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i had design the dipole at 2.4GhZ, now prob is at the end of the design need to draw radiation box . what are the rules for drawing the dimentions of radiation box? is there any rules/equations / any relation with respect to lambda?
Hi, I tried the simulation with hfss 13 and 15, and I got similar results in terms of matching and radiation patterns. My only concern is that you use an air-dielectric coaxial, or you forgot to assign material (e.g. Teflon) to the air in the coaxial probe. Regards, Pere
HI, Recently i have installed hfss ver11 and ver12, both having the same problem when i try to open any hfss project file. hfss has encounter problem and need to close. Can anyone provide info regarding the above issue. Thank You.
If you want to connect two structures in hfss using wires, I used bond wire connections and eigen-mode solution is used to find the resonant frequencies of the structure.
I think the problem is with your hfss server (not with your simulation).
any one has any example of cavity resonator in hfssv10?
I designed a prob fed microstrip patch antenna and used Lumped port but I dont know which direction will I draw the integration line for the port? When I changed the direction (x or y axis) the results were change. could anybody help me?
Greetings, I need to optimize my structure in hfss to get the best fit between the simulation results and measured one. When, I import the measurement data in hfss and try to make a subtraction from simulation results it seems that hfss does not allow me to do this so. I wonder if you guys to help me to find a solution for this (...)
Dear All now i have studied the microwave in details (WG , Microwave devices , antenna , ..etc) , i solved alot of prob. using my hand while my study but without any EDA when i tried to simulate any thing in hfss , i found many strange terminology like Perfect E , Perfect H , wave port , Lumped port , voltage port , current port...etc
I am trying to model a dielectric constant of a conducting polymer versus frequency. I am a very new hfss user v.11. I read in some references that this is possible. I should need a rectangular prob. I have no idea how to proceed. please help
hi, im faced with the problem of simulating a helix antenna in hfss. i have created a valid helical antenna with ground plane and coaxial feed .but the actual simulation is taking a lot of time, and getting struck just after initial meshing. so does anybody have any idea of how to reduce the simulation time and get it simulated
hi all I want to add a comment on my work, this may be useful for somebody. If three dimensional objects intersect, hfss gives error. If a three dimensional object intersects with a detached surface, no error occurs. In my design, I have a coax and it must touch to a copper strip. I detached copper strip and assigned as pec, then intersection w

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