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There is no tool which name is "CADENCE". Use correct terminology. My question is do I have to design layout in CADENCE then export gds file to E.M software such as hfss/ADS momentum for electromagnetic simulation and optimization? or can I design in hfss/
For CRLH unit cell length optimization, which parameter i must select.. And also provide me with some examples for deeper insight
1. "?plot filed? options are gray, why? " you forgot to save them, or you started an optimization sequence which can not be plot. Try to solve CW only once to see the port distribution. In my experience, making a non-obj. cross-section and plotting vector fields there gives more information. 2. Seems, Zo is not that is told in the help. I bel
I am designing a tri band antenna in hfss but having problem with third dip which is at - 4ddB .... how ca i optimize it to get s11 below -10dB geometry is attached
I need to draw a folded dipole, which forms part of a Yagi antenna. I thought the best way to draw the rounded ends of a folded dipole would be to start with a torus, then remove unnecessary parts. But unfortunately, the plane of the dipole is almost (but not quite) horizontal along the x axis. It is inclined a bit (about 10 degrees). So it's n
Where is it possible to find more details about the optimizers which are available in hfss? For example, one of the optimizers is the pattern search optimizer, however where can I find out which exactly pattern search optimization method is utilized etc?
I have draw a model of a FET with a silicon layer, bulk oxide, metal, etc. In addition, I have drawn wires which run to contact pads which connect to the source, drain, and gate of the FET. I have excited this model with an incident plane wave of say, 1 V/m. I am trying to find a way to arrange the wires and contact pads in such a way that I g
Hello, In hfss I need to define a goal function (defined at a certain frequency) that is the absolute value of the difference between s11 and a reference function (which is frequency depended like dB(S(FloquetPort1:1,FloquetPort1:1)). I need to perform the optimization at EACH FREQUENCY IN THE SWEEP, so that that in the "calculation (...)
I got with the basics but in designing the Branch Line Coupler, I am not able to find the formula for the width of the Branch Line coupler. The length is lambda/4 as usual. I'm using Ansoft hfss V10. I need the formula for the width of the strip. @gvinu4u: Because you got the basic principles of Branch line coupler, So