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Dear all, I am a beginner. I need some opinion/help. Here is my situation. I am designing a transformer matching network (TMN) for a PA. I do not have ADS PDK but working in CADENCE PDK. My question is do I have to design layout in CADENCE then export gds file to E.M software such as hfss/ADS momentum for electromagnetic simulation and
DXF format is industrial standard.hfss will accept it..
Hi, PCB is designed using Altium software and now I want to do its EM simulation in hfss 16.2 software. Can anyone suggest me in which format should I export PCB layout from Altium software for the hfss? Please suggest !!!!
hfss supports the import of a variety of 3D files. If you have a 2D file (*.dxf possibly?) you could import that and use it as the basis for drawing a 3D model for simulation.
Hi All, I have designed my circuit layout in CADENCE and I want to do its EMI calculation in hfss-16. So, I have few questions regrading that: 1) When I try to import that file into hfss software then it directly opens into hfss 3D layout window. So, is it possible to open it into (...)
hello can anyone here please upload for me a layout for wilkinson power divider in hfss any design would be OK, i'm new to hfss and want to see how the layout looks like anyway my design is operating at 3GHz with equal P3:P2 lossy with lambda/4 matched Thanks in advance
Hello, I have been trying to characterise some IDCs using hfss, but I haven't got any luck confirming my results, in a way that I don't understand which is the correct way to extract the capacitance. What I have been doing is to draw a layout mentioned on a paper with the dimension and circuit expression as follow, and they calculated the ser
Hi Everyone, I'm having a problem on exporting the layout file from Altium to hfss. Anyone can help me on this? My PCB drawing in Altium was saved in .anf format and i'm struggling to export it to hfss.
Not in hfss. Don't know about autocad.
Hi there, Please what is the best way to transfer layout (projet in better case) designed in ANSOFT DESIGNER to ANSOFT hfss along with layer stack definition? Thanks a lot
Hi Vidhya, U havent mentioned if it is a planar or waveguide type of antenna. If its planar ADS is good, U need to define the substrate parameters and just layout ur design in ADS layout window..!! ADS is good for planar structures. And if its a waveguide type, den i suggest u try a fullwave simulator like hfss..!! So wt type of antenna (...)
Hello, my problem is as simple as it can be. I just wanna design a PIFA shorting Pin. I'm starting to study antennas, I'm really new at this. I'm aware of wavelength formula,if I got my L1 + L2 to be a quarter wavelength, I got it resonant to my frequency, is that right? I find it too easy and insanely small. f = 2,4Ghz -> wavelength/4 = C /
I have done this but over methodis bit long but it works 100% I have designed and fabricated many antennas now, hfss-->AUTOCAD-->PDF this is our method. From hfss convert design for autocad, then in autocad convert file to PDF then you can print it but be sure you don't do the scaling because It would change the design size.. -
Dear All, I've designed some antennas in CST and hfss software but I'm going to add some components to them. I exported Gerber files in CST from them. Now, I'm going to Import it into Altium Designer and add some components or modify the PCB layout. I tried several times but I couldn't. Would you please let me know how can I import and modify
Assuming I designed a microstrip antenna, filter, coupler or simular, and drew and simulated it in hfss, how could I take that to get a PCB produced by a commerical PCB manufacturer? Any suggestions for UK PCB manufacturers that can produce boards on Rogers or similar laminates at sensible prices?
The AutoCAD data exchange format for 2D layout is DXF. DXF can be imported into hfss and other EM simulators.
All this software is somehow useful for planar filter design, if you know the filter design methodology. hfss, Sonnet and CST can do EM simulation to analyze the layout when it is ready. ADS and AWR can do both: fast circuit model simulation to develop the initial layout, and also EM simulation to analyze the layout when (...)
See this Sonnet application note for a 900 MHz tag layout with extended bandwidth: What do you mean by "hfss S11 formula is wrong" ?
hfss is an analysis tool. It will analyze the filter if the layout already exists. If you start from electrical specifications, and do not have a layout yet, hfss is the wrong tool. Instead, use a filter synthesis tool ike Nuhertz Filter Solutions (commercial product) or Nuhertz Filter Free (free limited version).
***** I am desperate ********** I am simulating (hfss) an antenna working at 2.4 GHz (in its environment) and there is some DC voltage source to be included around the antenna Any idea on how to include a DC voltage source in hfss simulation? keeping in mind that I want the sweep frequency to be 2 to 3 GHz