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Although both are valid options, I typically configure the configuration registers in code, rather than use the IDE. If you are using the hitech picc compiler, you can configure the configuration registers in code with something similar to following statement: __CONFIG(FOSC_HS & WDTE_OFF & PWRTE_ON & CP_OFF & BOREN_ON & LVP_OFF & CPD_OFF &
Hello all, I have Project header and source file for PIC18F6720 and target board. I am using mplab and hitech C compiler. For compiling i tried following method. On MPLAB IDE, 1) Project > Project Wizard >Device 18F6720>Hi-Tech picc-18 Toolsuite > picc-18 Compiler(picc18.exe) 2) Entered Project name and Project (...)
Hi, Find the attached code files for ds1307 RTC IC and I2C interface for pic18f252. It is written in hitech picc. To use change the extensions, headers and include files. Enjoy!
If you use the hitech picc18 compiler, your code compiles fine: Build C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator.BDG\My Documents\Projects\EDAboard\abhishekdixit\abhishekdixit for device 18F4550 Using driver C:\Program Files\HI-TECH Software\picc-18\PRO\9.66\bin\picc18.exe Make: The target "C:\Documents and (...)
I HAVE TO INTERFACE 2 PIC18F26K80 USING CAN. SOFTWARE USING IS MPLAB 8.85 COMPILER IS hitech picc FOR HARDWARE I ATTACH IMAGE: In that from one pic i transmit data, but i do not receive any data on second mcu. In code i configure CAN and also for transmission, when transmission is complete
Hello, Is there any good guide in getting started in embedded C and hitech picc? I have red some tutorials on the pic16f84 and assembly programming on it but I need to get started on embedded C. I am a web programmer so I am able to understand what I am reading, I just need to know the embedded C rules/definitions etc. sources with examples
I am using a PIC16F684, with the hitech picc Lite (ver 9.83), to interface to a Hitachi compatible 16x2 LCD display (P/N: JHD 162A). I have code that will initialize the LCD and display 1 of 2 messages depending on if a button is pressed or not. This code works fine when the LCD initialization sequence is done in Main, but when I tried to move the
Since you are using hitech C, I would suggest you to go to the following path: C:\Program Files\HI-TECH Software\picc\9.71a\samples\LCDemo there are two files named lcd.c and lcd.h, have a look at them, they are pretty much the sort of files that would work with LCD, that you are trying to use and will most likely run in simulation as well. BT
I'm converting some of my code from assembler to hitech picc C. I'm using a PIC16F672A. The following code doesn't seem to work correctly. It correctly initiates the LCD (i.e. I can see the dim glow of both lines as it's 2x16, the cursor is present & blinks etc), but when the code goes to write some character data the LCD just goes blank. I'
i want to make a communication between htrc11001t and pic16f876. i read the datasheet but i didn't understand. so if you have an exemple help me i work with compiler picc of hitech. thank you
RS232 made simple enjoy
You can use the hitech picc light, its installed with mplab, i use it and at the moment i dont have problems.
I 'just' started transformation from assembler to c, but if you can't compile, are you using same compiler as them(css, hitech picc, Microchip C) they have some hidden functions and are not fully ANSI compatible, although they say they are. And why don't you ask on that other forum?, it doesn't have any sense to ask here if they wrote it.
Hi, Demo version for C compilers are available. goto there u can find hitech picc compiler and mplab plugin. Download and install the compiler and the mplab config plugin . Now hitech picc toolsuite will be listed in the language toolsuite list. Select that one Regards, Sukumar
Hi frnds i am new to this hitech c complier for PIC microcontroller.I need help to learn this complier .can any one mail me the source material regarding how to use C for PIC help me to learn.I have manual for this but i unable to understand it
I have a difficulty by compatible problem. I used hitech-C(picc) compiler and Topmax rom_writer. I compiled by hitech-C and created Hex file. but not work after writing in rom I questioned and I know yesterday these are not compatible each other. hitech-C and Mr.pic <-----> CCS-C and Topmax Each (...)
I'm new in PIC. I use PIC16F871 and 16F874A, with hitech picc. I made project and analog in 0 (RA0) works perfect (readings are from 0 to 1023 on LCD). BUT other analog inputs changes, like I change ain0, e.g. if I connect RA1 to GND I get 0 reading if RA0 is also 0, but in same case (RA1 = GND) if I increase voltage on RA0 to 5V I get rea
hitech picc more details try this
hi Fragrance. thanks, i read the "PIC16 Microprocessor Model" document. proteus can support this High Level Languages: IAR UBROF Loader ByteCraft COD Loader hitech picc and picc Lite Crownhill Proton Plus PIC BASIC compiler but i want to debug programs that written with PIC BASIC PRO (from MELabs company Not C
Salam, If you use PICs i recommend two compiles CCS C or hitech picc compiler You will find a lot examples using these compilers in the net Bye