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Yes, a LM 35 and a comparator can work. There are bimetal switches set to 100 deg.C that can also switch a high current quite reiably. No electronics ad no power needed.
The book "Compact Low-voltage and high-Speed cmos, Bicmos and Bipolar Operational Amplifiers" by Klaas-Jan de Langen and Johan H Huijsing deals with a whole host of class AB output stages. You might want to take a look at that.
I suppose this means, that the high output voltage level is equal to Vdd, and low output voltage level is equal to Vss.
I would recommend simple relaxation oscillator. Since you are doing it for medical that is the way - all the other approaches are high current. For 1 Hz you can use few nA charging current, very low power opamp or voltage comparator. In total you should be able to sqeeze it into 1uA current max. But I would say that even 1uA is a bit (...)
In RAR: 1.Jincheol Yoo et al "A 0.07um cmos Flash Analog to Digital Converter for high Speed and Low voltage Applications" 2.Jincheol Yoo et al "A 1-GSPS cmos Flash A/D Converter for System-on-Chip Applications" 3.Jincheol Yoo et al "A Power and Resolution Adaptive Flash Analog to Digital Converter" 4.Jincheol Yoo et al (...)
Hi, I am looking for a job in Analog IC Design area for a long time but didn't get any sucess so far. I have done my MSEE with a GPA of 3.7/4.0 and also published thesis. "Design of Low voltage, high Speed, Medium Resolution cmos comparator in 0.18μm Technology" is the title of my thesis. Apart from doing (...)