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I'm doing project on GTEM cell..I got error when i used fast sweep "poor conerges of seeding data" how to resolve it in my case.and also my simulation over without resuylts.1st I did simulation It produced result bu than no result at all...plz any one help me...
how to design dual band microstrip antenna using hfss11
hi........ can you tell me how i can design a micro strip patch fractal antenna by using hfss11
Hi, I am trying to test sierpinski triangle in hfss11, after all the required steps, m getting error in 3D Model part validation which states that "Non manifold vertices found for part patch". I have tried using Heal option, but that isnt useful in my case.. still the same error appears.. Please help if anyone know anything regarding this issue..
Hi everyboady I tried to simulate some papers using hfss11 after trying all examples within the user guide and only the examples worked perfect and others were far from the results shown in the papers I thing I still have problem with boundaries and excitation and I attach one project I did but still the results not same as the real one any sugg
hi i have a problem in assigning the waveport in hfss11 i can't reach to the wizard to complete assign it always asked to determine the reference conductor what i should do??? please thanx
hi deer for this antenna better u use SMA and for simulation u should use wave port in hfss11 and for more information u can read this book Broadband Planar Antennas Design and Applications by Zhi Ning Chen and Michael Y. W. Chia in chapter 5 u can find this antenna and in chapter 3 u can find feeding by microstrip
Hi Everyone, I am not able to import dxf files into Ansoft Designer 4 or to HFSS 11/12. I am getting the following error when I tried to import, using Layout->Import File " viewport entity with no extended data" Any suggestions regarding this error? Thanks, sv
Hi all, HFSS full book 10 is a very useful font of examples to understand and manage HFSS software. As I found quite different behaviour with some models of mine between HFSS and CST studio (please look at another post of mine), I decided to cross test them with a model with known behaviour. So I chose the example # 5.1, UHF probe, that was close
Hi all, It's about two months I'm looking for an explanation or an error of mine. At first I have simulated a parametrized short backfire antenna on hfss11 for the wifi band. Fo= 2.45 GHz. After some optimization I achieved a VSWR between 1:1.3@ 2450 and 1:1.7@ 2400 and 2500 MHz with a directional gain of about 25 dBi. This last value seemed
I m working on broadband microstrip patch antenna n wants to calculate the axial ratio bandwidth. i hav simulated my antenna design using hfss11 n found the results. but in results to find axial ratio its giving plot w.r. to theta.if i select a frequency it shows only solution frequecy. in order to calculate AR BW i need plot of AR Vs Frq. So plz h
hi, I'm using hfss11 how do I assign one wave port with 2 differential terminals? thanks!!
Hi everyone :) this is the first time im using HFSS (and i used the HFSS tutorial as a guide line to make this)...i have made my model for probe-fed patch antenna (please see the attachment) however the radiation plot and the smith chart is not right and im running out of ideas to make it right so can someone please help me...also the resonant f
Hi guys: Mesh generation has failed when I simulated a MEMS switch using hfss11. Below is the picture of my model. I thought it is the problem of the hight of the dielectric layer(0.1um), since the problem is solved when I increase the hight value to 0.2um.
i have hfss11 can u send me that version file then i can see or if u can share version 12 license probably i can check ur design
hi all! i have a small problem about my simulation of array antenna based on my master of science thesis based on the topic "modelisation and design of patch array antenna for emision and reception of internet (WIMAX) signal". the problem concern the validation check step on hfss11 soft ware. can some on help me?
Hi, since recently I am not able to run HFSS (v11.2 running on RHEL 3) anymore. While starting HFSS (either the GUI or the batch version) from the shell I get the following error message: /prog/ansoft/hfss11/mainwin511/mw/bin/tools/core_services.common: line 9: 13505 Terminated watchdog "$MWWATCHDOG_TERMINATION_FILE" Fail
i am not able to run hfss11 in win7 64 bit machine
when i use hfss11 ,how shall I get Quality factor ? for example when simulating a combination of fss array over patch antenna ,how shall I get the Quality factor of this antenna? And for a common example ,when simulating a Resonator,how shall I get the Quality factor of this Resonator? Thank you for your help
I am just starting working on hfss11 and I want to design a 9 cell elliptical rf cavity. is there any tutorial to start the work on HFSS to design any type of cavity? I will appreciate any kind of help. no