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hi, Have you tried this link.? E
Dear All 2. Can I detect usb event plugged/unlpug with java? if not, what programming language should i use? I have never attempted to access a usb device in Java but it should be possible have a look at in C++ if you are connecting to a usb hid device you could use
usb hid, VCP, CDC Communication methods.
Hello guys There is a ready-to-use bootloader in mikroC PRO for PIC32 for PIC32MX795F512H. It works with mikroBootloader usb hid.exe. But what are the connection requirements for the PIC? I mean, the simplest schematic to work with bootloader? Thanks in advance!
Hopefully someone with some expert usb knowledge can help me. I have a 4 port usb 2.0 hub that is using an Alcor AU6254 microcontroller. The 4 port hub is comprised of two boards -a Main board and a daisy chained secondary board. Two ports on each board. Each board has the same microncontroller. When certain hid devices are plugged into (...)
Now we designed a control panel with usb hid interface,the panel sent heartbeat message every 5 second. There are mechanical encoders in this panel,the encoder output such as $g*i message when rotate the encoder cap,and the heartbeat message is $QWERWR* message. The problem is sometimes when we rotate the encoder continuously,the panel may output
Depends of communication class being used. If it is CDC - you will have a new COM port available after connecting and installing drivers. If it is hid class, try to use usb hid library. Google it yourself, please.
Usually writing testbench code means writing low level signal wiggle commands that wiggle signal to opposite polarity after a time delay. My question is that for designs that make use of complex protocols e.g usb for hid, how does one write VHDL testbench stimulus code? Certainly programs must exist to do this already. Or is it that people don't
When I connected a newbie LPC11u68 to usb port,it recognized in windows as an usb mass storage device.When I programmed LPCOPEN hid example by Flash magic to it,after resetting the board,my PC can't recognized it.Only when I pulled down PIO0_1(ISP selection pin)it still recognized as a Mass storage device.???
Hello, Check on MIkroElektronika they have a bootloader using usb <-> FTDI <-> UART1 look at Ready for PIC18F45K22 I have this board and use it (with Mikro C Pro) and very usefull.. power the board and load application trough Mikroe hid Serial B
Are you considering to tie the 5v ground reference with the mains earth ? If yes, I still do not see this as a good decision, particularly if the usb will be used with hid, what mean that will not have a proper safety protection for end user against several disturbances on the mains.
Hi, According to Dogan Ibrahim book (Advanced PIC projects),i'm tryning to experiment the usb hid project. I used easypic7 to interface PIC18F4550 TO PC using usb. The project run's ok in similation by using a GUI interface template Easyhid in VB6 and in VBexpress 2010, but in real hardware nothing changes in PORTB. NB: (...)
Driver for hid a preinstalled in all windows. Try to implement any confirmation that mcu is working like a led blinking if you do not have proper debug option.
Zip and post the complete mikroC PRO project files, Proteus file and usb hid VC# application. Also mention which usb hid component like EasyusbhidNetClass.dll or mchid.dll you are using.
it's a limited HOST usb OTG device, it can't do a lot of complicated stuff, but it can work with any usb keyboard (boot protocol or hid parse) according the definitions on your link, the AT90usb1287 is a dual role device. By the same pins, it can work as a DEVICE, or as a HOST, and it has the negotiation capabilities of a (...)
