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Now try to restart the I thought I would be able to separately simulate th
Hello, i'll appreciate a hfss tutorial for loop antenna. thanks
I tried to create a loop antenna, consisting of a single closed loop for 144.3 MHz. I wanted to set the diameter so the real part of the input impedance was 50 Ohms, and then tune out the inductive part with a capacitor. So I set up this hfss model, and found a radius for the loop where the input Z is 50 + j (...)
Hello, I made a loop antenna like this. I simulated it in Maxwell and I found R and L. Now I want to simulate it in hfss. I do not know how can I simulate it and How should I define wave-ports. I want to find Z to compare. I would be more than happy if you help me with this. 127575
hi everybody, I have designed a loop antenna in hfss, and I want to see its Magnetic field along its axis. I have simulate it in Ansoft maxwell and I obtain its inductance 1.8uH. I have two problems in simulating: 1. what kind of excitation is preferable? I have tried the tutorial of hfss but it didnt give me the right (...)
I am trying to figure out an easy way to build tilted cylinder in hfss. I need to build a 2-turn square loop antenna and I need to tilt each wire of the loop so that I can progressively build the pitch. I see that you can rotate the cylinder which can be used to tilt it but I was wondering if there was an easier way. I need (...)
Hello. It's known that the magnetic antennas (magnetic loop and ferrite rod antenna) have huge magnetic field in the near field. I'm trying to obtain those figures (Fields Report-MagE+MagH along the line inside vacuum box), but can't get any results... What is wrong? obrazk
Hi, I am new to hfss. I have a loop antenna and i am trying to get S-parameters of this atenna. After placing the PORTs and run the simulation it is aborted due to no terminals are attached to PORT. If i assign terminals to ports they it is saying more than one conductor for terminal. Kindly help me. the antenna (...)
hello guys im a senior undergraduate student and i suppose to create on hfss an antenna that works on the range of 10-25 MHZ am new in this program and am somehow lost there i made a design but its not working probably when am checking the z11 and z22 "i have 2 ports to feed the antenna" am not getting a good answers, the imaginary (...)
hello guys i need to design a loop antenna works in the range of 12 to 24 MHZ and am new in this program "hfss" any help plz
Hello I simulated a loop antenna working at 2.2 GHz, in hfss using lumped port. I want to make this antenna and it has a input impedance equal to 200+j0 at its resonance freq. shall I use a balun and if yes can you help me what kind of balun should be used?
Hi everyone, Just doing a project for uni and have created a loop antenna on hfss. I'm not at a stage to impedance match the antenna and am using a smith chart software. I obtained a impedance from hfss something around (2 - 200j)ohms and am wondering when I impedance match to a 50 ohm terminator is this (...)
Hello all, I am trying to excite a SRR using loop antenna much like inductive coupling on hfss. However, nothing seems to be working, I am wondering if anyone could help me out in terms of the SRR excitation. Did I misunderstand something about SRR? or Did I miss something on the setup? Thank you so much!
Hi, If you don't normalize, hfss take the impedance of the antenna to calculate the reflexion S11 coefficient. If you use a 50 Ohms line to feed your antenna, you have to normalize you port to 50 Ohms. The normalization is only an intermediate mathematic tool at the end you must have the real impedance. I will have a look at your design (...)
Hello, I am trying to simulate a simply loop antenna at 2.4GHz. I am not what to do with the lumped ports impedance, and where should I assign the ground? I couldn't any tutorial about them. Thanks.
I will recommend hfss for such projects....!!! Use hfss and follow the link:
i'm gonna use capacitively loaded loop(CLL) along the feedlines of the microstrip patch antenna to design UWB can i use ansoft hfss for placing (CLL)?Then also tell me which material can be used for CLL?Pls do reply me.
You can insert a "Magnetic Bias" source in hfss as an excitation in a geometry. Have Fun :)
To whom it may concern I design a microloop as my antenna. The diameter of this loop is 20 um. This antenna can generate an AC magnetic field under 1 GHz microwave excitation. From the figure (as attached), you can see the induce surface current on my sample is like a dipolar radiation pattern. I want to use this dipole (...)
Hi all, I have designed a loop antenna in hfss using a lumped port. I was observing its radiation pattern in the far field region and noticed that hfss gives a maximum in the plane perpendicular to the plan of the loop antenna and a null in the plane of the loop (...)