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Use output to control relay or high Side power switch using 3V logic and supply. Logic voltage = minimum input V+ swing to guarantee Hysteresis e.g. 3~3.3V Signal clamps must use Schottky diodes to protect cmos. R values can be scaled up if desired. 131366 It also converts the bipolar input voltage to the supply voltag
Hi i am learning about current mode circuits. CMC (current mode circuits) have low impedance since the input signal current is given to the cmos drain and not gate. Since by nature gate has high input impedance where the input voltage signals go. So when meaning CMC has low impedance does it only mean wer in the transistor do we give the (...)
Does there any paper related to this topic? high supply voltage, cmos folded-cascade amplifer made by low voltage mosfet and high voltage mosfet both. thanks.
For speed and leakage you want to share the terminal that moves and sees the high voltage. Share drain for a common-source configuration (and cmos logic) and share source for a common-drain (source follower) one.
Hi, Hot means power dissipation. Power dissipation means current. The device is specified for some mA of output current. If you ensure that the current is within these some mA then the temperature rise should be low. Not hot. Therefore I assume the output current is too high. Other possibilities: * floating inputs * high frequency
Not really. the susceptibility to EMI has everything to do with the resulting voltage level from the source power and impedance and the coupling impedance relative to the input. If the input is connected to long shielded or twisted pair wires, then immunity is improved. All cmos inputs are exceptionally high impedance and fairly low (...)
Hello everyone, I am designing a Capacitive transimpedance amplifier for a GaN photodiode whose breakdown voltage is as high as 60-70V. I need to do a cmos ROIC for the same. However, when I was designing, I needed to use a mosfet model that could withstand such a high voltage. I looked at nmosi models (...)
Consider what's the minimal Vih level for a cmos inverter residing in the high voltage domain.
Yes, a LM 35 and a comparator can work. There are bimetal switches set to 100 deg.C that can also switch a high current quite reiably. No electronics ad no power needed.
Most of us do not see anymore the totem pole outputs that were in old TTL logic ICs. Modern cmos outputs are complementary push pull but have a low current. high speed cmos push pull outputs conduct so much current when their voltage is halfway that they have a minimum switching speed so that they do not overheat while (...)
which hall senser ic ,u used ?? vcc voltage ?? if u wana to use nly sense the position of magnet, On (LOW) with magnetic South Pole and Off (high) without magnetic field or with magnetic North Pole, if you need inverted output, use a NPN Transistor like BC547 or FET or inverter chip like cmos CD40106 or TTL 74LS04 or use an opamp and get (...)
Hi, mosfets are cool.... The diodes in your case allways should be cool, because there is (almost) allways one FET conductive. Therfore no current flow through the diodes. --> no heating. The diodes are only conductive during FET (driver) deadtime when both MOSFETs are off. Usually only some 10s of nanoseconds. ********* Zero volt at resistors
Hai What are the issues that we must take into consideration in designing reference circuits(voltage and current) for high frequency circuits thank you
There are over 100 logic families available from DigiKey. Tradeoffs exist for speed, output impedance,,fanout, cost,,voltage,,current transition frequency, input threshold and noise margin. LVC2 are very popular for logic and used in ARM chips with 25 Ohm output resistance at low voltage and high speed with low quescent current,,and (...)
Hi, I am looking for a high to low level cmos level shifter. Can somebody refer some circuit. regards
FETs have voltage controlled resistance with a threshold effect determined by geometry and fab this has improved over the decades in Enhancement mode MOSFETs standardized from 4.5V to 2.5 ... to 400mV for LVC2 logic level drive. high Threshold cmos such as Hcmos series has a wide Vdd range and
74C series is standard cmos, high voltage (3 - 15 V) logic series. You can use CD40106 as a replacement. Or use 74HC14 with lower supply voltage, e.g. 4.5 V. Although is has 6V supply voltage range, the value may be exceeded when using new batteries.
thanks for the abs max, ...the input high and low is given on page two. Page 2 is blank.
I want to convert a square wave with high level of 3.3 V & low level of 0V to a square wave of high level of 1.8 V and low level 0V. Frequency of square wave is 1 MHz in one case and 25 MHz in other case. I have the circuit for the converter as shown in the figure. I simulated this circuit both in LT Spice & Tina. The circuit simulation is working
TTL has a natural pullup and, if the pin is truly open, will assume a weak (but adequate) "1" state. Of course that key assumption should not really be relied upon, in the field. cmos inputs tehd to be very high impedance with ESD clamps roughly balanced, and you have no good idea where pin voltage will end up unless you do something (...)