Adding to Susan's points mentioned, the current MLA provides a few precompiled HEX files for the PIC24FJ family, unfortunately, there are none specifically for the PIC24FJ128GB204. Therefore I would suggest using the hid bootloader source code for the PIC24FJ256GB210 family of devices, which is probably the closest in compatibility to your device,
I would recommend you download the latest Microchip MCHPFSusb v2.2 usb framework unzip and instal the software - the bootloaders are then in C:\Microchip Solutions\usb Device - Bootloaders if you look in the hid bootloader directory you will find firmware for the PIC18
any microcontroller with a usb device interface would probably support a simple project such as this, e.g. will you be writing the PC software? if so which language C++, C#, VB.NET, etc and which protocol, e.g. hid, Winusb, etc look for example code for both the micro fir
Hi guys, I am trying to connect my hardware to PC by usb in visual basic 2005. my hardware is composed of: atmega32, two 68 ohm registers,a 1.5 kilo ohm register, Two diodes and... for software which I can apply in PC, I used from . fortunately, when I connect my hardware to PC
hello, i tested hid read write on a Startusb 18F2550.. need to have a bootloader allready intalled, to be able to detect the usb deviceby PC hid terminal.
Hello!! Everyone I am new in the filed of Cortex-M3 and using LPC1343 micro-controller for my project, which also requires a usb hid. I found usb hid demo in Keil Example folders and by using the usb Stack i created my project, which is exactly similar to example project provided by Keil. I have to send (...)
I think you can do it with some of the fancy arduinos that comes with an AVR with it's own usb embedded... I think the Arduino Leonardo is made for that kind of stuff, what you are looking for is to make your own hid mouse with that microcontroller a quick googling spit me these results
MAX3421 is pretty low level usb, you have to implement all general usb and hid protocol details in your software. I see two practical ways for your project: - try to get hold of the MAX3421 evaluation kit firmware sources and check if it's suitable for your design - switch to a PIC processor with host capability (PIC24FxxGB type) and make (...)
Simplest way is to use hid class MicroC usb library. Maximum data rate will be 1000x64b per second.
hi, For controlling a remote PIC I use hid usb, programming in Oshonsoft Basic with the usb option. To communicate between your PC and a PIC, it would be easy to edit the above simple Modem program. To Send commands to a PIC, add cmd Buttons, like the 'Send "K" to the user interface. The Read from the RS232 port subroutine already exists in (...)
are you using the MLA example C:\microchip_solutions_v2013-06-15\usb\Device - hid - Custom Demos\Firmware\usb Device - hid - Simple Custom Demo - C18 - PICDEM FSusb.mcp if so the ADC is used in the ReadPOT() function by changing ADCON0 you may have caused the ADC conversion to hang and hence the (...)
unless you are building 1000's of units I would go for a PIC24 device for example, we recently used a PIC24FJ64GB004 to interface to a Bytronic Control Systems Trainer using the usb hid protocol using Visual C++, C# or VB.N
it is possible for some microcontrollers to have a composite device interface, e.g. the Microchip MLA has examples of hid and MSD what device are you planning to use
You can't use connector J4 to communicate with the FPGA. It's used only as a usb hid controller. Other then that, you can use the Ethernet port, but this will require implementing (or using an IP) Ethernet MAC on the FPGA - which I think isn't a project for beginners. J13 is connected to a usb to UART IC - I think you'll be able to communi
But I need to control 6 usb hid devices!!!. you have already managed to connect to one usb hid device from I assume you get a list of attached usb devices using SetupDiGetClassDevsUM and then go thru the list checking
hi guys, Currently using PIC18F25K50 and will use its usb-hid communication to communicate with PC. But it the usb will always hang after a while. I know this because when my PC send data to it, it does not respond. Below is the part of my main loop coding: while(1){ if((usbGetDeviceState() < CONFIGURED_STATE) || (...)
Hello, I am trying to develop the usb interface with a PIC18F4550 with the help of a EasyPIC6 Development Board. I am using MPLAB v8.56. After looking through the usb device example (hid Device Custom) on Microchip Libraries for Applications (MLA), I could build the hex file successfully for my project. Then, I used mikroProg Suite to (...)
usb hid Communication related? What driver are you talking about?
hid is limited to 64Kbytes/sec but it also depends on the number of usb read/write per second and what the host PC is doing, e.g. I would expect 500 to 800transfers of 64byte blocks which is fine for a fairly low speed data acquisition and control system. For higher speed I use PIC32s or similar with 100Mbit/sec ethernet
If you want to update your firmware only with smart phone, than you can do it without the need of having usb OTG, by using usb-hid Bootloaders. I had seen usb hid Boot-Loaders fro Microchip PIC 8-bit series of controller's, but you have to write the smartphone application by your own. usb (...)
usb communication is device class specific. You'll first decide for a device class and implement it in your PIC firmware, e.g. serial communication (CDC) or hid. Then access it through respective Windows drivers. Did you really read the usb central pages thoroughly, e.g. the link Making usb C# friendly?
