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hi pic hi tech c program take from here . program was working but one letter after next letter moving is not continuously not moving some delay gap is come.then next letter come .i need continuously up to down vertically moving or vice versa .any one having vertical c progr
PIC12(L)F1822/16(L)F1823 Not getting string values in virtual ternminal void InitUART(void) { TRISA4 = 1; // TX Pin TRISA5 = 1; // RX Pin BRGH = 1; // high baud rate SYNC = 0; // asynchronous mode TX9 = 0; // 8-bit transmission CREN = 1; // continuous receive enable SPBRG = 25;
Hello! Is there any thing like "proteus using hitech c"? I used all previous version of proteus up to 7.8 with mikroc and it work. After the schematic of your project have been created, Try loading your hex file or object code to the proteus project. Good luck.
Hi, I created a program in Mikro c which includes DHT11 sensor.The code got compiled sucessfully in Mikroc.I need to simulate in Proteus 8.1 which contains hitech c compiler.I dont know how to convert please help me to convert the code also correct any logic mistakes present in my code. Thanks in advance. sbit LCD_RS at RE2
i m using pic12675 with hitech c compiler and mplab IDE PICkit 3 detected Connecting to PICkit 3... Firmware Suite Version...... 01.41.07 Firmware type......................Midrange PICkit 3 Connected. Target Detected Device ID Revision = 0000000b The target has invalid calibration data (3fff). while programm i m getting error Th
These tutorials are very good. The circuits & wiring are on Nigel's page. They were made for a parallel programmer. If you are using a serial programmer like Pickit, set MCLR configuration bit as MCLR and put a 10K ohm pullup resistor on that pin. Nigel's tutorials in asm... Nigel's tutorials.. re-written in hitech-C
Hello all, I need slight help in understanding the following code, it is written in hitech C, from what I understand is that LCD data (D4_D7) is defined at PORT A (RA0_RA3), but what I don't understand at which pin R/S and E are defined and if I want to change it to PORT B with different pin assignment how to do it? struct lcd_pin_map
I have problems reading ADC value, I have left justified result and need to read the bit 7 & 6 from ADRESL and save the value into CCP1X and CCP1Y to control the lowest bits of my PWM duty cycle. I have searched in my header file, but cannot find there how I can read the bits from ADRESL, I have been looking in my compiler manual aswell without
I'm programming a PIC16F88 using an ext 8mhz oscillator connected to OSCI pin and I'm able to debug and program the chip thru MPLAB v8.9 and hitech PRO v9.83. So there are no hardware problems in my target board. BUT I'm doing this because I've never been able to debug it using it's internal clock programmed at the same freq. (8mhz) Everythin
i am using mp lab hitech c compiler .i have some doubt regarding char array function my program char array_1; char array_2; mean successfully compile but not built fault error message come .but char array_1; char array_2 mean built successfully .what i do to over come this problem....
i write a program for adc interfacing using pic 18f4580 and run my program on mplab hitech compiler and cccs environment. It is displaying values in hexadecimal. how can i display in decimal values
Although both are valid options, I typically configure the configuration registers in code, rather than use the IDE. If you are using the hitech PICC compiler, you can configure the configuration registers in code with something similar to following statement: __CONFIG(FOSC_HS & WDTE_OFF & PWRTE_ON & CP_OFF & BOREN_ON & LVP_OFF & CPD_OFF &
I am trying to create a large digital clock, but i am stuck at the first step itself. I am trying to communicate with MAX 6902 RTC through SPI From my PIC. Currently I am simulating in proteus, firmware is in hitech c. Program is not looks good because i altered it many ways while trying to solve it. Here is the code. #include #in
Move ADON=1; to after ADCS0=1; so you select the channel before turning on the ADC. CCPR1L=i; may cause a problem because CCP reg needs integer, not a float. You can find all the information in the hitech manual. void interrupt() { //add your code here }
Hi i need code for programming in hitech c for dc to dc converter (buck and half bridge converter in which input of the two converter is parallel and output is serise ) . please help me ... i have done all the simulation of the converter but i dont have knowledge on programming... i am using pic 16f877a..
actually i want to view an output window like in HITEC -c compiler Is this a change request addressed to the compiler manufacturer? C18 is however legacy software, no more actively supported. You would ask for XC8 features. But XC8 is hitech-C, it probably has the intended function.
