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Hello evey body, Anybody can help me i'm a student and i'm new with hfss and patch arrays. i would like to Match 50 Ohm line to 50 ohms Patches in my feed network of 2*2 microstrip array but i can't how can i do it and how can i design the Feed network. if any body have a picture which include the impedance of each (...)
Hello every body, I'm doing a microstrip Patch antenna array and now i want to design my Feed network but i have a problem i can't doing this type of bends in hfss any body can help me please i need your help seriously i' I wish you can help me. 132977 ;-):thumbsup:
i am a beginer on hfss tool and i am ... i am not getting exact value we have take for the corporate feed network so plz tell me how 2 design a corporate feed network for 2*2 array patch ..plz plz do help me... and i am facing problems in optimization also so plz help me
Could you show a schematic of what you want to do? You could just do a parametric sweep in hfss to optimize the design.
hi every one, How to calculate -3db Beamwidth, cross Polarization of my 2x2 microstrip antenna array. Best regards
Hi. I has designed a microstrip patch antenna array in hfss.It's feed is an coaxial SMA.But in simulation the wave is not going throw the array.The inner in coax is tangent with the array and it's shield is tangent with the ground plate
Hi anyone. I want to know what's the meaning of this message in hfss 11(for a waveguide and a microstrip antenna array this error was occurred!): Solution setup 'setup1':Given the specified frequency and and model dimensions,an extremely large mesh will be required to produce an accurate solution.Your model and/or (...)
Hi all, I am a beginner to the works on antenna.I need to design an array of 8 patches.I want to implement it by corporate feed network structure,but dint get very good material on it.I designed 1 network on my own,can you please tell me whether the structure is ok or not?the microstrip line sections are of 3 widths,for 50,70.71 and 100 ohm (...)
Hello friends, I am trying to design a 1 x 3 microstrip patch antenna array using hfss but I don't know how to do so. I am only conversant with designing a single patch element, but I don't know how to extend this to an antenna array of 1 x 3. I would also wish to design the 1 x 3 (...)
hi i plan to make microstrip patch array antenna with multiband, what simulators that better for antena? i just learn about ansoft hfss but i stumped maybe, anyone who have tutorial about ansoft "how to make microstrip patch array antenna?" Thank you so much Hope you reply
Sir, I am doing my m-tech project in microstrip reflect antenna with horn feed. can i get some help to simulate it in hfss ?
Hi can anybody tell how to increase gain of microstrip patch antenna design in hfss gain depend on which parameter length width or height Er kartik ---------- Post added at 09:53 ---------- Previous post was at 09:40 ---------- I have drawn a single patch only not array
dear all, m wrking on micromachined microstrip patch antenna array in hfss. i want to know how to get gain curves E-Plots and H-plots after simulation.
see these posts: circular patch antenna VERY GOOD COLLECTION OF hfss 10 PROJECTS
Hi everone, Firstly, I'm new in antenna design. I'm trying to design 2x2 square microstrip patch antenna array with hfss 12.1.2. W=L is about 28mm. I'm opening 10mmx1mm slots to each square in order to realize some kind of a circular polarization (Balanis). Each Slot are opened on the diagon of the (...)
Hi, I would like simulate a array of patch antenna on Epoxy. So, I begin by a single patch antenna for determinig the impedance's antenna, before begining the array. I'm currently simulate the single antenna with hfss, I use The probe feed patch (...)
hi many kind of software and antenna have been use for your request best software for simulation patch antenna is hfss and u can find useful topic in the handbook of microstrip by james and other hand book of antenna u can see the microstrip antenna array (...)
have just designed a single microstrip fed patch antenna in hfss V11. I want to extend this to a a 2X2 array. Not sure how to design the corporate feed. I need step by step methodology any literature, an example file would also be useful if you got one. Here is my simulation file. Hope you can help
hi evryone!! m doin my project on this topic and my freq of interest is 14.5 GHz on silicon substrate (thickness 550um). what should be the optimum membrane thickness to attain optimum performance from the antenna in terms of radiation efficiency and gain etc. help itz urgent!! thanks in anticipation
hi..i'm in the process of manufacture of microstrip antenna using hfss version 10.. but, i got problem, i can't get the best result of gain, VSWR and Z parameter...they point is always deviated... for your information, i want to make rectangular microstrip antenna,, array,with gain 11 (...)