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Hello, if anyone yet work on split ring resonators on if possible can anyone please share that simulation file with me.... Thanking
Hello, can anyone please share his/her hfss based split ring resonator project..which they had may replicated for practise..if possible kindly share that simulation file. Thanking,
Hi all, I am simulating a transmitarray unit cell in hfss. my simulation is based on a paper presented in a conference. In the paper it is said that the unit cell is excited by two orthogonal and linearly polarized waves in normal direction. the structure is one glass substrate and two split ring slot metal on both sides of it and I put (...)
Hi, i am new in antenna design. I want to simulate the SRR structure, but i could not able to design the waveguide situation and the ports in hfss. can anyone give me any SRR design structure that can help me to do my further work.
Hello all,I am new to hfss and I need to use it to design and simulate a single ring single split resonator operating between 6ghz and 14ghz;I have already done the geometry but how do I simulate it with hfss to test for different resonant frequencies of the resonator?Please I need a step by step guide,all help appreciated (...)
i quickly need a project on the topic miniaturization of patch antenna using split ring resonator as a metamaterials using hfss 10.
I am trying to design the split ring resonator proposed in Electromagnetic parameter retrieval from inhomogeneous metamaterials i.e FIG-2 of the paper in hfss-11.After simulation i got exact match in magnitude and phase response of S parameter but when i try to extract permittivity and permeability using equation 9 and 10 mentioned in the ab
I am trying to design the split ring resonator proposed in Electromagnetic parameter retrieval from inhomogeneous metamaterials i.e FIG-2 of the paper in hfss-11.After simulation though magnitude response of S11 and S21 parameter is getting a exact match but phase response of S11 and S21 is not matching.Can any body suggest me where i
In simulation of split ring resonator using hfss is it mandatory to use Perfect Electric Conductor (PEC) condition at top and bottom of Air Box where as Perfect Magnetic Conductor (PMC) boundary condition at sidewalls of Air boundary of air box.If it is so then why we require to do it and how to do it in hfss? I had attached (...)
Hi friends Does anyone has a project in hfss about split ring structure? I am trying to redo the project of M.Z.M.Zani, M.H.Jusoh,...'''Circular patch antenna on Metamaterial'. If anyone help me to do this, I would be very grateful.
Hello, I am new to hfss and trying to simulate a single split ring resonator(non periodic structure). I am not sure about the boundary conditions. I am interested in calculating the S parameter of this structure. Perfect E and Perfect H are only good for a unit cell. Any suggestions. Thank you.
hello I want to redo a simulation of split ring resonator in hfss. the results(figure 3.7 in the paper) is different from those in the paper 55849 i dont know where is the mistake. please help me thanks
I think the problem is with your hfss server (not with your simulation).
plz, can any one help me to simulate split ring Resonator by using hfss. I try to resimulate the design in the attached paper, and i use Floquet port for excitation and Master/Slave boundary to repeat the structure, but the result wasn't matched that in the original paper. i want to know
I would like to know the procedure for calcultaing the eigen mode dispersion diagram in hfss for a split-ring resonator structure which doesnt have a ground plane..Please help.
I have tried to simulate the design of an microstrip antenna with complementry split ring ressonator. Please help me to resolve it. Thanks.
I tried to simulate the design, described by the pdf paper attached with this topic. However, the results in return loss do not match with tose in the paper attached. Please help me to resolve it. Thanks. The name of the paper is called "Design of Circular Polarization Microstrip Patch Antennas with Complementary split ring Resonator" The p
Has anyone been able to obtain the refractive index, permittivity and permeability of the single unit cell (SRR+Wire) using hfss? Plese help me to solve the problem. Thanks...
Has anyone been able to reproduce the results of the paper? I simulated the same structure in hfss (Fig. 2 of the paper) and the results are very different then what they get for S11 and S21.
I would like to reproduce the results in the following paper. This is a standard SRR structure, but just for Terahertz region. I have constructed an initial project, however it can not give a very agreement with experiments. Anyone can help me revise it and then make the simulation reproduce the experimental results. Thanks very much.