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Hello I am new to hfss and need to design a printed loop antenna, i searched a lot for any tutorial for that kind of antenna bt was not able to find it so if someone knows any website or any paper or anything than it will be great help for me. waiting for a favorable reply. Till than take care
Hi all, I read some similar topics in our forum about current distribution of an antenna in hfss, but none of them is clear for me. Here, I upload a simple printed dipole. I also examined J_surf of the dipole but I believe it is not current distribution (as my understanding, J_surf is only current density). So, please, anyone, help me (...)
Hi, I'm working on printed antenna and facing problem of getting desired results of the chosen paper. Designed antenna in hfss with reference to the paper attached I'm also attaching the design, so that someone may please help me find faults in my design Port Used is Lumped Port Radiation boundary also defined which (...)
Hi all, I am a beginner in using hfss. Need your kindly advice and assist if you don't mind. Currently I'm designing a printed antenna using hfss, this figure show the antenna structure and problem is the simulation give a negative gain as the result. I
i despratly need a simulation for ultra wide band antenna on hfss or cst and some suggestion that what kind of antenna is suitable for 3.1ghz to 10.6ghz (UWB)...................................... waiting for your help................
does anyone have example on WRAP AROUND antenna i.e rectangular patch printed on the outside of cylinder, or sprial patch printed on the outside of cylinder? Could you please send me the hfss file? this would be great help to my research. My email:
hello; im going to design a printed antenna withcoaxial feeding resonants at 3 and 5.5 GHz at the same time. i modelled this antenna with cst and hfss respectively. simulation results are fitting. so i fabricate this antenna and get the measurement results. but there are differences between simulation and (...)
Hello, Could someone help me to check whether my design is working or not? i'm still new with hfss and i'm trying to design a printed dipole antenna to works at 21.GHz. Thank you.
dont know where u can download the hfss file but for a monopole the width is less than lambda/20 and the length is supposed to be just less than lamda/4. i hope it explains your question. regards sajid mohammed.
Hi all i now try to simulate the printed circular disc monopole uwb antenna with hfss i need help thanks
Hi all, I am a beginner with hfss. I have its verson 10. Now, I try to design a printed dipole antenna using hfss. The project have been design alreadly but it seems that there maybe some problems. As can be seen from the S-parameter result figure in this project, the antenna in the project works at quite (...)
hi all I am new on hfss. I have a project about wideband wireless antenna. I found that printed dipole and printed monopole are more simple ones. please help me. thanks
i am trying to simulate an antenna to be used in ATMEL AT86RF230. i am using their devkit raven and the rzusbstick i am using hfss in my simulations atmel does not have any details regarding the antenna printed onto the rzusbstick. i wanted first to test my antenna against it. my questions are: 1. (...)
A lumped port is assigned after drawing a rectangle on the antenna feed. How sensitive is it when considering the rectangle overlapping to GND, not in line with the input, small/big by cross section area compared to that of antenna input etc? I am importing the .dxf file of printed antenna pattern, which doesnt match with (...)
hi when we simulate any printed antenna in simulation software(CST, hfss) how important it is to assign correct loss property to substrate to calculate accurate gain and efficiency and how gain is related with the loss tangent or conductivity of material on which antenna is printed any comments are (...)
Hello, buddies: Happy new year!! I got some confusions on integration line assignment in a wave port. Please see the attached file. For File 1, I would like to obtain the port impedance of the folded dipole antenna, leading to the choice of a wave port which can facilitate solving a characteristic impedance. My aim is to solve
I see no mistery here. Use hfss (ansoft) or MWS (cst), which are great for your problem (3d - volume). --- btw, hfss rezultati se zelo dobro ujemajo s 3mv sbfa.
can you upload antenna's hfss file to forum? or email it to i try to modified it
maybe you can make each arm λ/4 long, resulting to overall λ/4 length. then, for 50Ω transmission, you can tune your antenna through simulators like hfss. Attached is a tutorial for a dipole printed on a dielectric substrate design using hfss. maybe it might help For the feed, if you have an unbalanced (...)