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As I know, the main difference between the commercial softwares is the computation method used , for instance: XFDTD: FDTD based software hfss: FEM based software Ansoft Designer: 2D planar MOM based software . . . . etc
The plane wave expansion method may be the most popular for calculating photonic band diagrams. Rigorous coupled-wave analysis and finite-difference time-domain may be the most popular for simulating scattering. With off-the-shelf software, you will find hfss and CST very popular.
hfss,CST and IE3D
Hi , which is the best between hfss / Fidelity ?
I think it is not possible, since intermodulation effect is a nonlinear effect which cannot be modelled in hfss using FEM. may be you need a time domain simulator that can model nonlinear effects.
Hi guys, The time domain has an inherent limitation. In order to reduce the time step it needs to refine the grid (and the other way around). I recommend to test Ansoft hfss which uses Finite Element analysis. Not only that it has no refinment problems, but also you can control the accuracy of the (...)
CST has multiple analysis modules available; you can choose time domain analysis or frequency domain analysis. hfss is only frequency domain. Thus there may be some extra flexibility with CST, although I find that you need a little more expertise with CST (...)