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filter design in hfss, which solution type will be best fitted Driven modal or driven terminal and also which excitation should it follow please anybody can?
In hfss, I'm trying to create a simple cylindrical parallel plate capacitor, but I'm having issues assigning wave ports. I'm using a driven terminal solution type in hfss V17.1 I've created a dielectric of quartz as a cylinder with radius 25mm, depth 20mm. I've created two sheets, each with radius 17mm (half the (...)
Hello, I have a problem in hfss defining the ports for striplines as voltage gaps. The striplines have two GNDs, so when I use the lumped port (with solution type Model or terminal) I get the error saying I have too many terminals. a. Can you please send me an example taht include the correct definitions? b. Any (...)
Salam, Hello I have a problem in defining the waveport in the driven terminal solution type in the hfss. I do not have the below steps (check the attached image) as those existing in the hfss V10 User Guide> I am using hfss v13. Once i go for hfss --> Excitations --> Assign --> (...)
Hi all, Newbee, first post, and still learning the rules and etiquette of this place. Be easy, k. Here's the synopsis: I'm running an hfss driven terminal solution. The design is a spiral transformer--a single loop primary around a flat archemedean spiral of a few turns. I've read in various places that specifying port impedance (...)
I am modeling a microstrip patch antenna using driven terminal solution and coax with waveport feed in hfss. Can I know in hfss which TEmn, TMmn, TEM modes are excited? Where can I see this info in hfss? Also, when do I use the driven modal or the eigenmode solutions? Or what information (...)
Hi everyone, I met a problem when I use hfss's Driven terminal to simulate a structure. It is a warning, "Fast sweep setup, process hf3d: Poor convergence in seeding data." My simulation setup is following, solution Frequency: 14.25GHz - Adaptive solutions Maximum Number of: 20 Maximum Delta S: 0.02 - Adaptive (...)
Would please anybody complete this patch antenna that i have attached...!! I Am confused on how to excite a Coplanar waveguide fed.. and which solution setup would be applied Driven model or driven terminal, I read the Help section ... but technical terms is hard to understand. Moreover, I am new to hfss, considering a Good tutorial on CPW (...)
Hi, I'm unable to generate the terminal solution report for our patch antenna design in hfss. Can anyone give the method of doing it? We are using a lumped port for our design.
I am trying to make some structure shown in the attach picture. This structure should have uniform near field magnetic field on one side of it. As it is differential mode, so I was trying to use driven terminal. But when I set the wave port, it says that no conductor found on the port. I am sure I set the material right and there do is conductor c
I am simulating a patch antenna in hfss with a probe feed. The probe is excited by waveport on a coax similar to the hfss example. My coax height is just 2mm and radius is 1.6mm. Coax pin is 1mm radius. My bandwidth frequencies are 2-2.8 GHz. I am using the Driven terminal solution. I am not sure if the size of the waveport (...)
I have designed a helix antenna. I used antenna design tool kit in hfss to create the model. to analyze the model I changed the solution type to driven modal but a message appeared: terminal 'coax_pin_T1': terminals are not used when the solution type is driven modal. Is my analysis in this situation (...)
first what version of hfss do you work?and then check the solution type,it should be Driven Modal if solution type is on Driven terminal,this error will appear. Good Luck.
You are running a Driven terminal solution so all you can scale is total and incident voltages on a port. Change the type to Driven Modal (hfss -> _solution Type -> Set Driven Modal) and all excitations are in terms of power. Have Fun
I've tried to simulate a half-wave dipole in hfss, using a perfect electrical conductor (pec). The dipole is 500 mm long in total, with a small gap between the two arms to allow a lumped port to be put there. So this should be a half-wave at 300 MHz. Using a wire radius of 1 mm, with a 1 mm gap between the terminals, the input impedance is 84 +
hello, I am trying to model a pair of stripline transmission lines that encounters a slot in one of the metal planes using hfss and then analyze how this affects the common and differential modes over a wide range of frequencies. I got a tutorial for this which suggests me to Set the solution type to Driven terminal. Now when i try to place
Hi everybody, I am using hfss 11 and finding a problem in defining lumped port. In between a PEC bridge and a conductor, I have drawn a sheet and trying to define lumped port on that. But sometimes, the window appears which prompt for a terminal line; whereas sometimes, another different type of window appears prompting for integration line.
Hello. I want to find out what type of solution do i have to use for the hfss simulation There are open terminals in my design then do i have to use Driven Modal as a solution type???
hi i m simulating a waveguide structure as a coupler. its a four port structure. i need to calculate even and odd mode propagation constant. i have used driven modal solution but it cannot calculate even odd mode beta. i have seen in some other threads that even and odd mode excitation is possible in driven terminal solution. i m not (...)
Hi; I am traying to simulate wireless antenna 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz dual band. I work on a paper (in zipfile). I simulated antenna in hfss with waveport and lumped port, however antenna's S11 parameter did not above -10dB about 2.4Ghz. Also about 5Ghz, according to papper resonance of antenna drop -10dB about 6.15GHz but in my simulation this value