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125997 Any one help me to design Fresnel zone plate antenna in hfss. The design has two elements. (1) A plate having circular rings of different radii. It can be made by printed technology on RT/duroid 5880. and (2) horn antenna as a feed. My doubt is how can I simulate this complete design (plate+horn)? how to simulate t
Hello All, Please help me in plotting the gain in hfss. I go through these steps: result/ far field report/rectangular plot /antenna params/ Peak gain or peak realized gain / and set solution in context to sweep and primary sweep to freq, and press new report, but the hfss does not give me result. It keeps loading!! Please help. (...)
I have a simulation model in hfss that consists of a printed dipole antenna on a substrate but enclosed with a cover ( ceramic material). Such a model is to emulate an antenna inside of a chip. I am not sure whether to place the radiation boundary at the outer faces of the cover or create an air box surrounding the model (...)
hi, i must design multifunctional SRR-loaded printed monopole antenna. how can i add switches on SRR in hfss? like this
Hi guys, I was designing IFA for dual band operation using SIM900A, I have 100x15mm PCB space to lay the antenna. I got the S11 and VSWR very good in hfss, but the bandwidth is small (it doesn't cover all the frequencies especially at the higher band (1710 - 1880MHZ) the S11 at these band edges is no more than -3dB. and the VSWR is more than 4
98783 pls help me to design this model in hfss.............urgently required..........give step wise explaination...
if any one know how to design monopole antenna with slots inside the antenna for dual band notched fuction???
Hi, I am designing "printed UWB antenna Operating Over Multiple Mobile Wireless Standards " from IEEE page. Please help me how to assign lump port for this design. Is any tutorial for this. IEEE page is attach. Please check it91437
I have made the printed UWB antenna Operating Over Multiple Mobile Wireless Standards design from IEEE page in hfss. But after designing I have error/warnings which is Warning - Boundary 'Rad1' and Boundary 'gnd_plane' overlap. Also I don't able to get s11 plot according to IEEE plot. How to get same s11 parameter graph.? A
How far exactly have you progressed in your hfss design ? The previous post is not very clear. If you upload your hfss file, I can take a look at it.
Hi all i am working on printed ellipse dipole antenna which s working on 900 Mhz . But i have some boundaries the lenght of the dipole must be max 72 mm. i have simulated on hfss but i cant see a good returm loss for this . i have -2 or -3 db return loss on 900 Mhz how can i decrease the rezonance frequency without inc
Hello, i am designing a microstrip dipole on the frequency between 900 Mhz and 2200 Mhz . i did something about it in hfss with lumped ports but i should realize it physically.And when i did it with lumped ports it have not a omnidirectional pattern . so what can be the problem fot this? i didnt use a balun is it a problem for this? thanks
hfss not an easy program to learn. There is no easy way to learn it. But you can search this forum for some hfss examples, and there might be and Dipole example. But in general if you want to lean hfss you have to read, and do a lot of examples. Good luck
i'm gonna use capacitively loaded loop(CLL) along the feedlines of the microstrip patch antenna to design UWB can i use ansoft hfss for placing (CLL)?Then also tell me which material can be used for CLL?Pls do reply me.
Hi attached here is my design of printed dipole antenna using Ansoft hfss. It should be fabricated using fr-4 pcb. As u can see the 2 'arms' of the dipole is designed on both side of the pcb. one dipole arm being attached to a small rectangular patch (ground). my question is, can i connect my outer layer of the conductor(sma connector (...)
Hi, I am currently designing 433MHz half wave printed Dipole antenna with input impedance of 50 ohm using Ansoft hfss 13. The problem is, i can't seem to figure out how to efficiently place the ground plane in the design. This is because, either the simulated radiation pattern is severely distorted or my Z11 graph and smith chart is does (...)
Hi everyone, I'm currently designing a printed dipole antenna at 433MHz using hfss 13 and i have a few questions/ problems: 1) What is the actual use/effect of ground plane for a printed dipole antenna? 2)the toroidal radiation pattern is heavily distorted. 3)how to place the ground and the dipole (...)
hi guys i used to work on printed monopole antenna with microstrip line fed. in such antenna the radiation box dimentions is lamda/4 from each surface of the antenna except the one that port is there. i want to know if it is the same in CPW fed antenna or not?
hfss is more accurate than CST One major limitation in EM accuracy is the user. But even if you have a very experienced user, some solver methods are more efficient that other for certain problem types. That is why companies like CST offer many different solver engines, for different applications. For antenna analysis
hello , i am working on a project in which I have to design PQHA( printed quadrifilar helical antenna) by using hfss. In this , I have to design a 4 conical helical arms with the 4 inpurt ports wrapped on a conical substrate and I am not able to design it on hfss. can anyone help me with its desgning ,since I am using (...)