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Hello, can the hfss eigenmode solver be used for structures which are not completely surrounded by metallic walls? (for instance a parallel plate waveguide, without side walls). If so, what type of boundary should I choose? I tried for rectangular waveguide and the resonance found are those of a rectangular cavity, not of the waveguide (I have TE1
Your hfss project has over 7,000 lines of code. Which line do you need help with?
Hi everyone, I am using the hfss to simulate the metasurface in order to get the resonant frequency. I have done this (around 2.4 GHz)by using Perfect E and Perfect M boundary, and 1 Waveport. Now, I want to try the Floquet port and Master/Slave boundary. I followed the tutorial of hfss (Get started with (...)
hi all out there, I am a student and new to hfss, my task is to design a 12 Ghz rectangular microstrip antenna with probe feed. I attach my design here:133383 . But after simulation, the return loss is not as expected. it seems not working at resonant frequency 12Ghz, could anybody explain me why? here is my result [ATTACH=CONF
Hi all, I designed a patch antenna with probe feeding. I chose a resonant frequency at 2.25 GHZ but end of the simulation I got the maximum return loss at 2.3625 GHZ. Number of pass:20, Delta S:0.02. What parameters that i should change to get maximum return loss at 2.25 Ghz ? Any idea ?
hellow, First, sorry about my poor english.:-( Second, I have checked many posts and books but still cant know where is wrong. I place a resonator inside a waveguide and wanna know resonant frequency. If i change the solution frequency(sol feq), the resonance frequency(res feq) change. The difference is too large for (...)
What is the model you are making if you do not know its working frequency as you always design your model for a particular frequency. But if it is cavity then use Eigen Mode solver of hfss and resulting modes will give your resonant frequency of your model but even in that case you have to enter a guess in (...)
I simulated the UHF antenna in hfss, expected resonant freq. is 915MHz. The results shows very promising (S11~-35dB). But when I make a PCB, the figure below, the result is implemented by using Network Analyzer, the resonant freq. shifted from 915MHz to ~1.9GHz. In the simulation file, I chosed FR4 as a material, is it right?. Does (...)
This is new area for me. I am looking to design a DRO at 4GHz . How a dielectric resonator's resonant frequency can be simulated? Whether it can be done in ADS or hfss simulation is required for the purpose? If somebody can send some literature about DRO design,easy to follow,will be very helpful. Can somebody send expected (...)
i have an antenna whose Zin i have calculated and then use a lumped network(L- shaped network using inductor and capacitor) to match that to a 50 ohm line at 2.4 when i am simulating this on hfss i am getting some other resonant frequency so on slightly changing the lumped elements value it is getting tuned to 2.2 GHz but not on 2.4, (...)
Hello everyone, I am interested in finding the field distribution inside a large resonant cavity at the resonant frequency. I can successfully simulate the cavity near the resonant frequency and use interpolating sweeps to zero in on the exact resonant frequency. Because (...)
Hello everyone. As a small test of the effect of port shape and size on their value, I've built a simple current loop of random dimensions with a capacitive element to make it a resonant structure at 128MHz. Looking at the eigenmode analysis result it behaves like it should. However, when I want to inspect its frequency behavior through a lumped po
I have some questions about radiation boundary I want to clarify, 1) How long should the radiation boundary extend? I have heard it should be 1/4 of wavelength. If so, which is the correct way to implement? 121536 1/4 wavelength height and start at position 0 (bottom, ground plane) This makes my radiation patte
I was wondering if anybody has experience or knowledge of how to simulate a single SRR in hfss to find its resonant frequencies. I am not sure if wave ports would be the ideal case, and if in that case I need radiation boundaries for the region's sides or PEC and PMC. Another approach can be using floquet ports, but padding the unit cell with enoug
I want to design a metallic back-plate metamaterial absorber with size of 300mm*120mm with exactly resonant frequency of 700MHZ. What structure should I use? Can anybody help me for this? plz
Hi I have a question about the Radiation Boundary in hfss itself. I am simulating a dipole with a lumped port feed and I notice changes in the resonant impedance/frequency when I change the size of the Radiation Boundary. According to the design requirements, I gathered that the minimum distance of the radiation boundary away from the (...)
I have seen people have used hfss for this case. Less common was COMSOL and CST. If you are working in a low frequency region, check out Ansys Maxwell, it's very efficient for WPT simulations if you don't care to use a full wave solver.
