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Hello neffi, Select the circular face at the tip of the coax and assign a waveport, the integration line should be from the center core to the metallic shield. For more information look in this user there's an example about probe feed antenna
please i want user guide hfss13 , i have user guide hfss^10 but my computer system win7 64bit , not install hfss^10, but installed in my computer hfss13 help me please
Anyone is free to textedit that redirect.lic file for hfss v13 under Win32/64. We don't have any signatures in our hfss client-server setup in our lab. Sure. In the floating license case that redirects to the license server, you can edit the host name. However the Host ID in the license file can not b
here is the user guide. soppcb
Hi all i read hfss user guide 11 but not able to understand the significance of convergence, adaptive meshing, discrete meshin, when we should choose in analysis set up as fast, linearcount , discrete and what they all mean help in this respect katik
Hello, can anybody provide me the user guide or manual of any version of hfss. I have lost my manual due to formattig of my computer. i will be highly thankful if anbody provide me this Regards vishal
Hello Everyone I have chosen this project :DESIGN OF A HIGH-GAIN CAVITY-BACKED SLOT ANTENNA WITH MUSHROOM CELLS AND BENT GROUND WALLS . . . I donot know hfss software i read the user guide manual v10 and designned slot patch antenna Can u please tell me how to design for our required parameters and how to design mushroom cells i need to (...)
I've made the UHF probe example in hfss version 13, manual. But when I simulate it, I find the best return loss occurs at 610 MHz not 560 MHz as the example shows in the user guide. Has anyone else hit this problem? Dave
Hi all, I have some questions to ask you about Port Only solution in hfss. By setting this solution, the analysis is expected to be done at only one frequency (solution frequency, say 2.4 GHz), right. However, as shown in the microstrip example of hfss user's guide, there is a frequency sweep added to this Port Only (...)
Hi Carole, I personally use the solve ports only in hfss to find the right size of my waveports and prevent higher modes propagation. Often at microwaves you have to deal with these higher modes. I advise you to take a look at the hfss user's guide for this port analysis. Hope it helped a bit, JB
Hello, recently I tried to simulate the probe feed patch antenna in the Example 5.3 of hfss user guide V10. Page 200. In the example project, the position of the coax and the probe pin are at x:-0.5 y:0.0 z:0.0. I followed the steps of the example and got a good simulation results. However, if I tried to turn the coax and feed pin 90 (...)
Hi friends!! Im new in hfss and Im make a helix antenna for 2.45Ghz in hfss and ive to make the feed, the excitation, but i saw the hfss user guide and i draw the coax, if i change the lenght of the coax change the input impedance, how can i draw the coax with the correct lenght for this frequence?? or (...)
Can you send me the <<hfss version 10 user guide >> or the address to download it. I am a beginner of hfss. I need the tutorial impatiently. My email is comes the complete reference for the deaign of pbg , ebg using hfss. Regards Mustafa
hi~ I read the hfss user guide , and then I simulation a 4-layer pcb with via structure s parameter data is easy to get , but I want to know the powrt/ground edge radiation field excited by signal via ,how should I do?? and what's " Emission Test" in hfss dialog box ?? thanks~~
Rewind here, are you designing the microstrip using hfss? I thought the user has to tell hfss what the frequency is, for analysis. Or are you talking about the guide wavelength?
SMA could be created in similar way as a coax connector in the hfss example from the user guide posted on edaboard more than a year ago, I think it was version 9.2. :D
Have you had a look at the horn antenna example in hfss 9.2 user guide posted here ages ago? :D
hi, for IE3D u should download manual (evaluation version) from zeland website. For hfss lot of tutorials are available in this site.
hiall, Any1 has hfss version 10 user guide?. can u upload? thanx in advance