Try installing XC8 from Microchip's web site then removing all the #include statements that have a file name between the ' < ' and ' > ' and insert a single line: #include instead. The problem is there are variables, constants and register names in the hitech include files which are specific to those compilers and will not work (unless seri
Dear edaboard friends, i got error message in my mplabIDE v8.76 111628.Only in my office desktop. but in my desktop(resident). it will built sucessfully. the same version of IDE is used on both. help me if know the answer
I have a PICKIT2 clone. I am trying to interface LCD with PIC16F876A. As seen in most of the examples, I grounded the RW. When I used MPLAB hitech C first , no matter what I did it didn't work. Only showing square black blocks on the first row. Then I tried mikroe C for pic. It worked fine - Great.. but the code crashed most of the time an
I am doing a LCD pic 16F876A interfacing. I am using Eagle cad for circuit and Mplab hitech c for programming. I am tired of using or doing too many frequent writes. Is there a software where I can draw the circuit and also do the simulation with hitech c code(HEX)?
Im trying to use SPI in hitech C to communicate between 2 PIC's (master / slave), I went through the example on but the code there refers to "spi.h" and from what I found so far is that SPI is very str
hi.. im using hitech compiler and 18f452 controller i want to use nRF24l01 rf module. i m cant understand this rf module . its very complicated. and hitch have no spi header files. any one give me nRF24l01 simple running code in hi tech .i found many file but these are not in hitech.i want just simple one char send and receive.
Hello All, I'm trying to build a receiving unit using the nRF24L01+ and PIC16F628A. Im using an nRF24L01+ and RaspberryPi as my TX unit which i managed to get working (tested on another nRF24L01+ and RasPi, and also with Arduino Uno). I'm not very good with PIC programming and just started with hitech C (managed the ABC projects of lighting an L
i want to flash the last location of flash memory in PIC microcontroller using hitech C compiler. ie : pic memory data: 0x3FFF 0x3FFF 0x3FFF ................... .................................................. .................................................. .........................................0x3FFF
I'm measuring 4 quantities and i want to output their voltages I'm having a lot of errors about 21 errors. Illegal conversion of pointer types Can someone help me fix this code. this the lcd header im using 107531107531 * * Created: Mon Jul 14 2014 * Processor: PIC16F877A * Compiler: HI
i want to add 1024 nos of integer in to a look up table , i used as const unsigned int look={0x1234,0x2EF3,0x3FFF,........}; So in hex its should be near to 1kB+some Byte size ,but actually my code size is came as 2KB+som byte , if am using integer size as 2048 then code size is coming 4KB , please help me how can i reduce t
Hi When i call the ReadADC() function, controller will restarted. what is the reason? im using hitech c compiler and MPLABX software. Code: #include #include "adc.h" __CONFIG(0x20A4); __CONFIG(0X0700); unsigned int ReadADC(); unsigned int ReadADC1(); void InitADC (); unsigned char ucMenu_flag=0; unsig
The files delay.h and delay.c is for hitech c for PIC18F!!! In this case, you only comment or remove the #include delay.h, because it not exist in pic for PIC12/16F and your program works, because the #define _XTAL_FREQ 8000000 Change too the _delay_ms(100); to __delay_ms(100); (2 underlines). Example:
Normaly for pic mcu OSCCAL Value is store at last location of flash memory. So how can I change this memory location value at the time of compilation. At Execution time it shouldn't effect . That means I want to store 0x344c (retlw 4c)at the last location of flash (0X3FFF). Am using hitech C compiler for pic 16f676. ie when open the hex fil
Several issues: 1. You need to clear TXIE when the buffer becomes empty and reenable it when new characters are placed into the buffer. Otherwise the TX-interrupt will trigger permanently. 2. Presently you are sending 0xff when read_from_buffer() returns -1. 3. Is this valid hitech syntax to create a string constant together with a pointer t
Dear all, can some one please explain how 10 bit varaible can be tested using bit test macro ? I am using hitech . My requirement is to toggle the status of pin based on value of each bit. Below is the code I used but it is not working. while(Y<9) { if(BITTST(Y,9)) HighPulse; if(!BITTST(Y,9)) LowPulse;
In ADCON0 it's the CHS bits that decide which pin is routed to the ADC. See chart "Register 11-1" in the data sheet. However, I think the hitech compiler has a library function to read the ADC so you should use that if possible. Brian.
