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You can probably excite two coaxial modes on the pins (one on each). In hfss, lumped ports should be OK.
hi everyone i have to design wide band micro-strip equalizer for 8-18 ghz in hfss. can anyone guide me about this. how to achieve this wide band. and if i have to design resonators for this then please guide how to use eigen mode in hfss.. thanks
Hi, I am using hfss-13 and could not find some detailed help how to used this software. I have got manual for hfss-10 but there are some differences which are not addressed in that (being manual of old version). Can anyone guide me to manual/help of hfss-13 which can prove fruitful for learning this software. Thanks.
It is better that you follow YouTube Tutorials of hfss they are very elaborate and most of time step by step guide to execute the task
Hi, is there a way for hfss to directly plot mixed-mode s-parameters? If not, does anyone have a good guide, or equation, for a generalized conversion between single ended and mixed mode results? I'm currently simulating an 8-port network, so equations from 4-port network conversion (which are everywhere on the internet) are not so useful. Any h
Hi Guys, According to the Ansys Help guide, the Create Array Command (in the context menu of model in the project tree) is automatically enabled when Master and Slave boundaries are assigned. Well I have assigned master and slave boundaries to my unit cell and the command is still disabled. Kindly help me out. I would like to create 1D array as sh
Hi I am not getting your problem Your problem is to use hfss to draw antenna model and simulate it? Can you explain it bit more ?
Dear members, I am trying to simulate a conical antenna placed on a circular ground having a cut-out for the Coaxial feed. The coax contains the Outer Cylinder (PEC), the inner Teflon and the innermost feed pin cylinder (PEC). The structure can be seen below; 128776 Can someone please assist me on how to excite the
hi i am designing a wave guide whose side walls are sinusoidal corrugated. the corrugation of the walls depend on several parameter parameter, one is called delta which supposed to be very small. i design a matlab code that generate the same result of hfss but only for small values of delta, and an upper bound on value of delta need to be known b
Hi Members I am trying to excite a simple patch antenna using Grounded Co-Planar Wave guide Structure (GCPW) by the techniques shown below in Fig.1. I do so but receive the error of "Port 1 is assigned to an internal face". Can someone kindly assist me in assigning wave guide port to the GCPW structure in hfss simulator. I have
I have a homework.I have to design coplonar wave guide operating at 2 gigaHz,And dielectric constant is 3,Zo=25ohms.Please somebody help me.How can i calculate dimensions,how can i make lumped ports??Please i have to do this homework.
i m doing a project based on microstrip patch antenna . can someone provide me with microstrip patch antenna simulation file of hfss using triangular wave guide?
Hi, i'm trying to simulate an antenna on hfss but i don't know which type of port i should use and where to put it. This is the antenna and how the s11 parameter should look like 124027 But this is what i got 124028 Thanks!
Hello all, i recently started with hfss and needed to add a wave port however while defining the integration line for the wave port to the face parallel to yz plane , the distance along x-axis is showing zero , this causes the wave to oscillate about a point rather than travel along a
Hi everyone , I am trying to make a script in matlab to use hfss , I red this guide , but I am trying to figure out how hfss assigns the objects ID faces , someone know some script to find out the ID faces ? because for assign ,for example, a boundary condition you must k
I am currently working to develop pcb for my circular array of dielectric resonator antenna which i have simulated in hfss. I have been reviewing previos posts of this forum and also from internet for post few days. But i am not satisfied bcz material on antenna pcb is very rare. I am using Altium Designer for this Purpose. Also want to know how to
Hi everybody, I'm haveing project about antenna optimization by Genetic Algorithm. My trouble now is that can't linking between hfss and MatLab. If anyone know it, please guide me what i need to do now? Thank you so much!
Hi, Anyone knows about how to check the angle variations in case of Frequency Selective Surface using the wave-port in hfss. Actually i want to verify the results of FSS unit cell using Floquet port and wave-port in hfss. Please guide me how the task could be done. With Best Regards: Muhammad Idrees
Hi to all; I want to design conformal FSS. so in this regard i need to know which tool is best for conformal design either hfss or CST:?: Actually i am use to with hfss, if Conformal FSS could be designed in hfss then Please share some tatorials with me. If Cst is best for conformal FSS then kindly guide me how to (...)
Trying to solve cylindrical cavity in driven modal solution type I ran into huge problems. Im not good in hfss and think that problem in feeding.