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Zip and post the complete mikroC PRO project files, Proteus file and USB hid VC# application. Also mention which USB hid component like EasyUSBhidNetClass.dll or mchid.dll you are using.
Dear Friends, I am using mchid.dll from this link . And successfully communicate PIC hid device with PC. Now I am interested to add multiple PIC based hid Device with the PC and collect the data from those device to PC. Can any body give me some good idea about both VB2008 & PIC hid devices
easyUSBhidNetClass.dll simulation See links. Install the file by running setup.exe. It is a application for USB hid using easyUSBhid.dll Download easyUSBhidNetClass.dll from or from the .rar file and put it in windows\system32 folder.
Hello gupta, you could use Ahid.dll to interface Matlab - Ahid.dll implements an USB hid interface on Host side. Best regards Potter
hiz.. i am trying to develop a hid USB Application which can cummunicate with usb. i used ubhiddriver.dll for this purpose. the problem which i am getting is while disconnecting the application. the function of disconnection doesnot seem to be working. to close the application, i have to end task the process from task manager. (...)
AVR hid ATMega8
Hi every1.... Im trying to communicate my PIC (18f4550) micro controller with PC using USB hid, and a dll driver. The host application is developed in C#. The data send to the pc is collected using Event catcher function. Communication, data receiving all the stuffs going well. Though I speedup the data rate inside the micro controller progra
hi every1..... This question is about USB hid interface with PC using 18f4550. I know there r plenty of examples in the net to get to know about it. I recently found an hid library called "hidLibrary.dll" compiled by Mike O Brien. With the dll file i found a example as well. But the problem is i cudnt (...)
Dear all, I tested the hid USB mouse which is plug-and-play. Is there any way to send data back to mCU using hid? Regards.
hi mod's for some board reason i cant seem to delete the older copies in this thread untill its deleted i cant post another ... please delete the archive attached then ill upload the latest hid and serial and midi addins + variable psu with variable current limit based on the popular psu.. made by RS will allow rechar
Hi all I'm trying to build an hid device using PIC18F4550 and mikroC compiler from mikroelectronika but i get error "Routine USBInit dsc not defined". i googled the error but no results, did anyone face this problem before? thanks
what is Easyhid ? is it a web site? Thanks
HI.. ANYBODY knows how to view the dll function... e.g hid.dll (how to view their function and parameter) pls help me about that problem thanks..
hi., anyone knows what is the function and parameter of hid.dll , because i need that to communicate the OS and picUSB like 18f2455 or 18f4550.. i used VB6 programming language... anyone can help me" ? ;-) Thanks
Check the following site: the program is write in VC but it is the same procedure under VB, while you are using dll's. Also check :
Hello, I have good USB concept and also i know linux kernel architecture and also some concept in Driver. I want to write / send some data in my custom hid based USB device in LINUX. So can you please help me about wbere i have to start or which one should my steps ? I acess this device in Windows and evey thing done by dll file so
Hi What's your problem? If your application is hid application , you can use hid.dll insteade of using jungo. Salam Hossam Alzomor
Hi If small band width is suffitiont for you , you can read about hid I think you can make a full duplex communication between the two PC's using hid.dll provided within windows edaboard have some good books about USB and hid you can search within edaboard you can find very clear information in (...)
Hi I have developed a USB hid driver using the hid.dll of windows. but I face the following problem If i didn't send any commands to the USB device for About an hour and then try sending again the USB devise don't respont. In order to get the application respond again I close the application and open it again. Do you have any (...)
hi see hid controller