advise, thanks, shehata
Guys need help with designing an ideal waveguide bend in hfss...... Urgent..... Thank you all in Advance ....
Hey can anyone plz guide me how to define incident angle of incident plane wave in hfss..i need to plot bistatic radar cross section for a particular incident angle but i am not getting how to do it in hfss..
up! could anyone tell me what have I done wrong in my .hfss design right above, trying to implement coax feed.
you can simulate in ADS, or AWR, or hfss. You can search in web for some training course.
hi guys, well i spent a while (1 week) lookint at forums on this subject, i concluded that i need to see what happens with AR (0= cp; 1 -6=elipticalp;>Linearp) value on hfss what i dont know, is how to plot this value AR vs Frecuency Sweep? at wich angle of phy and theta? AR vs Theta Angle (Mantaining COnstant Phy) AR Vs Phy angle(Mantaining