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can anyone help me with the basic steps for reflectarray simulation in hfss. Why is reflectarrays always fed using horn antennas?
can anyone help me to design a reflectarray antenna element and give incident wave excitation for the same.
i am attaching my hfss file. please find the attachment. Thanking you
Hi guys, I am simulating a single unit cell of a reflectarray antenna using hfss. I place the unit cell inside an imaginary waveguide (a waveguide with periodic boundary conditions, PEC & PMC) in order to study the behavior of the unit cell. I excite the waveguide with an incident planewave and since the waveguide has periodic boundaries it supp
Hi all, can someone look at my 3D polar plot...why got hollow in my radiation plot? i'm using hfss for reflectarray antenna. TIA 98442
hi everybody. can anyone help me draw phase of the reflection cofficient verses rotation angle of reflectarray element in hfss? thanks a lot
Hi, I am trying to design a microstrip reflectarray fed with a offset horn antenna. And I have some questions. 1) Unit cell and phase curve How can I model a unit cell in hfss such that all the information can be included? For example, the incident wave is close to but not exactly a plane wave and thus the incident wave angle for each arra
hi my friends, i want to simulate reflectarray antenna element in hfss and i use PML and master and slave. the model doesnt have any error and i run it. but i cant get phase of the reflected wave? can anybody help me? i attach the file. please see it.can we get the gain and radiation patern too?
hello guys. i try to simulate reflectarray antenna element with t-shaped patch.i work with hfss and i use master and slave boubdary and floquet port for my periodic how can i excite my patch in x or y direction with floquet port??? and how can i see co-polarization and cross polarization from hfss for check my (...)
Hi i am working on a unit cell of a reflectarray patch antenna with slot coupled to a microstrip. I tested the antenna with a micro strip excitation. Now i need to test it by exciting the antenna using floquet port. So i put master and slave conditions floquet port and then what ? how to proceed after what are the parameters to look at ? sho
send me ur hfss and i try convert it to CST hfss have problem of large array simulation
Hi all, I am now modelling a reflectarray cell element in hfss, but come across a problem when setting the Floquet excitation. I have drawn an airbox, four sides of it are assigned with Master/Slave boundaries and the bottom side left with empty and align with the ground of the cell element. The top side is set as 60mm away from the upper rectan
You can easily calculate cross-polarization in hfss or CST. There comes the fancy part: Cross-polarization definition. If you are checking the cross-polarization level on the principal planes (E or H-plane) then there is no confusion. The important thing, if your array or your antennas have symmetry planes you won't get anything on the princip
CST MWS is not suitable for large structure. It is based on Finite integration Technique and uses volume discretization. I think, you should use ADS Momentum of FEKO Software. They are based on the Moment Method. Also, if you are familiar with Ansoft hfss, so you can use Floque boundary condition to overcome this probl
any one can upload hfss or CST file of reflectarray please
Hi all Any one can help us by uploading CST or hfss files about the simulating a reflect array unit cell and with horn. please help
can anyone help me how to setup E field & H field in CST software?? How can we know which TE and TM mode are suitable for reflectarray antenna??plz help me.. In the navigation tree of CST they have what they call field monitors same as in hfss. Right click on this and choose E-field H field etc. Then on your 2D/3D results
floquet mode using CST be more easy than hfss you just choose unit cell boundry condition,and use your floquet mode it so easy,i already try it regards
no friend it so difficult by hfss but using CST or Microstripes CST,i assure you can make your feeder offset from antenna
it's not possible with hfss but you can simulate a 24cm*24cm relectarray in X band in CST with the horn feed.(using symmetry plane) i vote u i make 31*31 reflectarray using CST with symmetrical H wall and E wall hfss is ideal ofr getting only the phase figure regards