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Hi, I am new to hfss and I want to simulate a model from a journal. I want to get reflection co-efficient(S11). My simulated result doesn't match with journal ones. I don't know where I have been doing mistake...I am going to attach my hfss file (project2.rar).....I will be so grateful if you could help me....
I am giving the Exact Dimensions to my Rectangular patch antenna . But it is not resonating at required Frequency! Need Urgent Help I am adding my Structure in hfss!! The rar file First contains my design in hfss !! Plsss Respond Quick any one !
If you post it in a zip file, or other compression program which is fully open, I'll try it in hfss 14. But I refuse on principle to open rar files unless I really need to. There are plenty of good compression algorithms for which both the compression and decompression algorithm is public. Deborah.
hi all I need to know how to draw the radiation pattern in hfss (file attached) kartik
7309473095 hi all, this picture shows the basic theory of microstrip coil and is what i want to implement. The rar file is the hfss file of microstrip which can't run successfully. I wonder how to attach the shunt capacitor and excitation. It seems that creating a box and assign it with Lumped LRC bounda
its not necessary that you get exact results, they may be slightly different because of different softwares and different settings ---------- Post added at 10:37 ---------- Previous post was at 10:36 ---------- try attaching .hfss file only, instead of attaching .rar
hi , I'm using hfss program and this .rar folder include my paper really thank you so much
hi i am simulating a microstrip patch antenna in hfss,excited by a coax,but i can not get the s11 in the paper.mine is about half of the one in the paper.please help me,what is the reason?!:cry:
Help me I am using hfss to simulate a archimedean spiral antenna. But I am not sure how to feed the structure. I tried it with a lumped Port between the two spiral arms. It would be great if somebody could take a look. Thank you very much
Might be that you'll have to expand the port rectangle to the outer sides of the substrate. EDIT: admins move this topic to a ELMG forum, cos 99% people dealing with hfss will miss this one...
rar or zip the hfss file and it should allow attachments...
Do you have more tutorial and also about hfss? 10x.
Good link! If it's your ftp site, try to zip the file using winrar instead of winzip, that will save pretty much space! For example, hfssbook in rar is only 14MB, while 43MB in zip. Try the following link: hfss 9.2 Full Documentation Hope this resolves the mat
hi now, it does not give any error. however, I am not sure whether this new one is suitable for you. In your design, box 25 is faulty. I mirrored box 2 and united all. I guess your design is symmetric. please inform me. PS:you have to zip or rar file you want to upload, otherwise, forum does not accept .hfss files.