However, it looks some of the resonance peaks returned by hfss are OVERLAPPED or DISORDERED (f_res should change 'monotonically' with L), although the general trend looks very good. The resonator frequency is sensitive to the mesh. For accurate center frequency you need a good mesh. FEM requires adaptive meshing,
Hi all, I have a problem with modeling of SIW cavity resonator in hfss. Expected frequency of the 1st resonant mode ~ 5GHz, substrate material - "clone" of standard FR4 (permittivity and loss tangent changed). After calculation result looks well (real part of complex frequency close enough to 5GHz), but I accidentally (...)
hfss can operate on low frequencies, but still in frequency domain. To simulate DC and low-frequency circuits you better use some time-domain software. BTW, Maxwell is designed to simulate electromagnetic components, like coils, motors, etc. Helical coil is a neat thing. It is not just self-resonant, there are resonances (...)
Hi, everybody. I am working for a project about Wireless Power Transfer using Magnetic resonance. This field is quite new to me. I use hfss simulation for this. I have two resonance loops with the same resonant frequency and two metamaterial blocks as repeaters. resonant frequency is 13.56MHz. Diameter (...)
I think CST and hfss can have very accurate results. Could you upload your CST file?
Hi, I want to find the resonant frequency of a DGS structure. But hfss is showing two different results, one for Driven modal and the other one for Eigen Mode. Can someone say which is the exact resonant frequency and why there is this deviation? I am yielding 5GHz in Eigen mode (mode1) and 6GHz in (...)
Hello,friends i want to design a 3DB coupler.working in 1.575Ghz. deg(S12-S13) is my design and the resonant frequency is not can i move the resonant frequency to 1.575. if i only change one microstrip width,the frequency didn't move. how can i set the variable in (...)
Dear sir, i want to use hfss to design bilateral finline resonator in order to get the "Rectangular resonator" curve that represents the relation between " resonator length " and " resonant frequency " using the following inputs from IEEE paper " The Space Spectral Domain Technique Applied to a Finline Configuration" a = 7.112 (...)
Hello all, I'm pretty new to hfss and I want to simulate a planar resonator that has a specific resonant frequency (200MHz) and a specific Q-factor. My goal is to find the optimal pattern for my resonator to have that 200MHz rf (maybe have the Power vs frequency plot for different pattern), to know which current I should (...)
Hi, I have calculated E field and stored energy in a cavity using hfss eigen mode. So maximum delta (resonant) frequency is used as convergence criteria in this mode. Now there is a question: How E field or stored energy can be used as convergence criteria in eigen mode?
Hi every body Could any one tell me how to plot 2 dimensional graph for E and H plane of radiation pattern in specific frequency (resonant frequency)? Thanks a lot .:cry:
hi all, i was trying to simulate a simple monopole on hfss. however, when i was doing the simulation, i noticed that the length of the monopole doesn't exactly follow the lambda/4 eqn; the resonant frequency seems to be 2 or 3 times higher than the antenna was designed for. i think it has to do w/ the radius of the monopole, as well as the (...)
Hi,all! I am new here. I am trying to design a cpw-feed meander line antenna in hfss. I am now simulating CPW line. Does CPW has resonant frequency? I use TX-line to design the parameters of CPW. However, when I simulate, it does not resonate at my designed frequency(433MHz), but at about 10GHz. Could anyone help me how to (...)
hi all! can anyone tell me about TE and TM modes in antenna. i am designing a patch antenna in hfss 11. how these modes are related to antenna radiation or resonant frequency .i dont know anything about it. plz help thanx
Hello all, I have done parametric analysis of elliptical patch antenna. Now i want to plot gain for different resonant frequencies. Can anyone tell me how to plot gain at different frequencies using hfss? Thanks in advance !! Aarti
Hi Shaikss, for people (like me) that can't open hfss files, could you post drawings/plots of the antenna design? Regards Z
hi I simulated a structure with a solution frequency 915 MHz, which was desired frequency. I repeated simulations with solution frequencies 2 GHz and 2.5 GHz. Their S11 results were different from each other. The resonant frequency shifted each time to right hand side of x-axis. So What should I set the solution (...)
