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Not sure if you are asking about general BLDC motor properties or specific conditions of electrical bicycle and other electrical vehicles. Direct drive by wheel-hub motors is quite popular. These motors have low speed and high torque, respectively a higher pole-pair count. Required (...)
there are too many types of motors to generalize, you are comparing, but certainly VFD's cost more with variable frequency drive and you get controlled high torque at a wide range of synchronous speeds without gear reduction. Cheaper motors may not have servo speed control, but may have variable (...)
I am making a robotic football goalkeeper. My application requires my 15kg human dummy(6ft in height, MI=20kgm^2) to turn by a specified angle (which can be max 90deg) in 0.5 sec. From acceleration and deceleration characterisitics, I have calculated my accelerating torque to be 450Nm, and decelerating torque to be 900Nm assuming that I will accele
I got a BLDC motor from an old HDD (it has no Hall sensor). I made a driver circuit with an Atmega-8, one ULN2003, six opto-couplers and six IRF610 MOSFETS. Wrote the following C code to send sequential pulses to the gates and the motor is running freely without any kind of feedback at a relatively low speed (my idea is 4 to 5 rotation/sec). speed
If the voltage source is electrostatic in 10's of kV, and motor torque is proportional to current, there will not be much conventional motor power at low voltage high current. Perhaps you are thinking of a linear EM motor used for high speed transport with levitation.
If u use Brushed DC motor go for Geared DC motor or use external gear to reduced speed and increased torque. Some geared DC motor drives load directly means u can connect wheel directly with this geared motor shaft. But u need to check for 180 pounds. Other better option go for BLDC motor. Very high torque (...)
back-emf is related to the rotation speed of the generator, this is not likely to stop the generator unless the speed of rotation was too high and the motor conroller has some sort of overspeed shut-down protection. sounds like the load is too high and generator can not (...)
A wound-rotor motor is a type of induction motor where the rotor windings are connected through slip rings to external resistances. Adjusting the resistance allows control of the speed/torque characteristic of the motor. Wound-rotor motors can be started with low inrush current, by inserting high resistance into the rotor (...)
The power rating of the motor will depend on the size and load on the belt. For a slow belt speed, you may get by with a small motor running at high speed. Use a large gear ratio. The gearing amplifies torque while it steps down speed. The motor drives one gear on one roller at one end of (...)
Most western machine machines have a drum motor that runs in at least two modes :- washing, slowly backwards and forwards, Spin cycle :- limited torque high speed. There is also a low power motor on the pump, to pump the water from the machine. The machine will also have solenoid valves to admit water into it and to use the (...)
Purpose: Self-Balancing Scooter 3 Inputs: Low, high, and PWM Weight: ~60-100 kilos ------------------------------- Hello, I have a problem regarding on what H-Bridge to use. I have an L298N and it says on the datasheet that 1 L298 can drive a motor at 3.5A. My problem is, will it be able to handle an ~60-100 kilos weight? If not, do you
Dear Friends, I'm designing the BLDC motor controller for 1KW (48V, 45A), 120deg, 51 pole BLDC motor on XC866 (infineon) uC. The operating switching frequency is 13.3333KHz. The issue with this controller is the vibrations and high audible noise in the speed region of 40 RPM to 70 RPM. It is known that, in BLDC motor, the (...)
There is big difference between running fan and running regular single phase async. motor. Asynchronous motor is very sensitive to variations in voltage and can only be regulated by means of changing frequency. Fan acts as feedback device, having low torque required at low speed and high torque at (...)
If you need a motor that has some torque at lower speed, a usual BLDC with 3 phase positional sensors is optimal. The effort isn't too high, the electronics fits in the motor housing. But also an asnchronous two or three phase motor with a variable frequency drive could be used. It's start-up torque is lower (...)
Hello Nimer, As general advise, chose the motor with the highest number of poles. This will get you the max. torque and minimun transmision ratio for a given speed. ONLY as a reference, SEW DT90S 12/2 is a 1 H.P. 12/2 pole IM. However, high number of poles may reduce motor efficiency. (...)
there is no specific standard but the torque is normally mentioned on the motors if you do not require accurate positioning simple dc motors should do ; you could use gear systems improve the torque or else you could you stepper motors they have high torques but have speed limitations
is there any dc motor that specifically designed for low speed and high tourqe?
u can use the motor of xerox machine (photostat machine)which can provide high torque u expected The remaining section are same for dc motor But i don't have the gear system to control speed
8000 rpm = 133.3 rps assuming u r using a 1.8°/step motor, i.e., 200 step/rev --> u need 200 * 133.3 = 26660 step/sec. This is extremely high. I think u can not acheive this steps rate easily. Also, for very high speeds, u will have to trade off any torque for this (...)