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I am looking for an isolation as high as 100dB between two stages. (VCO and modulator at 4GHz) I have heard of opto-coupler providing very high isolation,How do they work? Can it be used in above application? I request forum guys to suggest a few such parts ,which can provide isolation at 4GHz and above and some application note.
Cascading NF specification of a system is valid only and only if the system is linear.( or the since the system is in linear region)Otherwise, non-linearity will bring more or less additional noise and this relation will not be valid anymore as in your system that includes a high nonlinear element frequency multiplier.
I don't understand the problem. It's a high side current sensor using differential Hall sensors to reduce stray magnetic effects with a single supply for unipolar DC current using a ratiometric supply reference added to the output to avoid the converted signal inside being near ground. It is digitally compensated for linearity and tempco.
Hi, Can anyone suggest me DC offset cancellation circuit for high frequency application (50 MHz) circuits. I used the continuous time feedback model circuit include LPF+OTA, but it degrades the opamp gain and linearity at common mode output votlage range. I am not sure the sampling clock based DCOC will work for high speed (...)
Keep in mind old electrolytics can dry out and these are brute force bridge linear supplies with Class A or A-B Amps with an overall power efficiency of 2~15% or so but high linearity. If you have specs on gain, IP3 , BW , noise level, etc , that would be a good start for must haves.
I am using NE1235 as a mixer.First I want to ask why for such high frequency devices the output curves of drain current vs drain to source voltage are not specified.Then how can I select my values for drain current and gate and drain voltages?Getting a good gain is more important for me then Noise Figure. I wonder how they specified the S-Paramete
Hello, I need a suitable comparator architecture in standard CMOS process for a relaxation oscillator. This oscillator has 2 comparators and 2 caps. Frequency = 20 Meg and VCC supply = 5V. Basically a high speed low propagation delay comparator circuit is needed to get good linearity. Can some suggest papers that might prove helpful ?
He needs a high linearity optocoupler like
Most of the high-linearity VGAs use an integrated step attenuator in front of a fixed gain amplifier, as for example LMH6521 from TI: Advantage using a step attenuator in front of the fixed gain amplifier is not only to keep good linearity, but also to improve input/output match, and the gain flatnes
Some of this depends on the "ASIC" target foundry flow. A mostly-digital sigma-delta converter is popular (esp. in audio ranges and lower) because almost any cheapo digital flow can support it. Whereas others are needful of high quality matching and linearity in resistors or capacitors, which may not be available or well enough controlled / model
A gm-C circuit (OTA + capacitor) is perfectly working as integrator, if it's feeding a high impedance load, e.g. a MOSFET buffer. You should be able to find plenty of literature examples. The resistors provide "source degeneration", reducing the OTA'S gain and increasing it's linearity and input voltage range.
Because this is a Spectrum Analyzer application, that requires high front-end linearity, I would go even further with the design. SBL, SRA, and almost all the diode mixers are very sensitive to the IF port termination, is good to place a diplexer at the IF port, before the high-pass filter. The attached one provides low insertion loss and (...)
CMOS RF switches tend to use stacked devices on SOI to get high power handling and linearity. I would not expect more than about 1.2V nominal DC rating, maybe 1.3-ish DC max. What kind of AC "bonus" you can claim would depend a lot on how the device behaves at the limits - linearity matters, isolation matters, in addition to simple (...)
What type of power amplifier good for amplification signal with very low input power about -120dBm and high gain about 30dB? It is used in GNSS receiver.
Depending on your input voltage levels you can use an analog switch like> where you can select up to 8 inputs with 3 binary signals . Or just 4 inputs with 2 binary signals. If your signal are out of the range for analog switches or you need high linearity, you can use smal
Could someone estimate the parameters of the input amplifier of the Agilent 34401A be compared with AD8610 ? 95280 95281
Hello, I want to design an opamp that drives a capacitive load (1-2pF) with unity gain and i would like to get good linearity performance. I had some discussions with a friend and told me that as soon as my GBW should be relatively high (200MHz) in order to achieve good linearity it would be better to drive it with a current signal because (...)
Click here if you want to read about this: ATF-50189 high linearity Balanced Amplifier PCB layout and simulation | RF Design HQ
What is the purpose of the preamp? Hi, this is preamp in high speed comparator.
Thanks to all of you. @pplus, I will change the original schematic to use a TL431 instead of the Z-Diode. @FvM, do you have an idea of how many milliamps are drawn on the V-iso line ? My initial intention was a self-powered solution on the high-voltage side but your proposal looks also interesting.