I had the same problem like sector9, but when i load files form jayanth.devarayanadurga from post #9 the PIC18f4550 start working. The computer start recognize it like usb hid like I expect. Thanks jayanth.devarayanadurga !
a. see hid device class definition clause 5.6 Reports b. PIC18F4550 datasheet clause 17.4.4 PING-PONG BUFFERING c. clause 4.4 Interfaces
Hello! Here is my modified project PIC18F46J50 usb hid and SD Card 4 Channel Datalogger running at 20MHz. Code written in miroC Pro 5.6.0. put the mchid.dll file in windows\system32 folder and run the setup.exe file. After install run the installed app. Start proteus simulation. (proteus file datalogger.dsn is inside the .rar
The things you are asking in the forum are as long as a 500 page book. Its better to buy a book and start reading. One good book on usb which i know is usb Complete by Jan Axelson Apart from that you can read PIC Micro-controllers project from usb to RTOS, in this book you can read about usb hid Class. what (...)
You said that the MCP3551 is installed as a usb-hid device, why then are you trying to use it as a virtual COM port? If the PIC18F4550 is pre-programmed with a usb-CDC that implements a virtual serial port operation, then what you are try to do is possible. But this doesnt seem to be the case. The product page in the microchip website (...)
Hi guys, Currently my application of the pic is to become a converter of serial to usb. In other words, whatever I received on my serial side, I will transmit it out using usb port. I'm using baudrate of 9600. I know that we have to call usbDeviceTasks() every 1ms right? I put usbDeviceTasks() routine in the main() (...)
Hi guys, Just want to know, when using usb-CDC, we need to install the usb driver in pc right? Then how bout in android device? Can the usb-CDC driver be install in android device? Currently trying to interface my PIC with an android device through the usb port. At the beginning I'm using the (...)
In my view you should first try CDC (comport communication) class of usb than hid.... Because hid class on PIC can interact with hid class device like mouse , key board etc...... I am not sure you will able to do communication with that... Good luck
Hi everybody, I am a beginner of usb hid communication. I have started my project using pic18f2550. But the problem i faced is, the compiler shows "Undeclared Identifier'usb_Interrupt_Proc' in expression" . How can i solve it ? Note: I have already created descryptor. picture:> [i
easyusbhidNetClass.dll simulation See links. Install the file by running setup.exe. It is a application for usb hid using easyusbhid.dll Download easyusbhidNetClass.dll from or from the .rar file and put it in windows\system32 folder.
Hi, got an Atmel mXT1664S1 IC (based on Atmel AVR32) with hid usb/I2C host communication. Have a customer that wants to use Serial communication protocol instead. Anyone know of a simple Atmel or other solution to try? Is there complicated code to write to make it work so data transfer is semaless as with the I2C/usb?
Hello every body, After applying hid usb with 18F4550 example using usb Power and external power supply, my laptop usb ports don't work. if i want use it, i must shutdown laptop at 15-20 minutes. if i connect any device, it work little time then stop. so If any one face these problems can you help me. another Q. : (...)
first hid means to implement with your Key Board Or Mouse so in computer device Manger mouse and keyboard vid and pid declare in property this vid and pid to use in your code.
what is the hid device you want to get detected as?? did u load all the necessary files? Or may be to check the communication first, you should try mounting the hid codes from microchip applications library.