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but that i'm asking how could i plot it...let me know the procedure if you can? Well one possible way could be that export your data of plots from hfss import them in MATLAB and then rest is simple mathematics Once it is done then plot it against the frequency If there is some else confusion about exporting the dat
Hello, I had tried importing a .dxf file in Ansoft hfss but I cant open the file in hfss. Can you please provide me the steps to import .dxf to .hfss. Thank you.
Hi, I simulated a UWB vivaldi antenna in hfss. I would export S11 as .csv file from hfss and import it in MATLAB. The purpose is to find out impulse response h(t) of UWB antenna. After importing .csv file of s11 from hfss, what I need to perform to get (...)
Hi, I am interested about planar UWB antennas like vivaldi or patch antenna. These UWB antenna should be considered as what type of filter (eg FIR or IIR) ? After simulating in hfss, if I save |S11 | dB 2D plot in .csv format, how may I get frequency response H(jomega) from S11.csv file in MATLAB?
You have to divide the problem into two parts, since you cannot simulate the diodes in hfss. hfss is passive full-wave EM simulator. Using hfss: Add ports at the locations where PIN diodes and RF choke have to be placed and extract the S-parameters Using Circuit simulator such as ADS or (...)
I have S-parameters in touchstone file format and I want to add these s-parameters results in my other circuit which is in hfss 3D modeler. Please help me to know how can I import it in hfss.
hey there, i 've exported hfss's magnetic field file. the file contains a lot of samples in this form: Rho, Phi, Z, Complex Vector data "" when Hx,Hy,Hz has 2 components. I wold like to import it to matlab, so i will have 9 matlab variables that contain the information. How can i do it? thanks a lot!
Use Export Tool of CST to export the file as SAT file Then use hfss>Modeler>import command to import it
I do not use meshlab so can not comment why you need to export your model to meshlab and then import it back. It is always recommended wit hfss to make the model with the basic tools available in software. Can you explain a bit why you needed this meshlab. Error means that what so ever filter meshlab used that has made geometry inconsistent (...)
DXF format is industrial standard.hfss will accept it..
Hello, I'm not sure if I have a windows compatibility issue here. I used to work with ANSYS Designer and hfss importing board files (*.brd) from Allegro PCB Editor and the software recognized the board without problems. It's been a few months since I had done this for the last time and back then I had Windows 7. Now I'm using Windows 10 (...)
Hi I am working on wakefield analysis in a Multi-Bunch Normal conducting FEL Structures. For this I used hfss for modeling as I wanted to plot Dispersion Curves for all cells so I used master slave boundary condition. Since there is no specific tool in hfss for wakefiled analysis so I imported the model (...)
importing 3D cad from other tools while possible often fails for many reasons. The non-manifold error suggests that there is a discrepancy in the import. You may be able to repair it by redrawing the offending components. There are "healing" features in hfss that may help but I have usually had little success with them. (...)
hfss supports the import of a variety of 3D files. If you have a 2D file (*.dxf possibly?) you could import that and use it as the basis for drawing a 3D model for simulation.
Hi All, I have designed my circuit layout in CADENCE and I want to do its EMI calculation in hfss-16. So, I have few questions regrading that: 1) When I try to import that file into hfss software then it directly opens into hfss 3D layout window. So, is it possible (...)
I have not used hfss to this industrial level before, but if you are looking for somewhere to stat, I would definitely suggest importing a CAD model and characterizing your materials afterwards. This is not trivial, but I think as an aero engineer you'll be far more equipped to make a very impressive CAD model and import it (...)
hi i tired to figure this patch in hfss i can draw it?(first i draw a squer and then substract some circle ). 129259 129260 2.i draw exact shape in autocad and import that in my design but i should just move that on my sub and it was handy and result was
How do I get the filter created in the Filter Design Wizard into the hfss modeler?
dxf files, other than pdf or bitmap graphics come with exact dimensions, because it's a mechanical CAD data format. If you see wrong size, it's either a problem of your viewer or wrong dimensions setup in hfss. Nevertheless dxf files can be scaled to intended exact size in a CAD tool. A number of full featured gerber tools can import dxf (...)
Hello I am trying to import a design from cadence to hfss for simulation. I figured that I have to define a layer-map file for the design to be imported in 3D and I did that. The problem I have is that dielectrics don't show up in the GDS file nor in hfss. Do I have to define and draw (...)