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Hi all Thanks for your help. I'm simulating a curve antenna under 13.56MHz . Thickness is 5um. Width is 76um. 131860 practically, I measured the inductance is 5.5uH. But the simulation result is 300uH with single lumped port. 131861131862 I tried double lumped ports.
Hello " The profile cannot be swept, because it has multiple lumps. Only single lump profiles can be swept. (4:36:46 PM Feb 22, 2016) Body could not be created for part Bend1 because of invalid parameters of this part or some of its parent part/coordinate system." what is my mistake? while I want to sweep a polyline and sirface?
Hello all, i recently started with hfss and needed to add a wave port however while defining the integration line for the wave port to the face parallel to yz plane , the distance along x-axis is showing zero , this causes the wave to oscillate about a point rather than travel along a
Hi everyone, I want to use hfss to simulate the electromagnetic reflection coefficient of a multi-layer structure (namely electromagnetic absorber), the thickness of each layer of which is about 5 mm, made by dielectric material. The electromagnetic wave, the frequency of which is about 5 GHz, is normal to the planar interface. Our design object
Hi all, I have just started to work with hfss, and now I am trying to simulate 2 SPI transmission lines, which are placed somewhere in an interior layer on a 4 layer pcb. I want to assign excitations with lump ports but I got this error message No conductors were found on port "p1", so auto assignment of conductors on that port cannot proc
Hi, I am simulating a CPW fed Patch antenna in hfss at 60 Ghz. At first I used wave port for feeding the CPW according to the Port_Tutorial_CPW of ansoft, and got very good results. My antenna resonates almost at 60 Ghz. But now when I use lump port in the same design, My result changes drastically. Radiation patterns of the antenna remain th
Hi guys I am designing a very simple dipole antenna using hfss. However I am not able to run the analysis. Here is the problem; As you see, there is a port refinement problem. I have added integral line and everything is connected and there is no gap between port and my dipole antenna. Please help me by your instructive suggestions. $begin 'P
i think your simulation have some problem 1) wave port usually not suggested for antenna simulation in hfss 2) radiation box is not modify for this frequency
I try to model a single wire in hfss and export the RLC parameters. I modeled, simulated and exported a lump model. But the resistance of the wire is very small. It seems that the capacitance is reasonable. Please help me. thank you. the attached is the project and the exported lump model. the R should be about 100 om. But in the file it is (...)
Hi95699 what should i do for feed a lump port in a structure that made by cooper? and what should i do for it if i want to apply voltage and current to lump port. actually i wanna try to understanding how can i simulate a wireless power transfer with hfss ring material is copper and sheet has thickness and E boundary .
Hi, I am designing "Printed UWB Antenna Operating Over Multiple Mobile Wireless Standards " from IEEE page. Please help me how to assign lump port for this design. Is any tutorial for this. IEEE page is attach. Please check it91437
plz tell me the procedure to draw integration line which comes when we use lump port?
can any one sent me hfss simulation file of monopole antenna pls
I simulated s parameters of a two-port PEC wave guiding structure. I tried four different cases: case 1: Wave ports were used. Results OK. Case 2: I used PEC 'cap' to cover the ports, and used wave ports. Results OK. Case 3: The whole structure was put into an large air box. I used lump ports. Results NOT OK. Case 4: The whole structure
Hello, I've designed a toroid for simulation in hfss.I just wanted to see the uniform magnetic field inside the toroid and the direction of E-field(which should in z-direction). I excited the toroid by using lump port and my solution type was driven modal.The toroid is surrounded by some lossy material having conductivity=0.6,relative permittivit
Hi, I am new to hfss (a few weeks ago I was asked to learn it without any prior knowledge of it or antenna simulation), and I have a model of an Interdigitated Capacitor, which we are trying to find the capacitance of. I have a lump port across the two "digits" for an excitation and I recently added a dielectric(Polyamide, Er=4.3) and PEC under
i am designing a log periodic dipole array antenna (not planar) with 1 to 3 GHz operating frequency vswr<1.6 and gain>10 dbi actually i am having the problem of feeding the antenna. can anyone help me with some model of LPDA so that i can understand how to feed .plllllllzzz its urgent
i am designing a uwb monopole antenna of substrate dimension 34x36 mm. i want yo know how to give the dimension of waveport and air box in hfss?my feedline is of width 3mm. it's 2 sidede antenna.
Hi, I would like simulate a array of patch antenna on Epoxy. So, I begin by a single patch antenna for determinig the impedance's antenna, before begining the array. I'm currently simulate the single antenna with hfss, I use The probe feed patch antenna, I use a wave port 50 Ω, and I move the port along the vertical axe for determining t
I am using hfss I believe I've made my wave port correctly based on previous answered post, yet I keep getting the error message "p1 is assigned to an internal face". I understand that it thinks my port is "inside" my design, but I'm confused if it really is. For my antenna design, I ran the traces for 5 GCPW lines to the exact ends of