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Hello all, I need slight help in understanding the following code, it is written in hitech C, from what I understand is that lcd data (D4_D7) is defined at PORT A (RA0_RA3), but what I don't understand at which pin R/S and E are defined and if I want to change it to PORT B with different pin assignment how to do it? struct lcd_pin_map
I have a PICKIT2 clone. I am trying to interface lcd with PIC16F876A. As seen in most of the examples, I grounded the RW. When I used MPLAB hitech C first , no matter what I did it didn't work. Only showing square black blocks on the first row. Then I tried mikroe C for pic. It worked fine - Great.. but the code crashed most of the time an
I am doing a lcd pic 16F876A interfacing. I am using Eagle cad for circuit and Mplab hitech c for programming. I am tired of using or doing too many frequent writes. Is there a software where I can draw the circuit and also do the simulation with hitech c code(HEX)?
I'm measuring 4 quantities and i want to output their voltages I'm having a lot of errors about 21 errors. Illegal conversion of pointer types Can someone help me fix this code. this the lcd header im using 107531107531 * * Created: Mon Jul 14 2014 * Processor: PIC16F877A * Compiler: HI
In ADCON0 it's the CHS bits that decide which pin is routed to the ADC. See chart "Register 11-1" in the data sheet. However, I think the hitech compiler has a library function to read the ADC so you should use that if possible. Brian.
Hello Gurus, I am using PIC16F877 in MPLAB IDE 7.60, using hitech C Compiler and MPLAB ICD debugger. Now I want to display 10 bit ADC output in float point on 16x2 lcd. I am getting ADC output in HEX and by modulo division method I am getting individual decimal value and storing it in one array. In array I am getting exact decimal value but
Specifics concerning the use of the sprintf() routine for the hitech C Compiler are available in its user manual. Most of the information concerning sprintf() is in the section covering printf() and vprintf() on page 212. General Examples of the sprintf() routine: C l
i ammended the code,.. still not compiled. will you please attatch a simple code for interfacing the LM016L lcd with PIC16f877A written in C language. I m using hitech compiler for compilation purpose. regards,
Hi, I am working on a project involving a graphical lcd JHD12864E. I have written a library for displaying text as well as graphics using hitech-C compiler for pic16f; The problem I am facing is that, 1.) The part of the display being controlled by CS1 does not display anything , however the other half is working fine. 2.)
hi i wrote program for pic uart in hitech-c and i am trying to simulate it in proteus and i need help .I used lcd to display data which i typed in virtual terminal is it works . what is virtual terminal in proteus . is it used to send and receive data from microcontroller . #include #include"lcd.h" void pic_init(); void uart_init()
hy: i m reading the GSM sim900 data on interupt after AT+CMGR=1 but Garbage come on my lcd ,,,can any one chack my receiving code,, uC 16f877A,,,,Compiler hitech. //////////////Serial Interrupt Setting///////////////////// //////////////////Rx Interupt//////////////////////////// void interrupt receive(void) { if(RCIE && RCIF)
Dear Sir i am doing a project on pic16f877a for multichannel ADC i.e 3 phase 415 volts Analog voltage to digital voltage using PIC ADC on display on lcd 4 bit mode using 4 MHZ XT crystal oscillator if have solved these type of projects plese let me know with code Thanks & Reagards Dhananajaya
in my project i use multible zigbee transmitters and then these data can be received by single zigbee receiver and then display this data into it possible or not..... i use pic16f877a+hitech c compiler.........if anybody knows, plz help me.......thanks in advance..... you could have a number o
I tried to write a charactor to the lcd using sample program given in the hi tec c but it says undefined identifier "s" for that charactor. lcd_putch(s); can some one pls help on this matter. thks
In my view you should search the file lcd.h in the hitech c compiler folder and then try to give that path in include"path\lcd.h" this will resolve any complication that you have at path ....second is in case of high tech c compiler you need to check is the complier full access is made available to you or not I mean in trial version many (...)
You should have hitech Compiler installed. A free\evaluation version can be downloaded from Microchip web site
Hi im doing my project based on mq135 air quality sensor. I use pic 16f877a, and lcd is interfaced. Some body please help me to make the code in hitech c. please give me some idea about coding of mq135. i want to display these gases values on lcd thanks
hi i'm doing my project named air quality measuring s/m. i have two sensors mq7 & mq135,first is co sensor and later is air quality sensor. these are interfacing with pic16f877a. analog values are converted into digital and displayed in a16x2 lcd. if co value is abnormal a buzzer is on.i want the hitech c code and details are attached pleas
I am using a PIC16F684, with the hitech PICC Lite (ver 9.83), to interface to a Hitachi compatible 16x2 lcd display (P/N: JHD 162A). I have code that will initialize the lcd and display 1 of 2 messages depending on if a button is pressed or not. This code works fine when the lcd initialization sequence is done in Main, but (...)
yesterday i posted a similar problem with Mikroc and i managed to solve it. today im facing the same problem in hitech. i only see black squares on the first row. im using the hitech example code, but my code uses a single "port(B)". PIC16f88-(i took care of config bits not in the code, but by going to Configure>Configuration Bits) Oscillator i