Hello Gurus, I am using PIC16F877 in MPLAB IDE 7.60, using hitech C Compiler and MPLAB ICD debugger. Now I want to display 10 bit ADC output in float point on 16x2 LCD. I am getting ADC output in HEX and by modulo division method I am getting individual decimal value and storing it in one array. In array I am getting exact decimal value but
Hello all, I have Project header and source file for PIC18F6720 and target board. I am using mplab and hitech C compiler. For compiling i tried following method. On MPLAB IDE, 1) Project > Project Wizard >Device 18F6720>Hi-Tech PICC-18 Toolsuite > Picc-18 Compiler(picc18.exe) 2) Entered Project name and Project directory and added exis
Specifics concerning the use of the sprintf() routine for the hitech C Compiler are available in its user manual. Most of the information concerning sprintf() is in the section covering printf() and vprintf() on page 212. General Examples of the sprintf() routine: C l
Hi All, Please how can I generate PWM using hitech C on PIC16f88, with frequency of 500KHZ and Duty cycle of 56% ? Thanks
This codes only works for first input, for 2nd input onwards, it does not working..... /************************ RFID BASED ELECTRONIC TOLL GATE SYSTEM **********************************************/ #include #include #include #include #define _XTAL_FREQ 20e6 //=============
hitech-C is now Microchip XC series of compilers. XC30 does support dsPIC.
Guys I am doing a project with PIC18F2550/4550 I have compiled the bootloader for the device. My whole project is in hitech C for PIC18, now I need to adopt my code so that code starts from 800 instead of 0000, I have found the following code but it is for C18, I need to change it to hitech C for PIC18, I will be thankful for the help
Try this: //********************************************************************************************************** // hitech C //********************************************************************************************************** #include //****************************************************************************
In my project i want to use tsob with project is home applaiances control by ir remote.......i want to how tsop interface with pic16f877a........and how the data will be processed.......anybody knows plz help me.... Thanks in advance.....
i m try to receiving GPS data and filter the time , longitude and Latitude in $GPGGA . i m using hitech compiler and 16f877 controller here is my code : ///////////////Serial Interrupt Setting///////////////////// //////////////////Rx Interupt//////////////////////////// void interrupt receive(void) { if(RCREG!=0X0D) { Rx
check the config bits and use HS for 20MHz.. in hitech compiler use #define _XTAL_FREQ 20000000 // in top for(i = 0; i < 40; i++) __delay_ms(25);
Please... try this: /* hitech C using PIC12F629 */ #include #ifndef _XTAL_FREQ #define _XTAL_FREQ 4000000 #endif unsigned int count; __CONFIG ( FOSC_INTRCIO & WDTE_OFF & PWRTE_OFF & MCLRE_OFF & BOREN_OFF & CP_OFF & CPD_OFF ); void main() { OSCCAL = 0x3ff; GPIO = 0x00; CMCON = 0x07; TRISIO = 0b00001000; G
what does the following error mean. I am using pic - 12f615 Error C:\Program Files (x86)\Microchip\tx_37pricing.c; 31.1 undefined identifier "IOSCFS"
COMPILER: hitech C18 9.8 CONTROLLER: PIC18F4520 SIMULATION: PROTEUS ISIS Hi ppl .I am making a data logger for SD,MMC CARD. FOR SD CARD initialization command CMD8(for sd cards v2+) i am getting invalid command response. CMD0 is giving valid response ie 01. I am sending the following command CMD8 = 0x48 0x00 0x00
Hi! I'm new to microcontroller and hitech C, could anyone give me a guide in how to set up the register or setting (such as PIR2, SSPSTAT.... ) needed to use the I2C or SPI serial interfacing? A sample would be preferably, thank you!
i ammended the code,.. still not compiled. will you please attatch a simple code for interfacing the LM016L LCD with PIC16f877A written in C language. I m using hitech compiler for compilation purpose. regards,
Hi, I am working on a project involving a graphical LCD JHD12864E. I have written a library for displaying text as well as graphics using hitech-C compiler for pic16f; The problem I am facing is that, 1.) The part of the display being controlled by CS1 does not display anything , however the other half is working fine. 2.)
hi i wrote program for pic uart in hitech-c and i am trying to simulate it in proteus and i need help .I used LCD to display data which i typed in virtual terminal is it works . what is virtual terminal in proteus . is it used to send and receive data from microcontroller . #include #include"lcd.h" void pic_init(); void uart_init()