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I can confirm that in hfss for eigenmode simulation of planar structures, having the PML 1/4 of a wavelength from the structure gives the same results (or as much as is discernible) as having it to within 1/30 of a wavelength. As far as I can tell from the information provided, your setup looks correct.
Hi there I had like your problem, simulation by hfss taking a long time sth horrible, I know, but I decided to switch to ADS. While analysis a structure takes 40min in hfss same structure takes only I advice you use ADS. BTW my structure was microwave filter. I hope it helps you. Good luck
hi all, i was trying to simulate a simple monopole on hfss. however, when i was doing the simulation, i noticed that the length of the monopole doesn't exactly follow the lambda/4 eqn; the resonant frequency seems to be 2 or 3 times higher than the antenna was designed for. i think it has to do w/ the radius of the monopole, as well as the size o
Yes! hfss simulator does not automatically assign the model to exist in vacuum. One has to specify the model to exist in vacuum by drawing an air box of specified dimensions (preferably lambda/4).
Hi All, I'm working on ungrounded CPW structure. I've been through all previous post about CPW , how to feed it and Ansoft tutorials,and I designed a cpw antenna with SMA. From Antenna_kit released by ansoft I realized that the length of the coax should be lambda/6. So I simulated my CPW with 4 different feeding, 1.SMA with lambda/6 length, 2. SMA
But the standard method in hfss to analyse an antenna is to put it in a box which is lambda/4 away from the antenna - they call it an airbox. Outside the airbox is a perfect electrical conductor. PEC for sure? Does that make sense? All 3D solvers that I have worked with use absorbing boundaries for
I've been using hfss to simulate the radiated power of nano particle ,the excitation is hertzian-dipole (I*Dipole Length=1A*m,Type of dipole is Electric dipole (Magnietic current loop ),Hertzian-Dipole wave options:radius of surrounding Sphere is 10mm which is much bigger than the boundary ),but now ,the results do not agree with theoretica
1. If I am going to have a receive antenna in simulation model, why do I need a radiation box? The radiation box measures the power radiated, gain, the far field, but what if I have an antenna in far filed to measure all that? 2. Also, the minimum radiation box size of lambda/4 is not in the far field since minimum distance in f
hmmm...i was just reading about hfss-IE and FE-BI and ran into your post. So, all we have to do is check the "Model exterior as hfss-IE domain" and set boundary box to lambda/10 and we should have a Hybrid FEM/IE solution? Is there anything else we need to do? Also, how about just simulating using hfss-IE alone. I am (...)
Hello people! I'm trying to create a λ/2 dipole antenna at 402MHz, but i have some questions. Is there a rule to follow on setting : 1)the dipole radius? 2)the source rectangle? 3) the dimensions of the cylinder (of air) on which i will ass
Hello!! I'm trying to simulate a metamaterial srtucture in hfss, the problem is that when i change the size of the vaccuun box, the S-parameters change too, which causes a switch on the ressonance frequency, i read the topic about the size of the air box, but i still couldn't figure out what's wrong with my setup, i add the file of my simulation
No worries. Yes you can use waveport in this structure with a PEC cap on top of it,since hfss does solve inside so a waveport inside the radiation box yields you an error. so put a PEC cap on top of the waveport. No i havent really worked with a CPW prior to this one.But if you have any literature pertaining to your question i should be able to h
my hfss simulation always showing this error msg.what it means? "discrete solution set up,process abc3d:subprocess"wave"encountered error in global file"
You want to keep effective lambda / 4 for radiation boundaries and effective lambda / 10 for PMLs. However, if you want correct far field patterns, you will need to go to hfss -> Boundaries -> Edit Global Material Properties and change the global material from air to whatever the immersed medium that the far field will be measured in. Have (...)
Hi, so first of all, take care of the RadiationBox dimensions...from the hfss guide we know that this should be at least at lambda/4 from the radiating surfaces..check you design to assure that. What is the frequency range ? best
in SIWave you can simulate the PKG of a chip, you can use also hfss and Q3D from Ansoft. if you go for any of these directions, you should use the Ansoft Links tool to import your bondwires/solderballs/layout/etc. For higher freq you should use hfss, if your structure is electrically short (lambda/10 rule) you can use Q3D, both tools are 3D (...)
Hi all, I am wondering if someone could take look at my CPW hfss project and explain to/show me why it is not working. I am simply trying to simulate a high-Q, 2-lambda resonator, whose resonant frequency is 2GHz. My results do not show any well defined resonant peak or a high quality factor. I have tried everything I can think of and looked
hi friends i'm working on a slot antenna.and i wanna know how should i define the dimensions of radiation box in hfss.
Hello, I am implementing Power divider using stripline. I have used lambda/4 = 75mm (1GHz) & air as a dielctric material. My question is that suppose i want to implement 57ohm line so to find out width ill first terminate it at 57ohm then see the reflected impedance if both are same then it is 57ohm characteristic line. Now if i terminate this l
I suggest you to use CST or hfss for antenna design