Hi I am designing a cavity filter with fo @1600MHz and 50MHz BW in hfss. So, I setup a solution frequency @1600MHz and the results are slightly different (offset by 50MHz) from what is given in the IEEE paper ("True Inline Cross Coupled cavity Filters "). I am using fast frequency sweep (1GHz-2GHz). I thought meshing (...)
Hi all, How can I detect the resonant frequency of an MRI in hfss? In CST-MWS, I simply place a field probe (Hy) in the center of my MRI. The frequency where the field is at maximum would be my resonant frequency. How should I do it in hfss? thanks
Hi all, I am wondering if someone could take look at my CPW hfss project and explain to/show me why it is not working. I am simply trying to simulate a high-Q, 2-lambda resonator, whose resonant frequency is 2GHz. My results do not show any well defined resonant peak or a high quality factor. I have tried everything I (...)
Hi all. I want to calculate the resonant frequency (and inner electrical pattern) of the cavity with inner dielectric. So I use hfss eigenmode. However in this analysis, even the result shows the resonant frequency of low Q factor (about 0.01-0.5). And anytime, stop the simulate because of many (...)
dear friends i have made an antenna in hfss that resonates at 600 MHz and works till 5 GHz. its works fine in simulation but when i fabricated it checked it on network analyzer its shows resonant frequency from 1.5 GHz. i calibrated the NA from all aspects but still i cant find the problem. i tested another antenna which i made earlier (...)
Hi guys! Before I start I like to appreciate your help in advance :) I'm trying to design a PIFA antenna for 915Mhz ,,, obviously before i finish my design, during the design procedure My resonant frequency is different each time. SO WHAT SHOULD I SET THE SOLUTION frequency ? because result would change when i change it ... I have a (...)
What are the basic antenna parameter measurements wiht hfss, input impedance, resonans frequency, radiation pattern, bandwidth? And, I can' t find how I measure the bandwidth of a msa in hfss. I found the resonant frequency graphics but not any other. How can I interprit the result graphics? For example, in (...)
i have a resonant cavity fed with two ports. now i want to excite the two ports simultaneously and see the fields in the resonator cavity at the resonant frequency. whether can it be done in the CST MWS or hfss. i will be thankful for your reply.
i m designing the dielectric resonator band pass filter and the resonant frequency is 3.824 problem is occuring till silmulation but after that the results for s-parameter is only the tiny circle at that frequency.whch is not the proper result as there should be. the dimension as i m knowing are correct as i have took the from some thesis of
Hi everybody I have to find dispersion diagram for a periodic dielectric medium over a ground plane. I'm using hfss v11 and eigenmode solver but I don't know how to set up a good value for minimum frequency. I know that my structure is resonant at about 18 GHz, but everytime I change minimum frequency I got different (...)
Hi, I'm new in hfss and I'm trying to simulate a simple dipole antenna over a PEC ground plane,but the rosonant frequency of structure,in return loss curve,is not true according to my reference paper(about -3.5dB at 12.7GHz). I think it's because of the excitation(I defined a lumped port excitation),I have some questions: 1-Is this differenc
Hi All, I am currently trying to design a dual-band dipole in hfss. The idea is to create the two resonant frequencies by inserting a filter at some point of the dipole cylindrical arm which allows the signal to pass at the lower frequency and does not at the higher resonant frequency. The thing is I (...)
I have been used toobox delivered by Vijay Ramasami for connecting Matlab and hfss.However,when I run the example:dipole_example,it seems to me that the results have problem -The simulated resonant frequency of dipole doesn't change through different iterations->I guest it is due to the results have not been updated through iterations (...)
Dear All, I really need some help I am designing 2 patches antenna to operat in different bands, i have to conect them through switch in order to control the resonant frequency. Can any one help me on how to design switch in hfss sofware please. if there is any design in hfss it would be very very helpful (...)
The problem is, that a dielectric resonator is shielded by a PEC cavity, and thus eigenmode simulation in Ansoft hfss will acquire resonant modes of both the metal cavity and the dielectric resonator. If the size of the cavity is reduced to increase the frequency of the lowest mode of the cavity, the default starting (...)
Dear All, I am new to hfss and designer. I am struggling in using hfss and Designer dynamic link to simulate a LC resonant circuit. I use hfss simulating a square microstripe with a gap, which I set up two lumped ports to link the cap in the Designer. However, no the resonant frequency (...)