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Hello everyone, I want dspic33fj32mc204 microcontroller sample code with deadtime complementary pwm. if you have please send it.
Hello Everyone, I want Arduino code for complementary dead time pwm. Can anyone have please Send it
It's rarely the microphone that's responsible for "ring at certain frequencies" and it's quite unusual to use an equalizer in front of the mixing desk. Electrete microphones have a very linear frequency response. More likely a specific microphone mount and acoustic resonators are causing the problems. Less likely a flawed amplifier circuit. It's no
Hi, It may work, But I'd rather use a single part called " high side power switch, active low". Besides the desired function in a single tiny device, it additionally includes overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, over temperature protection. And usually cheaper. Just do a search at an electronic parts distributor. The provide in
is the input to a flyback converter ac current or pulsed dc current?
Hi all circuit designers, I have 2 questions reagarding biasing a LNA, as shown in the capture below: 157930 1/ For what i ve known so far, the R0 resistor is employed as a large enough value to restrict the noise current contribution from current mirror into core LNA devices. However, if I have a stable power supply
the resistance of the cap at 750kHz ( it will be higher than ESR min at resonance ) will add vectorially to the XL at 750kHz to give a Z some what higher than the ESR...
Hi, How do I get the impedance vs frequency (fig 2.32a) plot of page 33 of the attached in LTspice? The LTspice sim is as attached, but I cannot make it work and cannot get fig2.32a I can get the transfer function plot (fig 2.32b), but not fig2.32a. I am jus
Thanks, A contractor has now given us a Block diagram for a power supply for a single_motor_drone power supply using vicor modules?? Its 50V at 240Amps to the motor/Drive. This ultimately comes from an 820VDC source. ( no isolation needed from 820VDC source) However, there is a 320 metre cable between the 820VDC source and the device
that looks wrong. why does rvalid go low when rready is low. why does rdata change when rready is low. rvalid later transitions low without rready. it's highly suspect that these valids are changing after ready changes.
I've been doing a lot of survey article for fanout for design compiler. But for some technology process such as 90nm/.18um , our target library (.db / .lib) has already the settings of max_fanout/ max_capcitance for our design, but in 4x nm process, I can't find the max_fanout in .lib file 1. Is that the reason for settings ?? (But how to determi
Hello Everyone... I am using Auto desk Eagle version 9 for PCB design. More than 2 years I am using the same for my project works. My current version in Eagle 9.0.. Due to some reasons I need to update all My resistors(Pads size- Landing Area) and capacitors in all my work which was done previously. It will be more than 25 boards! I ha
What is ng ? What are the purposes of Ctrl0, Ctrl1, Ctrl2 and Ctrl3 ? 157929
In the data sheet of a 400 MHz transistor I found fall time = 60 ns. Clearly these are contradictory specifications - trise and tfall should be at least an order of magnitude shorter. Should I believe that fT is specified correctly? (e.g. 2SA2088FRAT106Q transistor).
A piezo transducer is used as the microphone on an e-drum. It picks up taps from the drummer hitting it. A piezo beeper has a transistor oscillator circuit in it that you do not want. Instead you need a piezo transducer that can be used as a high pitched speaker or used as a microphone. I have never seen and you probably cannot by a piezo "bar".
Most electrical solder contains some silver but higher concentrations are used when soldering some surface mount components with silver doped end connections. It helps to limit the migration of metal from the component itself into the joint if the alloy is partially saturated. There are also special RF applications where skin resistance has to be
Hi all, After reading some threats in the forum, I couldn't find an answer to my question - I am using a TSMC 130nm RF spice model and trying to simulate mismatch in Cadence ADXL with MonteCarlo analysis, with no luck. I was able to simulate corners with no problem (SS,FF,TT,SF,FS) but when choosing a MonteCarlo corner (or at least thinking I am
i 'm facing the problem of uc3843/3842 VCC in a uc3843 based smps that show Vcc about 86vdc or even greater when the power mosfet & ic is not in the circuit. but when i place the ic, the voltage through kick resistor drop to 6.5v. the kick resistance value is 150k/2w. i blow up three 13n50 mosfets today beca
Two points to make here: 1. You show DC voltages across the transformer primary and secondary, you can't measure these voltages with a normal test meter and they are not DC anyway. 2. There will be very high voltages on the primary side, easily enough to kill you. Be extremely careful connecting anything to them, including testmeter probes and un
An Emitter-Base junction of a BJT transistor can generate noise up to 2GHz, when a high current Zener diode can generate white noise up to 6GHz.