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filter design in hfss, which solution type will be best fitted Driven modal or driven terminal and also which excitation should it follow please anybody can?
how to assign ports for filter on the design modelled using hfss. should we have to give reference to ground plane when we assign port??? where the port should be placed for a coplanar waveguide???? pls help me....
What size waveguide are you using? To my knowledge, nobody ever uses waveguide at frequencies in the range 100 Hz to 10 kHz. It would need to be absolutely huge. I forget the width/height/frequency relationships, but the width and height are of the order of λ/2. So for 1 kHz, you are looking at a waveguide with a hieght of around 75 km. (...)
Hi, I'm trying to simulate a waveguide diplexer using hfss. I found in some documents, that the solution frequency used during adaptive meshing of a filter should be inside the passband of that filter - otherwise the mesh is dense enough only near the ports. But how to do this when simulating a diplexer that has (...)
Hello,everyone. I want to design a W-band E-plane waveguide bandpass filter, I adopt hfss and CST to analyze the filter with the same structure parameter, but the results show great difference, they are totally different. The attachment is the projects of hfss and CST. Can anyone (...)
Dear All, I need to simulate the filter behaviour of a free form 3D object. (Need to find the frequencies where it behaves like a band pass filter). Which SW is the best for such a simulation? hfss of CST AWR? I draw the 3D object in another CAD SW. Can I Import it into the Simulation SW? Thanx a lot.
hi, How to design a cavity filter? what are those waveguide cavity filters, coaxial cavity filters..... etc., if any Books for a learner to design and if any tutorials to do simulations using hfss/CST MICROwave on this, helps a lot..... thanking in advance
Hello All, I'm trying to design a waveguide iris filter in hfss. I'm using the matthaei's design procedure for the design. When I try the design on mode matching software, the results are good but when I simulate it on hfss, the results are no where (...)
when you change the structure of you design , it is necessary to tuning the filter in the simulator. the optim in hfss is very powerful but it is very time-comsuing. I find a new method to design every resonator-coupling filter including iris waveguide filter . it is very (...)
Setting delta S is very important in designing some passive componets using hfss. i wanna know how to set it in a detail design and what I should consider in the design ? for example , designing a microstrip filter or a waveguide filter. thanks !
WHAT IS THE PROBLEM WHEN YOU USE THE hfss to simulatie the E fileter