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Posting a schematic or drawing in addition will enable replies from Edaboard members who don't use hfss or can't load the project right now.
I simulated the UHF antenna in hfss, expected resonant freq. is 915MHz. The results shows very promising (S11~-35dB). But when I make a PCB, the figure below, the result is implemented by using Network Analyzer, the resonant freq. shifted from 915MHz to ~1.9GHz. In the simulation file, I chosed FR4 as a material, is it right?. Does anyone get m
Hi everyone, Just doing a project for uni and have created a loop antenna on hfss. I'm not at a stage to impedance match the antenna and am using a smith chart software. I obtained a impedance from hfss something around (2 - 200j)ohms and am wondering when I impedance match to a 50 ohm terminator is this the load impedance or source (...)
hello , guys, I have installed the hfss 13 and ANSYS 13, and I want to do thermal analysis. After simulation , I get a 'xml' file by 'export transfer file for ansys' in hfss, but when I load that file , a dialog denote me that ' either the specified location is incorrect or the sou
Hi, I was trying to import hfss file to Ansoft designer.But even before selecting the file following error occurs. "com error:cannot load hfss module" I googled about the error but there was no results.Has anybody experienced the same error?
Hi guys, I'm new here. Just a quick question: One of my assignment is to simulate an open stub through a transmission line (50ohm) to a load of 155 ohm. I used my smith chart to calculate the distance and length of the stub (in terms of wavelength) but I do not fully understand how to convert those numbers to design a physical stub. If
Dear All I am sure this thing has been discussed many times and after reading a number of posts with confusing comments i am writing this for our help. Please correct me if i am wrong any where. Let me first define the port Zo, this variable is related to the characteristics impedance of the port or precisely the characteristic impedance of the
u can use hfss GA for your aim and if u want u can load hfss with matlab in each part of your GA matlab can call the hfss for optimization and i cant understand what do u mean by telling the relation of s parameter and GA ????
Hello, I am trying to simulate two mutually coupled coils. I have created one coil in hfss with 3d boxes, applying PEC material and adding a current source. The second coil is separated by a distance also made of PEC. Now if I run simulation in this set up, I can see MagJsurf to verify that current from one coil is being coupled to the other.
If it's for simulation purpose, you can use nport elements in analogLib to load the s2p file generated by hfss. hfss should be able to export s-parameters in touchtone format which is supported by spectre.
Hello, I am currently building a demo of a microstrip line with a tuning stub. The transmission line is terminated in a load impedance of 100-50j ohms. The microstrip line has a Z0 of 50 ohms, and the stub has a Z0 of 100 ohms. I know my designs for the microstrip lines work, but I am having trouble terminating the transmission line with the fix
Hi Guys, I have been having some issue in making my antenna design into a equivalent circuit model. I have managed to export it from hfss into a library PSPICE file. 67761 After I exported it, i use this PSPICE AD lite edition to open the library file. At first i saved it into a .cir file and then i try to run the
Hello, I am planning to simulate a waveguide termination to analyze the power dissipation of the load material, but not quite sure how to create the load materials with correct parameter. I know there is an important parameter, Attenuation Ratio, for the load material. But how should hfss model reflect this parameter? (...)
can u plz upload file hfss 1-4 Wilkinson power divider ---------- Post added at 22:43 ---------- Previous post was at 22:42 ---------- my fyp is badly stuck and i dnt knw what to do plz help me i need hfss 1-4 Wilkinson power divider design
Hello I want to load my hfss simulation in Ansoft Designer. what should I do? Thanks Regards
Hi, I want to simulate a waveguide termination by hfss, but I don`t know how to create the materials with correct parameter, such as the Er, tand, etc... any body can help me? thanks!
hi..i'm in the process of manufacture of microstrip antenna using hfss version 10.. but, i got problem, i can't get the best result of gain, VSWR and Z parameter...they point is always deviated... for your information, i want to make rectangular microstrip antenna,, array,with gain 11 dBi minimum, VSWR ≤ 1.5 and load impedance 50 Ω
I want to simulate Cylindrical microstrip antenna using hfss i dont know how to curve a patch on cylindrical base can any one help me is the design i am working on plzz give me help file of anisoft to design 3 d design of conformal mic
I want to calculate the current flowing in the outer conductor of the Coaxial cable in case of mismatching at the load of the cable in hfss. I have simulated the simple coaxial cable model in hfss...Can anyone guide me how to measure the current flowing in the outer conductor of the Coaxial Cable under mismatching condition....
hfss is a high-performance full-wave electromagnetic(EM) field simulator Here what is the meaning of "full wave" electromagnetic field simulator? Any Good reference for FEM and MOM? Any one have the below one Analytical and Computational Methods in Electromagnetics by Ramesh Garg

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