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I think the diagram you show is quite primitive. The antenna will influence the transmitted frequency. It would be better to use a buffer transistor at the output of the oscillator (repeater on emitter maybe). I don't think you need to change from bipolar to FET. The TV spectrum is very large, from 48 MHz to over 800 MHz. What channel do you want t
A professional loudspeaker can work ?? + A high power audio amplifier ??
Hi, I have a crystal radio (single diode detector) and I need to amplify the detected audio signal so that it can drive a small speaker or headphones. The amplifier must have as much gain as possible. The whole circuit must be made discrete (no opamps) and using as low parts as possible. power consumption is not important, simplicity is (...)
RE2507-NC is a high quality and versatile aluminum enclosure designed for dual channels stereo Hypex NC400 digital power amplifier.This enclosure can be fit in with 1xSMPS1200 + 2xNC400 or 2xSMPS400+2xNC400. There're top venting holes which will improve heat disappation sigficantily. Hypex NC400 is an excellent digital (...)
Hi and salute to everyone who just read this post, I am an electrical and electronic engineering student and have a question about adding high voltage AC and DC signals. AC->150 volts Sin(2*pi*100*t) DC->50 volt I know that operational amplifiers(OP-AMP) can be used for purpose of adding(summing) two signals. However, the problem is the fact that
audio amplifiers have not used an output transformer for at least 50 years. A transformer was used to match the high output impedance of vacuum tubes to the low impedance of a speaker. A modern audio amplifier has an extremely low output impedance so it is a voltage source that drives a speaker directly. (...)
An LM386 is a power amplifier designed to drive a speaker. Its output noise (hiss) is probably too high for it to be a mic preamp. Use a low noise audio opamp instead. A telephone has a narrow bandwidth because 138 years ago that was the best they could do. It cuts the natural low frequencies of an adult male voice (my (...)
Your latest class-A amplifier circuit in post #5 has a fairly high output impedance. A speaker will short its output. ALL audio power amplifiers have negative feedback but yours has none. The negative feedback "tells" the amplifier: 1) Reduce the distortion. 2) Flatten the frequency (...)
high I need a sinusoidal ef power generator circuit operating in class-E (for high efficiency) in the range of 35-100KHz 5-30W or so. just a power oscillator, not a generator followed by an audio amplifier. Any propositions?
Your teacher was teaching about transistor audio amplifiers made 58 years ago. Here is a low power (only 50mW) transistor amplifier made by Philips in 1955 that used a transformer to match the fairly high common-emitter output transistors to the low impedance speaker. Since the transistors were all PNP (...)
Your circuit is missing the very important 10 ohms in series with 0.05uf (47nF) at the output to ground (they are shown on every circuit in the datasheet) that prevents oscillation at a high frequency. The datasheet for the American LM386 shows typical distortion of only 0.2% when its gain is low but with your high gain
And your 2nd stage is an "A"-class amplifier, its idle power consumption is relatively high, so the transistor will be a bit hot: - if the 2nd transistor has enough high h21 (beta) then its idle collector current will be appr 38 mA (4.5-0.7v on 100 Ohm) and the idle dissipation is appr 200 mW ((4.5+0.7)V * 38 mA). - (...)
"audio power amplifier Design Handbook" 2nd Edition, by Dougles Self has a chapter (12) devoted to this subject. This is the best reference that I have found. . See also . "Designing audio power amplifiers" chapter 15 by by Bob Cordell . "high Performance (...)
10dB of gain is a voltage gain of only 3.16 times. Most IC amplifiers have a voltage gain of 20 times to 100 times. Simply use an input attenuator to reduce the input signal level so an amplifier with high gain can be used.
Hi all I am designing now my audio amplifier my self but need some help and ur idea I have attached my design my idea is as follows the opamp will be used to solve the problem of distortion of the transistors the transistors will delliver power to the horn I can add parallel transistors to npn and pnp so the current will be divided on (...)
Could you propose high performance audio amplifier integrated circuit? Estimated output power is about 20W-30W.
Is there is simple smps or a high current, voltage doubler circuit which can be used to power high power audio amplifier from the 12v car battery? I have seen the in forums that the 12v Car battery cannot directly run high wattage audio amps. I have (...)
These books were posted in this forum: McGraw Hill - high power audio amplifier Costruction Manual - Slone.pdf Newnes - audio and Hi-Fi Handbook (3rd edt) by by Ian R. Sinclair (1998).pdf Newnes - audio_power_amplifier_Design_Handbook_3E.pdf
Mosfet...?,PWM or Switcher should be in thought. In my designs, low power and high supply voltage is fit for PWM,and low supply and more power may be switcher's field.