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That LTC part is a specialized topology, not your standard buckboost. You're unlikely to find any other ICs like that. It's synchronous buck-boost topology, a straightforward way to up/down-convert with high efficiency. ICs are available from other manufacturers as well, but Linear has the largest portfolio.
Hi all, So, I've been looking far and wide on the tinterweb and have yet to find a good solution to this problem. Here it is. I have a Hub Dynamo on my bicycle that I want to hook up to a USB power connector (to power my phone). I want to have high efficiency as my phone has a pretty high current draw. The hub dynamo is rated at 6V/3W (...)
A high efficiency, noninverting, buck-boost DC-DC converter Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition, 2004. APEC apos;04. Nineteenth Annual IEEE Volume 3, Issue , 2004 Page(s): 1411 - 1415 Vol.3 thanks!
Yes, they are used for high efficiency low voltage boost converters, see e.g. TI TPS61097.
When I calculate the efficiency, I find that I can get the highest efficiency under the condition that switching loss is equal to conduction loss. There is a problom that the high efficiency is correlative with load current. How much is the load current when the buck (...)
I think that the buck converter is better beacause the efficiency of this topology is high and differecne voltage between input and output is very low. this topology found in many article and must be design for proper application. the design consisit of: chose the power mosfet(IRFP150 for this appliaction) design inductor (...)