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I don't know much about that equation, but I doubt it depends on the reference plane used for the start/end of each period. the same. What you mean by reference plans? And what attacking strategy I can use with hfss to solve this issue means so that I can prove my point that extreme point of Master and sl
I am simulating a cavity with fundamental mode frequency at 2.998GHz using Eigen mode solver of hfss. For wake filed estimation I need to plot dispersion curves for Higher Order Modes (HOM). 90 degree slice with one pec and one pmc as boundary condition is used to study dipole modes. First ten Higher Order Modes are studied. Master (...)
Hi! Greetings! I have doubts in simulating parallel plate waveguide in hfss. 1. Two sidewalls of the parallel plates are assigned pec boundaries. Do I have to assign pmc boundaries to remaining two faces (which are not actually sidewalls, as parallel plates have only two side walls, which are already assigned as pec)? (...)
Hi guys, I am simulating a single unit cell of a reflectarray antenna using hfss. I place the unit cell inside an imaginary waveguide (a waveguide with periodic boundary conditions, pec & pmc) in order to study the behavior of the unit cell. I excite the waveguide with an incident planewave and since the waveguide has periodic boundaries (...)
Hello everyone I want to design a metamaterial having pec-pmc boundary condition with TEM incident wave in hfss. Can any one upload a set up file as a sample for me? Please help. Regards Pratyush
Hello everyone I am trying to design ELC based metamaterial in hfss.I want to know how to assign pec,pmc boundary to it.I would also like to know how to use excitation such that Electric field is parallel to capacitor gap and other fields as shown in figure. ELC is placed on the top to substrate(not shown in fig.).Waveguide that encloses (...)
Hi Ben, If you have hfss installed on your PC go to the C: drive --> Ansoft --> hfss --> Help. Inside you'll find a pdf tutorial guide named "hfssFloquet". I think this should cover your questions. Also from another hfss tutorial "hfss Help_Antenna" there is some explanation in section 4 under (...)
Dear all, I want to get reflection phase plot in oblique incident. I know maybe I can use Master/Slave boundary condition instead of pec/pmc, could anyone give me some detail simulated steps ? Appreciate your help !!
In simulation of split ring resonator using hfss is it mandatory to use Perfect Electric Conductor (pec) condition at top and bottom of Air Box where as Perfect Magnetic Conductor (pmc) boundary condition at sidewalls of Air boundary of air box.If it is so then why we require to do it and how to do it in hfss? I had attached (...)
pmc and pec does not give the same result every time, I have the same problem because I want to use periodic boundaries in cst (in hfss it works very good but slower)
Hello everyone, I am simulating a patch antenna that has H-plane symmetry. It is operating in the lowest mode. I get excellent impedance matching results for S11, but my radiation pattern (co-pol and x-pol) for both principal planes is not accurate when compared to the antenna simulated without the symmetry plane. Does anyone know why this mi
u may use E walls and H walls as CST prodecure search here about EBG using hfss and CST
hi all: I simulated a perfect magnetic conductor using hfss v.11(2 pec&2pmc walls), but the result of the reflection coefficient is not +1,the phase of reflection is about 141 deg operating 14GHz,the same as that of the absent pmc.Attatched file are my hfss file and photo of simulated phase. Please need (...)
Hi,all I use hfss V10 to simulate circularly polarzation wave incidence to the pec or pmc. If use LHCP wave or RHCP wave,polarization angle and polarization ratio hypothesis method? Thanks. kuanfu
I wanna add a DC E-field to the unit SRR cell, the vector of incident wave as the FIGURE(1). I use the pec and pmc to define the periodic boundry on x-z plane, wave ports applied on right and left facets, now, how can I add a uni
I want to simulate metamaterial's S parameters in hfss. I want to use periodic boundary conditions instead of pec and pmc. I cannot use master/slave boundary counditions with waveports. Can you help me?
Hi to everybody, I usually work on simulating Metamaterials (SRRs, spirals, CLLs) and EBG/AMCs (mushrooms, hilbert resonators...) with hfss, applying the common two sides pec BC and two sides pmc BC to a single unit cell, with a Waveport as excitation. But maybe there could be some problems if the resonator (in the planar case) is (...)